The Domination Game: Checkmate Vol. 2

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Chapter 22

On the way to the hospital Davis told the EMTs that she’d been sick for some time, all the nausea, the dizzy spells, and the tiredness lately. The doors swung open as they brought her still unconscious form out of the ambulance.

Davis didn’t know how long he was waiting out in that damn waiting room, but it felt like forever. He just couldn’t sit still. He paced the area back and forth while Kitty, Allie and the others sat quietly, waiting to hear any information.

A doctor came out quite some time later, looking for him. “Mr. Mills?”

“Yeah. How’s Abie?” he asked impatiently.

“She’s doing fine now. She’s in recovery as we speak.”

“Recovery room…”

“Yes, it seems your wife’s IUD dislodged and was cutting into her uterine wall. With that, dehydration, the stress you informed us about and the pregnancy, her body just collapsed. But despite everything the baby is just fine.

“You were lucky to bring her here when you did. If she’d waited any longer the pregnancy could have been terminated,“ the doctor said. “Now we just need to keep an eye on her. She has a heavy dose of antibiotics going through her now. But I think two weeks of being off her feet, and relaxation, she should completely recover.”

Davis stared at him, trying to process everything that was just said. He was right. He thought she might have been pregnant, and he was right.“A baby,” he whispered.

The doctor nodded. “Yes, your wife is about nine weeks along, and she should be able to leave tomorrow morning after her round of antibiotics. Now we’ll come and retrieve you when she wakes,” he told him.

Davis thought back to nine weeks ago, and that would have been around Christmas. No, it would’ve been Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. They’d both been so busy that month that Christmas Eve sounded about right. But there was the next morning, when he took her so completely in the bathroom… He groaned. She’d been pregnant all this time with his child. Then a smile spread over his face. She was already pregnant with his child! He turned to Rich. “I’m going to be a father,” he told him.

“Holy shit, bubba, congratulations!” he laughed, patting his back. He looked over at the girls, who seemed more worried than happy at the moment about the news.

“What’s wrong?” Davis asked Allie.

She frowned at him. “Nothing, it’s nothing.”

“No, it’s not. You know something I don’t?”

She gave him a small shrug. “I’ve just never heard her talk about children is all. It’s always been about her career.”

“You’re worried she’s not going to be happy,” he stated. And even though they’d talked about a child, honestly deep down, he was wondering the same thing.

She gave him a shrug again, not offering much more. Kitty came up to him, holding on to Richie and looking much more hopeful. “I’m sure she’ll be happy,” she told him, glaring over her shoulder at Allie, then turned back to him. “She’s so different since she’s been with you. It might just take her a little while to get used to the idea is all.”

One hand went to his front pocket while the other went to his hair. “Yeah…maybe.”

She placed a hand on his arm to get his attention. “The only problem I see is that she didn’t plan it out. That’s what’s going to throw her for a loop. I swear, she plans out every aspect of her life. Only since you have I seen her stray from that,” she smiled helpfully.

He glanced at Rich, who had a great fake smile on for him, when a nurse came out looking for him. “Mr. Mills, your wife’s awake now. I can take you back to see her.”

Davis looked over to all of them, but then to his best friend. “Good luck, bubba.” Rich gave him a thumbs-up.

“Yeah, thanks,” he murmured.

He walked into the room, hoping for a smiling gushing wife overjoyed with the news of their child. Maybe the doctors hadn’t told her anything yet, so he could be with her when she got the information about the baby. He turned the corner and the nurse showed him the room.

When he walked in, his wife wasn’t smiling; in fact she had tears running down her face. Not what he was hoping for, when he himself was so damn happy about the fact she was having a baby. She wiped off her tears with her hand when she saw him walk into the room.

“Hey, sugar. How you feelin’?” he asked her gently, as he pulled up a chair next to her.

She cleared her throat, trying to look calm. “Fine. I’m fine,” she said matter-of-factly.

He nodded, taking her hand. “That’s good. So the doctor thinks you should be out tomorrow, then you’re going to have to stay off your feet and rest for a coupla weeks,” he told her, just to get the conversation on very simple and safe ground…or so he thought.

Tears started to fall again. “Yes, I know. That’s precisely what I was informed as well,” she whispered.

He kissed her hand. “Please don’t tell me you’re this upset over the baby,” he mumbled softly to her. She turned her head away from him, and he knew the answer. “But why, Abie? We were already talking about trying for a baby, sugar. We’re just nine weeks ahead of schedule,” he implored.

She shook her head, still not making eye contact. “No, we said in three months we’d try. There’s an enormous difference between ‘trying’ and ‘already are.’ You even claimed we wouldn’t quite try, we just wouldn’t think about not trying. At least that’s the way I took what you said,” she told him, sniffling.

He sighed. “But we were going to have a baby. Who’s to say we didn’t get pregnant that first time?” He put his forehead on her other hand lying on the bed. “I can’t tell you how much this is breaking my heart, to see you this unhappy about carryin’ my baby,” he whispered.

He looked up and she turned her head to look at him. She frowned and squeezed his hand before she spoke. “It isn’t that, Davis. It’s just…everything happens so quickly with us. I adjust myself to something completely out of the realm of comfort. The next thing I know the rug has been yanked out from under me, and then I’m off and running to the next venture.” She sighed. “I just hoped this was one thing that we could do together; I could get the feeling like I had one thing under control in a situation. Something I could’ve planned out properly before we were blessed with something like this.”

He nodded at her. “You’re not thinkin’ you want to get rid of the baby, right?” he asked, worried over the answer.

Her eyes went wide in shock at him. “No! How could you even possibly ask me that question?” she scolded him. “Besides, the baby’s here now. I just need to think things through much more effectively and quickly than I thought I would have to. Make some hard decisions about many things I thought I had time to think on,” she told him with a tired smile. “But this is our baby, darling. I’m going to love it no matter how quickly it came into our lives.”

His hand went to her stomach. He’d never realized until that moment that she already had a little baby bump. “Yeah sugar, this is our baby. And I can’t tell you how happy I am.” He smiled, then frowned. “But I want us both happy. Both lookin’ forward to raisin’ a family together.”

She smiled at him, took his hand that held fiercely onto hers, and brought it to her face lovingly. “It might take me some time, honestly, for everything to sink in. But I will love this family, Davis, more than anything in the world. I married you knowing all of your hopes and dreams, and they were mine as well. We just have many things to discuss, much sooner than we both thought.”

“All right, sugar, that’s something that I think we can handle,” he promised.


Two weeks had passed and it was Friday afternoon. Davis went in to work after Abie pretty much gave him his orders to. She’d had a doctor’s appointment that day and he was chomping at the bit to see what happened.

As he made his way home quickly that chilly April late afternoon, he really thought he was going to combust with anticipation. He parked the car in the garage and headed up to the house. He heard Tony and Abie laughing as he walked into the kitchen.

Tony looked up from his chair and smiled over at him, then turned back to Adire. “Well, I guess I’m off for the night. I’ll see you on Monday morning, Mrs. Mills,” he chuckled, walking over to Davis. He shook his hand and slapped him on the back. “Have a good weekend, my friend.”

“Thanks,” he said quickly, standing in the kitchen looking over at his wife. Choo came over wanting his attention, and Davis patted his head. “Well?” he asked, petting their puppy.

She smiled as she sautéed her artichoke hearts and sun-dried tomatoes. “Well, what?” she asked casually.

“You know what I’m talkin’ about. I’ve barely been able to sit my ass down at work, I’ve been so anxious today!” he thundered.

She chuckled at him, taking a sip of her sparkling water. “Why don’t you take a look at the table, Davis?” she offered, and went back to making dinner.

“What?” But he shook his head and did as she suggested, going over to the kitchen table. His scanned the surface and stopped when he saw a black and white photo resting there for him to see. “This is our baby?” he asked in wonder.

“Yes, pushy man. That’s our baby. The doctor said I’m fine, and the baby’s fine. So I’m going back in to work on Monday. Mr. Douglas was pleased when I informed him I’d be able to make it in,” she told him, pouring some pasta into a pot of boiling water.

He looked at the photo of his child, then at the beautiful woman who was carrying it. “So the baby is completely okay?” he asked, smiling.

“Yes, completely.”

He once more gazed at the breathtaking woman who was carrying his baby, and damn if the possessive beast wasn’t making his appearance. This woman was his, and he smiled knowing what he wanted to do to her right now. “And you’re one hundred percent okay as well now?” he questioned, making his way over to her.

She turned, looking over her shoulder at him with her sly smile. “Yes, darling, completely fine. Did you have something in mind?” she grinned at him.

He stepped in back of her, whispering in her ear. “Damn it, sugar, I’ve got lots of things on my mind about that,” he growled.

He heard her chuckle. “I bought you a…present. It’s over by the side of the refrigerator in the gray bag,” she told him. He kissed her neck, and his hands skimmed over the little bump that was getting bigger by the day. “Whatcha get me, honey?” he asked, not quite able to pull himself away from her. A hand went over his to stop its wandering. “I promise you it will be something very exciting for you,” she whispered as her head leaned onto his shoulder, enjoying his touch.

That got him curious. “Okay, then.” He managed to pull himself free, swatting her cute ass before walking over to the gift bag. He opened the bulky thing, examining the two…toys…she’d bought for him.

“You bought me a cock ring, and…what is this?”

She giggled with a mischievous little smile, and he groaned, as he knew what was coming. “Well, the first one is a cock ring, but with extra little surprises on each end. One for you, and one for me,” she told him, then pulled the next toy from the bag. “This is also a cock ring, but this…” She held up the rubber black crooked piece that was attached to it. “This is a prostate massager. This will do things to you like you can’t imagine, darling,” she purred.

He pulled her into his arms. “Why didn’t you buy yourself a toy for me to play with on your body? I would love to play with you,” he crooned.

She smirked at that. “Well, I took the time to purchase what I wanted to play with on your luscious body. I suggest maybe you think about what you’d like to play with on mine,” she teased as she pulled away from him.

“Sugar, where are you going? I don’t want you runnin’ off on me now. I don’t mind catchin’ you, but I want you to take it easy.”

She pulled the noodles from the water and tossed them with the vegetables, then turned off the gas. “Do you want dessert before dinner, Davis, or should we have dinner first?” she asked with a twinkle in her eye.

“Hell, sugar, I’m always up for dessert first,” he declared in a husky voice.

“That, darling, was just what I thought you might say,” she told him softly, slowly peeling off her oversized shirt. He started once again to come to her. “Ah, ah, Davis. You just stand and watch. I very much want to play with you tonight, and my mind is reeling with ideas…” she purred seductively.

The soft yoga pants went to the floor, and he just stood there mesmerized at her naughty striptease show. Her hands went to her breasts, feeling the softened mounds that had gotten even bigger, over the sheer material of her camisole.

“Damn it, sugar…” he moaned as he watched her hands travel down her body, passing over her baby bump and heading down to her silken panties. Her fingers traced the edges, teasing him.

“Shall I slip them off, darling?”

His eyes stayed glued to where her fingers played. “Hell yeah, honey, strip them off for Daddy,” he growled.

“Okay,” she smiled. Her fingers pushed down the material, showing him another treat, as her pussy was smooth for him.

“Holy fuckin’ hell,” he groaned to her wicked smile. “You were busy this afternoon.”

Her low laugh made him even harder. “Well, I had a couple things that I wanted to treat my beautiful husband to, but couldn’t as he hovered over me.”

“Daddy likes it. Really fuckin’ likes it, sugar,” he exclaimed.

Her hands went up to the back of her bra, unlatching it, and it fell to the ground. “Oh baby…” He started to move but she once again stopped him. “Did you know that a woman becomes very sexual while she’s pregnant?” she asked.

He nodded as he watched her body move his way slowly. “Yeah, I’ve heard somethin’ about that,” he offered, his eyes glued to the bounce of her breasts.

Her hand glided over rosy nipples and she pinched them into hard buds as he watched. “Yes, and I’m so very horny at his moment, Davis.” She pushed him into a chair, then walked right past him, going to the freezer. When she pulled out the ice tray…there were no words he could use to describe what was going on in his head at that moment.

Her hips swayed as she sauntered back over to him. The ice cube tray went to the table as she unbuttoned his shirt. “Damn it, sugar,” he moaned as his hands reached up, grabbing on to her soft hips.

“Take a piece of ice from the tray and hand it to me,” she ordered, and he happily did as he was told. She traced the ice around her lips, sucking it into her mouth once before coming in and touching her ice-kissed lips with his. She teased him with her tongue, giving him what he wanted, but only enough to have him wanting more.

The melting ice cube was in her hand as she found the opening of his shirt and ran it along his skin until she found his nipple. “Shit, honey…” he groaned as she worked it into a stiff bead, then headed to the next one. But she didn’t talk, he just felt her smile while her kisses still teased him, giving him a taste of her sweet mouth only to take it away from him. Her hands went to the belt of his slacks, slowly pulling it from the loops. “I can’t wait to see you in your jeans and boots again, cowboy,” she murmured softly into his ear. Her tongue went around the edge, and his hands went to her sweet rounded ass as he groaned in anticipation. “Slip your pants off, Davis.” And he did.

She chuckled at his enthusiasm as he quickly stood and stripped himself free of his clothing. Then she reached over and grabbed another piece of melting ice from the tray. Leaning over so they were eye to eye, she placed the ice on her tongue, sucking on it. She kissed him once, and moved his thighs apart on the chair, going in between them.

“Oh fuck, sugar,” he groaned once more as he heard the ice crunch, and then felt ice-cold lips hit his swollen tip. Her freezing tongue teased the tip before she took him in, causing him to catch his breath and growl at the same time. Then she did something that shocked him and turned him on even more. She took both of his hands and placed them on her head. “Damn it!” he swore, letting his fists take hold of long golden strands as she worked his cock.

She chuckled and then hummed, and he thought he could’ve broken his toes into the tile as the vibration reached that far. His breaths started coming out in heaves as he tried not to come. “Fuck!” Just as he was starting to twitch she released him. “I think, now that you’re very excited, we can have fun,” she chuckled smokily.

Davis stood from the chair. “Not yet, sugar,” he growled, picking her up and placing her back on the floor. She gazed up at him with that sly smile as he took a piece of ice in his hands, licking some of the drops of liquid.

He teased her by trickling the drops of cold water on her nipple, and her body shuddered under the coolness. His hand came up, taking her soft mound as he rubbed the nipple with the melting ice. “Oh lord, baby!” she moaned, and that made him grin. Once he had it nice and cold he kissed the hard bud before running his tongue around it. He knew her breasts were sensitive, and he teased her before he latched on to her nipple, sucking on it.

Her hands went to his hair; she gasped and her hips squirmed on the ground underneath his body, needing him. “Oh god, Davis,” she panted as he worked her body up into a lather. His other hand brought the ice to her other breast while he sucked without mercy on the sweet bud he had in his mouth. “Please, darling, oh lord please…” she begged him to enter her. He chuckled as he moved in between her thighs, going in to kiss her lips. She took the back of his neck and pulled him down to her, running her tongue along his bottom lip, and when he opened just enough she devoured him.

He pulled back, both of them panting, both of them needing, but he had more in store for his little woman. The ice cube was smaller now, as he placed it in his mouth and started leaving a trail of kisses down her front. Once he was at the little mound of her belly, he looked up at her as she gazed down between her thighs; both of his hands encircled it, placing a soft kiss in the center. She smiled at the look on his face, but then it turned into something else as he gave her his own wicked smile, heading down to her soft smooth center.

His fingers spread her open and he could see her wetness of wanting him, and he moaned, as he was already so damn hard. The ice was upfront in his mouth when he ran his tongue over her warm center. She gasped with the first contact, and he took her hips in his hands to keep her still. “Oh Davis!” she screamed out as he sucked her swollen nub into his mouth, teasing it. Her hands grappled into his hair as he licked her with the ice. He slipped in his finger, stroking her inside walls as he ran his tongue over the center, bringing her to the edge. And her back went off the ground as he kept her body in place. “Baby, oh, baby…oh yes, yes, yes, yes…oh Davis…yes!” she whimpered as he felt her body go over the edge, tightening around his finger.

He let go of her and travelled up her body. They were both breathing heavily, she from her orgasm, he from his need to be inside her. “Wait.” She stopped him before he took her mouth. He gazed down at her. “What’s wrong?” he asked, worried that he’d hurt her, or the baby.

She smiled. “Go get a toy…” she suggested.

He moaned, getting up and grabbing the blue rubber cock ring.He placed it in her hand and she chuckled at him. “Not going to try the prostate massager?” she teased.

He lay on top of her and his fingers found that sweet center that he was craving to sink into. “I’ll show you exactly what I want, sugar.“ He teased her mouth, kissed her lips, and had her panting his name under her breath as he worked her body up again to take him.

Slim fingers found his cock and stroked him without mercy. With each stroke he grunted, losing his mind a little bit more. When she ran her pinkie along his slit he growled, needing her now! As he maneuvered himself into position, her hands took hold of his face with a wicked smile. “You’re forgetting your toy, pet.”

“Sugar…” he groaned, just wanting to be in her.

She ran her fingers over the side of his face. “Now, pet,” she whispered. “Sit up.” He went to his knees as she adjusted a very tight-fitting piece of jelly around his cock. “I might need a little help here,” she chuckled.

He fixed the ring on himself, looking down at his beautiful wife. He maneuvered once again in the place he wanted to be, and once again she stopped him. He growled at this. “Hold on, darling,” she giggled. She pushed a button and something vibrated on his dick. Then she pushed another button and it vibrated on his balls, making him groan.

“Now enter,” she purred.

Once he slipped into those warm walls, and with the vibration, a loud moan tore from him. His body started thrusting, feeling deep inside her. “Oh damn it, sugar! Shit…shit…son of a bitch!” he swore at the erotic feel. Her fingers dug into his back as he took her. His hand reached around, taking her ass off the floor to get as deep as he could inside her. “Abie, I’m not going to last, sugar… Fuck, I’m there honey, fuckin’ there…” he grunted with another thrust. He went to her nipples as she panted with each stroke of his passion. “Oh lord! Good boy, darling, so good… Yes Davis, I’m there, baby!” she cried out. “Yes, yes, oh yes!!” she screamed, digging her fingers into his shoulders.

That was his end, and his body went in quickly, thrusting with each grunt. His cock twitched and released his passions inside her warm center that clutched on to him, milking his cock. “Damn it, honey, damn it…shit, shit, yes!” he gasped out on his last thrust.

When his body had finally finished and his breathing was still coming as hard as hers, he pulled back to gaze into her eyes. “I love you, sugar,” he declared fiercely.

She chuckled at him, placing her hands on each side of his face. “Lord, I love you too, Davis,” she smiled, breathless.

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