The Domination Game: Checkmate Vol. 2

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Chapter 24

They pulled up to the police station, an old brick building on the east side of Boston. They quickly made their way from the truck, running up the concrete stairs, and through pillars on each side of the door. Once inside they went to the front desk and told the officer who they were. They were let through and he followed Tony down several hallways until they reached an interrogation room, where Jenna sat looking annoyed and pissed at the detective leaning toward her over the table.

“Mrs. Lovelock, once again I’m going to ask you where Mrs. Mills is,” the man questioned her.

She rolled her eyes. “How would I know where she is? Why don’t you ask Davis; I’m sure he’d tell y’all where she is.”

The man eyed her carefully. “The reason you’re here, Mrs. Lovelock, is because she’s been kidnapped right in front of the Dunkin Donuts on Congress Street. We think you’re the one who hired someone to get rid of your ex-fiancé’s new wife.”

What?” she cried, jumping forward in her seat.

“Now if you tell us where she’s at, then you can walk away from this with only a small amount of prison time,” he said, but she sat there stunned and silent. “Mrs. Lovelock, time is running out on you. We need that information now!” he goaded her.

“I don’t know…” she stuttered. “I didn’t hire anyone to hurt her.”

The cop ruffled his hair in frustration. “Look, we found the photos on your cell phone. We know you’re the one who sent out the pictures to all the companies this morning to sabotage her into leaving the building. Now tell us where she’s at, who you hired. Or how we get ahold of him, or this isn’t going to go well for you,” he told her severely.

She sat back and tears started to fall, and Davis wished she’d tell them where the hell Abie was already and quit with her fucking waterworks. “I did take the photos, I’ll admit to that. But I only took them to show my husband what a whore she really was,” she explained.

That interested the detective. “And why would you need to show him anything about her?”

She scowled, wiping away more tears. “Because ever since he found out that she was seeing Davis he’s been…different.”

“And how has he been different?”

“He’s not interested in me anymore, he’s off in his office all the time. He wants me to become friends with her so we can invite Davis and her over to our place,” she tried to explain. “He hates Davis, absolutely hates him. But now he wants to get buddy-buddy with him… Wait!” She stopped and gazed down at the table as if something had suddenly come to her mind. “What time were the photos sent?” she asked.

The detective flipped up a piece of paper in his folder. “About ten this morning. Why?”

The look of horror on Jenna’s face made Davis’s gut churn. “Jon had my cell this morning. I came out to the kitchen before I left, and he was on it. I asked him what he was doing, and he just told me he was looking up something on the Internet really quick.” Her eyes came up to meet the detective’s. “He’s the only one who would’ve had any way to get to my cell,” she told him, and she started to cry.


My head throbbed like the world’s worst hangover. I was resting on what seemed to be an old bed; it even looked to have bedding like I used to own. Slowly I sat up, taking a look at my environment, blinking my eyes a couple of times to get them to function properly. I looked over at the wall, the decor, the bed I sat upon. I knew this place. It had been many years since I was here, but I remembered the devastation that was inflicted upon me in this room. Remembered it all too well.

The haze was dissipating and as I could focus more clearly, I saw a man sitting in a chair a little distance from me. The first thing my eyes truly focused on was the black gun that was dangling from his hand.Then I glanced up at the face of the owner. “Jonathan…” I whispered in absolute terror.

“Hello, Adire.”

I sat up a little more on the bed, trying not to get sick. “What are you doing, Jonathan? Why would you do this?”

He stood and pulled the chair closer to me, then sat back down so we were face to face. The gun dangled once again between his legs as he just stared at me. “Because you’re mine.”

That statement shocked me, and I jumped back a bit. “No, you left me, remember? You tried to throw me off on a couple of men so you could all get your jollies on me. Then you beat me, Jonathan. That qualifies more as hatred than adoration.”

He became angry after that, and I shrank back from him even more. “You were just supposed to be a fuck for me. Someone to get all that submission shit out of my system. I had my eyes on Jenna before Davis got to her!” He shook his head and the hand with the gun went up, as he hit the metal against his forehead. “Then you showed up, you and all your ways that I craved. You twisted everything that I wanted for myself. I was supposed to marry Jenna, she was supposed to be my wife, her money was going to be mine, and her name would follow me and give me the career I deserved.

“She never really wanted Davis, but I backed off because of you. Then when I finally got her back into bed, I wasn’t sure she’d even marry me because of Davis and his damn wealth. So I knocked her up! Thinking this would finally set my mind on track, flush you out of my system, knowing what was coming to me… But it didn’t!” he screamed at me.

“When I was in bed with her, all I thought about was you, the things you’d do to me. The way we had so much fun in the bedroom. Jenna would just lay there panting in my ear like a damn dog. And that’s when it hit me. I was in love with you, not Jenna!”

I tried to remain calm, but I could see he wasn’t quite stable at the moment. “I don’t understand, Jonathan. If you loved me, why would you want to have other men sleep with me, try so hard to make me hate you? Go out of your way to hurt me?” I asked softly.

That gun swung in between his legs once more, and his finger kept going to the trigger. I thought if I could just keep him talking, get him to calm down, maybe I could talk him out of whatever he planned to do with that pistol.

He was frustrated now, and that wasn’t what I was trying to achieve. “I tried to get you to hate me! Treated you like shit, but you didn’t kick me out, tell me to go to hell like I thought the bad-ass dominatrix would’ve done. You loved me!” he fumed at me disgustedly. “At that point, when I knew how you felt about me, there was no way I could even think about moving on from you. So I didn’t.

“That’s when I decided that if I couldn’t have you, then no one else would either. My first thoughts were to pollute you. Then I could move on from you, because you’d have had others, but you would never be able to. And you’d always be mine in a way, and I could live with that.

“But what I thought was going to be an easy way out of my fucking situation, you go and say no! Every other fucking thing I’d asked of you, you just let me do it to you. But when the guys came over and you said no… I was beyond pissed. I knew that if this happened it would sever the ties for me with you.

“You pissed me off so bad that night, I beat the hell out of you so I could call those motherfuckers back. I needed to finish what we started, what I had in mind to help me get you the fuck out of my system! Have them come back to the shit-hole in Southie, to your place, this very same place,” he told me, glancing around the studio.

Then his gaze fell back on me, and I’d seen that look before, knew it and knew I was in serious trouble. “I should’ve known beating the hell out of you wouldn’t work, not on my A.B. Hell, getting fucked by three guys probably wouldn’t have worked either. You’d have been back to your dicks in chastity belts, and whipping the hell out of men over such a stunt.

His smile was foul. “But verbally destroying you, verbally tearing you down so you thought so little of yourself… That, baby, was the one thing that worked on your mind, and that’s what I did. And in that way you’ve been mine these seven years,” he told me, pleased with himself.

“I don’t understand. You’ve been gone, I haven’t seen you in all of those seven years,” I whispered.

He laughed cruelly. “It has nothing to do with seeing me, baby. I haven’t been around so to speak, but I’ve kept tabs on you this whole damn time. Every sub you took in, every job that the Thompson Agency had sent you on. Every time you went out of the country, I knew where you were, and who you were with.

“You might’ve taken men into your bed. But I knew they meant shit to you. Those damn rules of yours came back with a vengeance after I left you, after I said what I said, and that’s the way I wanted it.” Then he shook his head angrily. “That was until fucking Davis showed up. Changing everything I’d set in place to keep you out of any other man’s arms.” His eyes were crazed as he glared at me. “He wanted you, and I was never going to let that happen, baby. After New York, I thought I set you fucking straight again, but no, Davis just had to pursue you, had to have you! I watched as you let him into your life, saw how you were changing for him!” he yelled, angrily holding the gun up at me now.

I jumped off the bed, backing away from him. “Jonathan, please. I don’t know what you’re going to do…but please, I’m pregnant. Don’t do this, I beg of you!” I cried.

He remained in his chair, calm, and terrifying. In the distance I could hear sirens, and he turned his head and looked over his shoulder at the oncoming sound. I made my way further away from him and he quickly focused his attention back on me. “Yes, I know you’re pregnant. That’s one of the reasons I have to do what I’m about to do,” he told me simply.

The sirens were right outside and I could even hear the car doors being slammed shut. “Jonathan, please. Please stop--think. The police are here now. You could still be free if you stop this now. But if you kill a pregnant woman you’ll get the death penalty,” I implored, praying that would make him pause. “Think of your own children,” I shouted at him.

His brows came together and there was a terrifying coldness in his face. “I don’t give a rat’s ass about any of that, Adire! You’re going to be mine forever now, baby,” he told me with a sick twisted smirk.

I heard the sound of the gun but the pain that struck me seemed instantaneous. As the bullet struck my head the impact threw me back, then I collapsed to the ground. Warm liquid flowed underneath me, and as it pooled around my head it clogged the ear that was on the floor, making my world sound like I was submerged in water. My eyes became heavy as I fought to keep them open.

Jonathan looked over at me on the floor, that sick smile still on his face. Then the gun went quickly under his chin as the door burst open. I could hear the shouts of men yelling at him to stop and drop the gun. But as soon as the door opened Jonathan’s gun went off, sending blood and debris from the back of his head against the wall. He collapsed to the ground with a thud I could feel from where I lay. Blood poured from his wound, leaving his body in a massive bloody puddle.

Men came rushing in, and I could see Davis and Tony pushing through the others who were making their way to me. I wished I could call out to Davis, tell him just how much he meant to me, how much I truly needed him, but my eyes were getting much too heavy. All I could think was how much I loved this man, and how much I was going to miss him.

He dropped to his knees at my side. “No, Abie, no sugar, no, no, no… Fuck!” Davis screamed. Tony yelled out for someone to call an ambulance. “You stay with me, do you understand? You stay with me, Adire Mills. Please, honey I need you. I need you so much! Don’t leave me!” he cried.

All the things I wanted to say, all the things that I wanted him to know, were going to be lost. My body felt cold and my mind was losing its grip, and even if I wanted to speak, my mouth didn’t want to cooperate. My mind slid backwards down a long back tunnel as the face that I was going to miss slipped from my sight.

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