The Domination Game: Checkmate Vol. 2

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Chapter 2

After three weeks of working with this company, I finally felt like I was making some progress with its CEO. The process was long and complicated but work was finally getting done, and that made my days go by quickly.

It was a sunny day on the streets of Beijing. And since I hadn’t found myself a pet, I thought walking along the open market would be a refreshing way to spend my day. There was a man selling many different things on an old blanket that looked to have some interesting items, but it was the man next to him with the green tapestry rug whose china dolls I liked.

There were many dolls on the small rug, but one particular one caught my eye. She was beautifully made, wearing a navy blue and amethyst colored gown. Her face was drawn on with precision and care, with bright red lips. Little tassels of red and gold hung from her hair like little stickpins, and the umbrella in her dainty hands had red tassels going around it as well. The doll made me smile, just a little smile like the one she wore. I picked her up, feeling the fabric, looking for any flaws, but honestly it didn’t matter. I loved it, and now was the fun part: the haggling for the price. “How much for the doll?” I asked the old man who was selling her.

His hand came up, holding out two fingers. “Two hundred yuan.”

I shook my head. “That’s too much. Gao, yuan gao.”

I looked her over as to what I thought would be fair. “Wishi yuan,” I told him. I thought fifty dollars was more than fair. But he came back with a counter offer: “Seventy meiyuan.”

This time I nodded, accepting his offer. “Wo yaomai ta.” I reached into my oversized bag, going for my wallet, when a hand came next to me and paid the man the money I owed him. “Oh no, I couldn’t possibly accept that generous offer…” I started to say as I turned to the person in back of me.

Warm brown eyes looked down at me. “But I insist, A.B.,” came Tyler’s voice. He reached over, taking the china doll from the man’s hands and giving her to me. “I would’ve never thought you’d be into dolls,” he chuckled.

Something about the way he said that made me bridle. This man didn’t know me; he knew only what I chose to let him see of me. “I must insist that I pay you back for your kind gesture. I hope if I give you cash you won’t be offended,” I said easily and started to walk away from the merchant, putting the doll in my bag.

Tyler came up alongside me, taking me by the waist and holding me extremely close, very intimately out in public view. “I say you let me take you out to dinner. We can enjoy one another’s company once again, maybe try out some new things I’ve had in mind for us,” he answered.

I maneuvered out of his grasp. “I think you’re forgetting my rules, Tyler. I don’t date my pets. I don’t let them hold me, and I don’t have dinner with them,” I informed him as I took the money from my purse and handed it over to him.

He took me by the arm and pulled me underneath an awning next to an indoor market. “You let that Mills do all those things with you, and I was the one who had you first. Now I know that he didn’t come with you, so once again: Let me treat you to dinner, and then let’s go enjoy one another’s company,” he smirked.

I pulled my arm free of him, taking a step back from this odd situation. “Just how did you know I was here, Tyler? And how did you manage to find out that Mr. Mills wasn’t accompanying me on this trip?” I asked warily.

He grinned, taking a step back in my direction. “That was easy. My family is in negotiations with the Mewong Corporation. So when I found out the Thompson Agency had sent their best over to work on this account, I told my father that I would personally come over and make sure everything was set in stone before we made our move.”

I held out the cash to him again. “I don’t understand; what is the matter with you? I’ve told you that I’m not interested. I was flattered by your proposal, but I’m not in love with you.” I was on the verge of yelling at him. “Now please, you need to let me alone, and you need to move on.”

He came quickly at me, and he was not pleased with the answer I gave him. “Then just let me have you that way that asshole did. You give me that, and I’ll leave you alone from now on,” he murmured crudely.

My hands came in between us, and I tried to push myself free. “I’m not some prostitute for you to buy or bargain with, Tyler!” I hissed, struggling in his grasp. “I gave you my answer, and our agreement was ended.”

The next thing I knew his hand was at the back of my head, and his tongue was down my throat. I tried to push him off me, but when I did he clung to me that much tighter. So even in my long skirt, I found a way to maneuver myself just enough and kneed him in the balls.

He released me as his hands went to his crotch. “You bitch,” he moaned as his body hunched over, and he drew deep breaths.

“I never want to see you again, Tyler! So help me, if I have to, I will get a restraining order against you!” I shouted.

That got a groaning laugh. “That’s fine, then I’ll make sure everyone at your company knows exactly what kind of woman you really are, Adire, I even have fucking pictures to prove it!” he snarled at me.

I gasped aloud over his accusations. “What do you mean, you have photos of me?” I questioned him, but was honestly afraid to hear the answer.

“Baby, you slept. I’ve got some really good ones of you after our sessions together,” he chuckled.

I shook my head at him. “No, I never slept. I leave when we’re done,” I protested.

He shook his head with a knowing grin on his face. “Towards the end of your stay with me, you fell asleep twice, and I just couldn’t help myself,” he smirked.

My mind reeled, thinking back to the long nights I was working, making time for Tyler and my much-needed stress relief. But I never fell asleep. Then I thought back to that one afternoon that I had a four-hour meeting… No, I did, I did fall asleep, and it must have only been fifteen minutes.

My eyes went wide as I stared at the ground trying to remember the second time…then I did. I heard him give a laugh that was still filled with pain from my knee. “Now you remember. I knew you would. I just needed to give you a little time to think back.” He chuckled at me once again. “Of course, when I took those I thought I was taking pictures of my soon-to-be wife, not the woman who would say no to me and leave me that night with ‘you were fun.’ And baby, no one says no to me,” he seethed.

I glared at him. “So now you’re going to blackmail me? You threaten to make this public, to destroy my career--for what? So I’ll marry you?” I hissed.

His smile dropped, and the coldness I never realized he had in him seeped through the boy-next-door exterior. “No baby, you had your chance to marry me. That’s no longer an option for you. I want you to be my personal screw. You’re going to let me take you any way I want to, and if that means tying you up, spanking your ass, grabbing you by the head until you’re gagging on my dick, then that is precisely what you’re going to do!” he promised in a low harsh whisper.

I gasped as I realized that the truth of how he could destroy me was undeniable. And what he wanted to do to me was Jonathan all over again, but this time I couldn’t even say no to it. He stood up at full height now, as the pain that I’d inflicted had worn off enough to let him be mobile once more.

I took a step back, and pulled the long soft skirt up enough to give me room to run if need be. “Don’t worry, baby, I’ll give you a couple days to sit and let you stew over it,” he smiled.

I took another step away from him. “How do I know what you say is the truth? You could be full of shit, Tyler,” I countered.

That got him laughing. “Oh, the classy Adire Black is now throwing swear words at me. I guess she does know some big girl words after all, doesn’t she,” he taunted. “Fine, give me your number and I’ll send over one of the worst ones I’ve got, just so you know what the hell I’m playing with.”

Standing still, I didn’t know what to do. Did I give him my number so he could call me any time he chose to, or did I take the risk and see if he was full of it like I suspected him to be… “Fine, I’ll give you my number, then you can send me the photo,” I barked at him.

He typed it into his phone with a cruel hateful smile on his face. “You’ll be hearing from me, A.B. Don’t worry, baby, you will, and our first night together, hmm, hmm, hmm, I’ve got some ideas for you,” he grinned.


“We need to have an office in New York, Davis,” Donald Fraser was trying to explain to him. “This will be good for everyone.”

Yancy cut into his speech. “I think you’re wrong about that, Don…” he started out, when Davis’s phone started to go off in his pocket. He pulled it out and saw Tony’s number.

“Excuse me, gentlemen. I need to take this call,” he told the group, pushing away from the table. He swiped the phone but didn’t answer until he was out of earshot. “Tony, what did you find?”

“Well, I found her momma living in Savannah, and I’m sending you all the information about that your way. But your woman…lord, she was hard to track down,” he said, out of breath like he was keeping pace with someone walking fast.

“Okay, but did you find her?”

“Yeah, oh shit! Hold on,” his voice grumbled, then Davis heard the phone take a picture. “I found her all right. Right in the middle of being mauled and kneeing some guy in the balls.”

Davis’s hand flew to the back of his neck; he felt completely helpless. “What?!” he blurted out. He looked around as the people in the office stopped to see what was going on. He walked on, almost a jogging pace to his office. “Did you stop it? Beat the fucking hell out of the asshole who touched her? Shit! Do we even know who the hell this ass was?”

“She took care of it herself, Davis. If he would’ve pressured her, you know I would’ve stepped in, but you wanted me undercover. But I did get close enough to know he was threatening her with something, then she shouted out her number to him.”

“Shit!” Davis hollered.

“I’m sending you the picture I took of him just now.”

A second later his phone buzzed. He swiped it open and there was that asshole, Tyler Knight. “That’s the one that was harassing her?” he asked.

“Yeah, I would say harassed could be the right word to use for it.”

“I had a talk with that son of a bitch when he showed up mauling her at a meet and greet not too long ago,” Davis yelled. His hands mussed his hair back and forth. “I’m on my way to you right now!” Then he stopped. “Where the hell are you at, anyway?”

“I’m in fucking Beijing.”

Davis fell to his chair and slumped over. She went to Beijing to get away from him. “What are you doing now?”

“I’m following your woman. She looked worse than she did the night Jon found her, Davis. I think this guy might be trouble,” he confessed. “Look, I’m sending you a photo now. But I took it right after she walked away from the guy she kneed in the balls. You’re not going to like it,” he warned him.

Another buzz came in and he opened the text. Abie was walking in a soft peach pleated skirt that went down to her jeweled-sandaled feet, a white Chanel t-shirt, her hair straight and silky, sunglasses pushed on top of her head. She was wiping tears away, with a sad frown on her face.

His heart broke. She just couldn’t escape from these assholes. “Son of a bitch,” he swore, not liking that he couldn’t be there to take care of that asshole for her. “Do you know where she’s staying yet?”

“No, not yet, but I’ll let you know as soon as I find out.”

“Fine, I’m on my way now. As soon as I’m in Beijing I’ll let you know.”

“Sounds good. I’ll keep you up to date on what I find,” Tony told him, and hung up.

Davis got up from the chair, wanting to punch the hell out of something, but all he could think of to do was throw his phone. And that’s just what he was about to do when the damn thing started ringing in his hand. He looked down at it and saw that it was an out-of-country caller, and his mind went to Abie straight away. “Hello?” he answered quickly, eager to hear if he was correct in his assumption.

“Hello, Mr. Mills, how are you?” came a male voice.

He was completely shocked; he didn’t know anyone in Beijing. “I’m good, good. I’m sorry but who is this again?”

“Oh, yes, yes, sorry. It’s Lee Chow, from the Mewong Corporation.”

That was odd, that Lee Chow was calling him. “Yes, Lee. How are things on your side of the world?” Davis chuckled, hoping to sound very friendly to the man and gather some information. Hell, he knew that the Thompson Agency wanted Mewong as a client.

“Very well. The reason for the call is, we have your Ms. Black working for us right now and didn’t know if you were going to come out and see her some time soon?” Lee asked him.

Davis sat back down on the chair. “You know, we were just talking about me coming out for a visit. Are you sure you wouldn’t mind if I came out and spent some much-needed time with her?” He grinned a little at his good fortune.

“No, we were hoping to see you. I hope you’ll be coming soon then?”

“Yeah, I’ll be on my plane within the hour,” he told him. “Now I know she told me the name of where she’s staying and all, but I’ll be damned if I can remember it.”

“Ah yes, we put her at the Jing. The best suite for her,” Chow exclaimed, and Davis knew something was up, but at this point couldn’t care less. He’d play their games for now.

“Sounds good. Let the front desk know I’m coming to surprise her. I don’t want anyone to let on that I’m on my way,” he carefully told him.

“Ah, yes. I will make sure it’s kept a secret,” Lee replied.

“That, my friend, sounds good. I’ll see y’all in a bit.” He hung up, but this time he wore a smile. He knew where to find her, and knew Tony was there to look after her until he got there. Time to go get his woman back.

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