The Domination Game: Checkmate Vol. 2

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Chapter 4

When Davis arrived in Beijing he had one goal in mind, and that was to find his woman, bring her back to her room, ask her what the hell was going on, and then make love to her. Going on a month without her was just about to kill him.

Tony picked him up in a limo, and he headed out through the city to see just where Adire was working. He made his way up to the top floor and was greeted by a Mr. Wu, who showed him into Lee’s office.

“Ah, I see you made it, Davis. So glad to see you,” Mr. Chow exclaimed.

“Yeah, good to see you as well. I figure you might have something other than Ms. Black in mind, for me to make it all the way out here,” he told the man.

Mr. Chow sat down behind his desk. “Yes, I wanted to have a discussion with you about possibly investing in our company.”

Davis sat back in his chair, regarding the other man. “Mr. Chow--Lee. I’m into oil, and things that run along those lines. Solar power has never been one of my industries.”

“Yes, but you also said that you were for the environment, and ways to cause the least amount of damage to the environment. Our company will do that. We’re just falling short of willing and powerful backers,” Chow offered.

Davis’s hand went to his chin while he thought. “I tell you what. Let me see Ms. Black, spend some time with her, then I’ll give you my answer.”

Mr. Chow smiled. “That sounds good. I look forward to speaking again with you.” They both got up, shaking each other’s hand. “Oh, there is a dinner tonight that Ms. Black will be attending, I would think you’ll be there as well?” he asked.

Davis buttoned his jacket. “Not sure about that yet. I wanted to surprise her, but I might come by.”

He decided to forgo the dinner. His purpose was to talk, and he didn’t need for her to know that he was here. He needed her to be in a space where she would listen to him, not get angry and walk away. It was a little after eleven when Tony texted and told him that she had left the dinner and was on her way.

Sitting in the dark room, he waited for her to come home. When the door opened and Abie walked through, as always she was breathtaking, as stunning as ever he’d remembered her to be. He stood from his seat, thinking she was going to switch on the lights. But she didn’t.

Davis felt like a very lucky voyeur, as he watched his woman strip out of her soft black dress. Did she know he was there, he wondered, because every move she made was like she was purposely seducing him. When she made no comment to him, but turned and headed for the bar, he knew she hadn’t seen him. He watched her luscious ass stroll over to the bar. Her little panties were nothing but strings, one going right in between her beautiful backside. It was all he could do not to jump from where he now stood, and ravish that body he was so damn hungry for.

It took him a moment to realize she was pouring herself a drink, and he frowned. Her phone went off, and he saw her body stiffen and her demeanor change. When she looked at the screen and gasped he knew it was something bad. And when he realized that Knight had called her, telling her when he would come over to take her, he really thought he’d lose his fucking mind. Only when he heard Abie tell him off in a very personal and masterful way, did he finally calm down enough to not jump into the conversation. A conversation that had him seeing red, and he’d never forget. That son of a bitch was trying to take what was his, and that wasn’t going to happen!

When she threw the cell to the floor and gasped for air, Davis was truly worried that she might pass out. But after he answered her as she was talking to herself, she jumped up, shocked to see him.

“Davis,” she whispered. He gazed at her still frame, laced with her black brassiere, little black panties, black stockings and black heels that sparkled from the light coming from the window.

“You’re lookin’ good, sugar. But I was hopin’ you’d be home by now so we could work all this shit out between us, not halfway across the world to escape from me,” he told her in a rough voice.

She swirled the glass in her hand unconsciously, and he could see she was trying to think of something smart to say about that but was falling short. He made his way over to her, taking in this woman before him. “What do you have in your hand there, Abie?” She glanced down at what she was holding, then back at him. “Come on, sugar, tell me?” He stood in front of her, and even with her heels on she had to look up into his eyes. “Tell me,” he whispered hoarsely, and he saw her eyes watch his mouth as he spoke.


He gave her a little chuckle at that. “So you’re drinkin’ my drink now. Can I take that as you might be missin’ me? Especially for a woman who doesn’t drink and all,” he asked. She didn’t answer him; she just stood there very still, not quite believing what she was seeing in front of her.

“Davis, I…”

“You want to tell me what precisely was going on between you and Knight? And I’m taking it, from what I overheard from the conversation, that he’s trying to blackmail you. Did I get that about right?” he now growled softly.

Her head dipped down to the phone on the ground, then she met his eyes. “You were here…when he said all of that, when I said…oh God,” she whispered, taking a step back from him.

He went to her and took her by the arms to hold her in place. “No, sugar. You’re not going anywhere right now. I want to see what he has on you that makes him think he could have you,” he said. But she shook her head.

She was still in his grasp as his eyes bore down on her. “It doesn’t matter if you tell me right now or not. I’m going to find out. But right now you and I, we’ve got a whole bunch of shit to work out between us.” His lips came within inches of hers. “But even though you and I have been apart, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t piss me the hell off when some asshole’s trying to get my woman in his bed.”

She maneuvered free from him. “How did you find me?” she asked.

He chuckled. “Believe it or not, Mr. Chow called me. Asked if I was going to come see my woman. I just told him yes, and everything else just fell into place after that.”

She leaned against the large open window. “Davis, you know why this is over. There’s nothing that can be done about it,” she told him sadly.

He quickly walked to her. “Nothing’s over, Abie. My father might be a bastard, but I’m not my father. And I love you, sugar,” he told her as he placed his hands on hers. “Let me take you to bed, Abie. Let me show you just how much I love you, how much I missed you.” His voice rumbled on the soft skin of her throat.

She pushed him away and moved from the window. “No… I can’t,” she whispered.

He took a step in her direction. “Do you love me?”

“It doesn’t matter,” she said simply.

He took another step. “It matters more than you think, sugar.”

She looked out the window. “Why do you want to make me say it? Confess what I feel for you when you know it will only lead us further into misery?” She turned back to him. “Did you not hear my conversation? Do you still not know what I truly am when I’m with men?” she questioned him, puzzled that he was even still here with her.

Another small step in her direction, and he was once again in front of her. “I heard what that man was to you, what you thought of him. Was it easy to hear you speak about him like you did? No, it was one of the hardest damn things I’ve had to listen to.

“But sugar, you’ve never been that way with me, not even in the beginning. And I don’t believe that I trigger any of those tendencies when I’m with you.” He came closer to her. “I heard what you told him. Heard you confess to him how you feel about me. You’ve been with a man, is that what you see when you’re with me? Am I what you want in a man?” he asked her softly, taking the drink that was still in her hand.

She gazed into his eyes, looked over his face, as her hand came up and she ran her fingers gently down the side of his cheek. “Yes,” she confessed softly.

He threw back the rest of the bourbon and dropped the glass to the carpeted floor. “Now tell me, Abie, do you still love me?” he asked, dipping his head down to look into her eyes.

She started to look away when he stopped her. “Answer me.”

“Yes,” she whispered so quietly he almost missed it.

He took her face in both hands and kissed her. And when she opened her mouth to let him in and he tasted that sweetness that was all her, his hunger grew to a painful new height. His fingers skimmed her bare middle, making their way to take hold of her hips. He wanted her in bed, now! But as he started to lead her in that direction, she stopped him. “I think it’s time to show you how truly perverse I can be, Davis. I’m not your average woman.”

Just hearing her kinky mannerisms spill from those luscious lips had him rock hard and ready for her. “I know that, Abie,” he acknowledged, gazing at her mouth.

She smiled her sly smile that he so loved, and his eyes went to hers. “Do you now?” she asked, and he watched her bite hard onto her bottom lip, painfully. When she released it he could see the deep mark she made. “Abie?”

“Kiss it and make it better,” she purred.

He came over and lightly kissed her lip, then pulled back. “Davis…” she chuckled, shaking her head. She looked behind her out through the open window, with that mischievous gleam in her eye, and he knew she was going to take him on one hell of a ride.

She turned her head back to him. “You ever heard of having sex out in public?” she asked.

He grinned. “Yeah, that’s something I’ve heard of.”

“Are you a modest man, Davis?” she asked, fondling the fabric of his jacket and looking up at him through her dark lashes.

“Depends on the situation,” he told her, but was willing to go anywhere with that kinky mind of hers.

Her hand touched the windowpane. “That’s a mighty big city out there. There could be many naughty eyes watching everything we’re doing at this precise moment. Does that bother you?” she asked silkily.

He looked out upon the city, really looking at all the buildings around them, then met her eyes again. “Does it bother you?” he asked. Why, he wasn’t really sure. He already knew the answer, but to hear her say it…

“No, it doesn’t bother me in the least. In fact I rather like it. What it does is, it turns me on.” She smiled. He knew this, knew what she was going to tell him, but his eyes went wide; the sheer need for her was taking over the rational side of his brain. “I think you have a little more of a naughty side than you give yourself credit for,” she chuckled.

“What do you have in mind, sugar?” he breathed, as her hands relieved him of his jacket.

“Oh, I have a lot in mind, Davis. I’ve missed your body, and that raw masculine power that you bring. I don’t know if everything between us will be able to be mended,” she murmured, and he offered her a growl at her words. “Neither will I deny myself what I want from you. But first I need something of yours,” she told him in a smoky voice.

“What do you need, sugar?” He moaned when her lips met his flesh under his unbuttoned shirt. She kissed him once more on his neck, then licked his skin. “Your belt,” she whispered into his ear, on her tiptoes. He moaned into the quiet room, loving where her mind was heading, and knowing he was going to make her his again.

His hands went to the buckle, undoing the belt and taking it off, handing it to her. “Very good boy, Davis,” she purred. His shirt fell to the floor as the last button was undone. The belt hung around her shoulders as she relieved him of his pants. Soft hands glided over his skin, rubbing his boxers against his swollen shaft. “Abie…” he groaned as he throbbed with need.


Next his boxers fell and he stood naked in front of her, his pants down around his ankles. “Kick off your pants and shoes,” she ordered, and he quickly obeyed. When he was completely naked her eyes roamed possessively over him.

Her hand came to his hard cock, pulling him to the very large and very open window. Once they both stood in front of it her hands went in back of her, taking her bra off and dropping it to the ground. Davis couldn’t help himself and moaned once again. She smiled as her panties now slipped to the ground as well. “I want you to place both hands on the windowpane,” she commanded now. “Lean in darling,” she whispered as she got to her knees in front of him.

His mind was going wild with ideas when he felt soft lips kiss the very tip of his erection. His head fell forward, watching her. “Fuck, sugar,” he groaned as her tongue licked down the thick vein. She giggled, sending a whole new sensation down to his balls, making his toes cling to the rug. “Not yet, Davis. Foreplay first,” she informed him jokingly.

One hand took him firmly, already starting to stroke him heavily, while he watched the other hand dip between her thighs and deep into herself. “Son of a bitch, sugar, you drive me mad!” He moaned as he watched her mouth suck him in, and her long fingers play with herself.

Her hand quit the stroking, and trailed down to his balls where her fingers massaged them, before heading back further in. Her fingers lingered on the rectum, before she dug her thumb up into it, making him hiss at the heightened feeling. “Shit!” He was holding himself back, as the need for release was overpowering him. He twitched in her mouth, fingers white from pushing into the hard glass, and his feet dug into the floor, holding back. She finally released him completely, and he stood there unmoving with rapid breaths, trying to control himself.

She lifted herself from the ground to stand in between his arms still braced on the window. One hand came up, lifting his chin so they were eye to eye. “Open up, Davis,” she whispered, her voice silky sexy, commanding, and he did.Her moistened finger made its way into his mouth, tasting of her. “Clean it off,” came her soft demand. His tongue sucked every part of that long slender finger clean, and when she pulled her now clean finger from his mouth she placed it in hers, sucking him off of her as well.

“Does this bother you?” she asked.

“Hell, no,” he growled.

She leaned against the window with her back and ass plastered against it, then spread her legs. “I need you to take me hard tonight. I need you to show me that you want to possess me, try to bend me to your will. Give me all of you, I need you on the verge of insanity to be in me. To make me so wet with need for you to take me, to bring me release on your cock, that I’m dripping down your fingers heavy with passion.”

“Fuck, sugar,” he whispered, as his big rough hand glided down her body and cupped the little patch of wet curls, teasing his middle finger inside her already very wet center. When his finger slipped in with ease, his already hard cock was now throbbing for her.

She took his face in her hands as she described the torment she asked for. “When your need for me is at its height, and the thought of not being in me to the point of painful, I want you to take me right in front of this window. I want you to show everyone who’s the only woman you’ll have, the only woman who can give you what you need, the only woman who owns you, Davis,” she whispered.

The fire was already burning out of control in him before she spoke to him. Now there were no words for the fire, hunger, insanity. One hand worked her passion inside the sugared walls that his body shook for, while the other hand took her by the back of the head, bringing her mouth to his, so he could make love to that as well.

Her panting teased him, her whimpers drove him, but when she said his name with the seduction that only she could offer him, she owned him, and the need to be in her was to the point of primal. He quickly withdrew his fingers from her, taking one of her legs and wrapping it over his arm, letting him have easy access to what he was burning for. He picked her up from the ground using the window to hold her up, as his tip found her entrance. They stared into each other’s eyes, his hungry, hers hooded, when he thrust deep and hard into her. Her gasp filled the room as he filled her in one swift stroke, and his groan was loud and powerful.

There was no hesitation after that. Her free leg wrapped itself around him, and he wanted to own her like the possessive beast that he was. “Tell me you need me,” he grunted as he thrust into her again, hitting the deepest part of her.

Her hands grappled into his hair, wrapping his head in her arms as he dominated her. “Yes, yes darling, I so need you,” she whimpered breathlessly in his ear.

“Tell me you missed me,” he groaned.

She reached for the belt and wrapped it around the back of his neck, pulling him to her, winding the leather around her fists as she rode him. Then she kissed him with a passion he’d never had with another, owning his mouth, slipping in her tongue, causing his balls to ache, needing to release into her.

“I missed you, baby. I so missed you,” she now panted. He could feel her body on the verge of going over the edge on his cock, and once she did…he was a goner.

His breath was coming hard just like his body was on the verge of doing. “Tell me you love me, woman. Tell me you’re mine!” he growled, changing the position just enough to hit her swollen little nub. Her arms now hugged him to her with the leather firmly in each fist. “Yes, oh yes Davis, I love you, darling. Love you more than you could possibly know!” she whimpered, and then her walls clutched around him, tightening their hold. “Yes, oh god yes!” she moaned into his ear, as her body erupted on him. When her sugared walls clenched down on him, he was done. His pace picked up as his body slapped against hers. With each entry he grunted, and then he was there. “Oh fuck, Abie! Yeah sugar…damn it…yes…argh…yes, I love you!” he growled as he came harder than he’d ever come in his life.

His body slowed as he pumped every last bit of his seed into her warm and willing center. Then exhaustion kicked in after their very kinky fucking session. He held her in place against the glass, both of them still breathing heavily. “I’m never going to be able to get enough of you, sugar. Face it now; you own all of me. Forever,” he confessed, still trying to gather his breath as well as his wits.

Her head lifted from his shoulder with a tired sly smile upon her face. “I’m so glad to hear those words, darling. Because our session isn’t quite finished yet,” she purred, kissing his lips gently. Right then he knew his night wasn’t quite as over as he thought it was, and he’d better get ready for what she had in store next for him.

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