The Domination Game: Checkmate Vol. 2

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Chapter 5

I hadn’t even realized how much I truly missed this man until I saw him. When he came from the shadows and I had my first look at him in nearly four weeks, I forgot why I couldn’t have him. That’s how much I truly loved this pushy man, and I never loved anyone as much I loved him.

Now with him wrapped in my arms, and his beautiful naked body in mine, there was no way I could let him go. He was right, there was still so much for us to work out, and I was not sure if it could be fixed but I believed that I should try. “Let’s go take a shower. You have much to clean up after yourself this evening, don’t you think?” I questioned in his ear with a little chuckle.

He moaned while his hands slid down to my backside, taking a firm grasp of the flesh. “Sugar, aren’t done with me yet, are you?” he asked huskily.

My tongue went around the rim of his ear before I took the lobe into my mouth, giving it a bite. He held on tighter as a shiver ran through his body. “No. There’s still much I have in mind for you,” I purred.

He released the one leg he was holding, and guided my legs around his hips, carrying me into the bathroom. That got me laughing. “You could’ve put me down, Davis. I wasn’t going to run away from you.” He flipped on the light, shutting the door behind him, and helped me off his body. “I wasn’t going to take any chances.” He smiled, but his eyes were hooded and wanting to move on to the next delight.

Both showerheads ran with warm water as we stepped into the large slate-tiled bath. I walked in and leaned back against the wall, watching his muscular body come to me in the light.“I want you to wash my face, then my hair,” I ordered him.

He came closer to me, and the spray splashed off his body onto mine. “You’re goin’ to let me take off your makeup?” he asked carefully.

“Well, if I can show you how truly perverse my mind can be, might as well show you all of what lies underneath as well,” I whispered.

He walked out and grabbed a washcloth, then came back in, wet the material and lathered it up with soap. He pulled me under the spray, cleaning off my well-placed mask. When he was finally finished, and even though he’d seen me somewhat bare of makeup before, now I had nothing to hide behind. After he washed my hair and my face was clean, I stepped back from him, letting him see who I really was. He didn’t realize I had still worn a subtle mask when we lived together for that short period of time. But now I was completely open to him.

He took a long step to me and placed his hands on each side of my head, on the tiled wall. “You really are so beautiful, sugar. Just like the night I saw you in the donut shop.” His eyes wandered over my face. “Simply beautiful,” he whispered. “And all mine.” His mouth was on mine before I even had time to make a comment. I couldn’t help myself; I squeezed him to me, my bare skin touching his delicious body. When I broke free from him he looked at me, letting me know he wasn’t finished just yet, but I had other ideas.

“It’s time to clean up after yourself, Davis. Then you can wash me clean, and you can put on a show for me by cleaning yourself,” I whispered on an order. That little-boy smile broke out across his face, knowing what I asked of him was naughty.

He kissed my lips once more, then made his way down my breast, and to my navel until he reached my feminine area, and he was on his knees. I gazed down at him, at where he was, and I smiled, making him groan. “Did you make a big mess tonight, darling?” I asked silkily.

One hand helped spread my thighs apart for him, while his other hand dipped into me. “I can’t see where I wouldn’t. I’ve been needin’ my girl like a crazed man,” he told me hoarsely. His finger dipped deep, caressed the inside of me. “Oh hell, darlin, I made a mess,” he growled.

My hand came down, feeling the side of that stubbled cheek. “You know what I want from you then, don’t you?” I asked softly, already excited at what he was about to do. He placed my leg over his shoulder, positioning his beautiful lips right where I wanted them.

He went to open me to him and begin a new pleasure, when I stopped him. “Ah, I think your finger’s dirty. You need to clean it off for me first,” I whispered. He chuckled as he stuck the finger that was inside me into his mouth. “Don’t you taste delicious, darling,” I whispered as my body was already burning from watching this gorgeous man.

His moan was loud, and I could see he was already turned on again. He opened my folds, kissing my already swollen nub, making me gasp, then he began his task. When his soft tongue made its first swipe my knees buckled, but he held me in place. His tongue went deep inside my center, and his hands went around, grasping on to my backside as I rode his tongue. He latched on to my nub, sucking it into his mouth, then he released and moved his tongue deep inside me once again.

Davis knew how to work a woman’s body. He had me already so close to the point of losing myself. “Lord, Davis, I love the way you do that,” I moaned, and he chuckled and my breath pitched at the feeling. “Oh god, Davis!” My hands went into his wet hair. When he heard the hitch he chuckled again, knowing my place, and then torched me to the point of painful ecstasy. “Yes baby, oh yes, yes, yes!” I screamed out as my head fell back against the wet wall.

Once my orgasm was complete Davis stood, quickly finding my mouth before turning me to face the wall; he grabbed my hips and thrust deep inside me once again. “Oh damn it, sugar, I’m already fuckin’ there.” He grunted heavily as his strokes were fast and deep in my already quivering body. I felt his swollen erection already twitching inside me, ready for release once again, as he reached his hand around, taking my folds and spreading them with his fingers, playing with the overly sensitive nub. One hand clasped onto the slate, while the other reached back, taking hold of his firm backside. My body was building up once more as I whimpered, “Oh Davis, oh, oh, oh…Yes!” I once again orgasmed, clenching to his erection that was thrusting deep and fast inside me.

“Oh shit, sugar! God yes… Shit, yes!” he yelled out hoarsely, causing my body to erupt on him once again in a way that was painful as well as pleasurable. I breathed heavily as my third orgasm was finally ending, leaving my body quaking from all the delights this man had brought to it.

Davis held on to me, breathing heavily as well, his arms still wrapped around my wet slick body. “Damn, sugar, I missed you,” he breathed, kissing my shoulder. I loved this man, I couldn’t deny it, but there was so much standing in our way. I wondered if something more for us was even truly possible. “Davis,” I whispered.

His head lay on my back as he held me tightly in his arms. “Don’t say it, Abie. I’m not going anywhere, and you damn well know it,” he gruffed at me. “I’m not saying you don’t have the right to question this shit, but I’m sure in hell not letting you go.” He slid out of me, turning me to face him.

“I’m not a good man, Abie. And I guess under the circumstances it would be kinder for me to just walk away, knowing what my father did. But I can’t, honey, I’m a selfish man. A man who wants you, and I want no other man than me to have you. And if I have to fight to where you finally break down and let me in, I’m willing to go that far,” he declared to me, his Texas drawl coming out heavily.

I shook my head, and I couldn’t help the tears that started to flow. He said everything I wanted to hear, everything I needed to hear; he meant more to me than anybody other than my mother meant to me in my entire life. “If I say yes to you, it’s like I’m betraying my mother. Can you understand that? Can you even begin to fathom what I’m saying to you?” I asked him.

His head fell forward, nodding at my words. Drops of water fell from his blond hair down my breast as he thought about what he wanted to say. Both hands were on each side of my head, holding me captive. When his eyes finally found mine once more there was a look of resolve in their depths.

“Yes, I know what I’m asking of you. But all I can promise you is that at this moment, I’m looking into whether my father can still be punished for his crime.” He dipped his head down so we were face to face. “And if he can, sugar, he’s going to pay for what he did to your momma,” he told me fiercely.

I frowned at him. “And if he can’t?” I whispered, already having come to terms with the reality of the facts even before Davis showed up again.

“Then I’ll find some way for him to make up for it, for the rest of his life. My father has always been a greedy, selfish man. I can’t tell you how many nights I would hear my momma cry over him out skirtin’ around on her. She just loved him so damn much.

“What he did to your momma was horrific, and disgusting, and I’m ashamed that I come from such a man. He also hurt my momma, not in the way he hurt yours, but I guess in a way he broke her, too.” He made sure our eyes were locked when he said his next words to me. “That man has been given and has taken far more than his share of love. I think it’ll do him good to go out and give back what he’s taken from women who’ve loved him and whom he’s hurt.”

I sighed, not really knowing if that would solve anything. “Sounds like you have some plans already in your mind about how to go about such a thing,” I mentioned softly.

“Yeah, sugar, I do. Your momma is going to be my mother-in-law, and I take care of all the women in my life,” he told me fiercely, promising me. Then he gave me a reassuring smile. “And that includes Lucy as well.”

I shook my head, no longer able to look at him and think straight. “It seems fate keeps intervening in our lives to separate us. Sometimes it’s wiser to let go early on, before things become far more complicated. Don’t you think?”

His finger pulled my chin up so our eyes met again. “I believe we fight the hardest for the things we want in life, Abie. On those things we never give up, and we never give in. I’d have to agree that in our time together, we’ve faced more hurdles than most. But that doesn’t mean we don’t belong together, and it doesn’t mean fate isn’t on our side. It’s just telling us if we want this, we have to work hard to achieve what we want,” he whispered confidently to me.

He pushed his wet hair out of his face, and my hand skimmed his stubbled cheek. “Davis…” But before I could get anything else out he kissed me quickly, fiercely, muddling my mind away from anything that I was thinking of telling him. When he released me from his kiss, his hands came around taking me in his arms, our bodies wet from still standing in the spray. “I love you, sugar, that’s it. We’ll work everything else out,” he promised me, almost a command. Damn beautiful, pushy man.

I thought back to Lucy, to Allie, hell, even to Kitty. They all told me the same thing. Talk to him, tell you miss him, and work it out. How much of a coward would I be if I let this one tangible thing in my life walk away from me?

“I might have some problems coming at me, Davis. Tyler is bound and determined to destroy not only me, but my career as well. I told him no tonight for so many reasons, as you could imagine, but the first and foremost reason was, I love you. And the thought of another man touching me makes me feel ill,” I confessed to him.

He let me go, quickly walking over to grab the soap, and started lathering up his hands. “It’s time for me to clean you up, sugar, then I’ll take care of myself. But I want us in bed, now, so let’s be quick about it,” he ordered, starting to wash my body clean. “We’ll get the rest figured out tomorrow; for now you’re going into my arms.”

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