The Domination Game: Checkmate Vol. 2

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Chapter 6

Davis woke early that morning, just like he normally did. His hands ran over his face as he struggled up from his damn internal clock, only to quickly turn his head to see if a certain little woman was where she was supposed to be, and thankfully she was still lying next to him. He took a deep breath of relief, and smiled. For the first time in quite a while his heart felt like it could actually beat again.

Carefully he got himself up out of bed, making sure he didn’t wake Abie. He made his way into the bathroom with a plan already made for this morning. He shaved his face for her, hoping she’d appreciate the gesture, knowing she seemed to like the feel of smooth skin. Soon after, he called room service to have breakfast delivered to their room and get the plan in motion. With his mind full of thoughts, he sat in the chair next to the bed and watched her sleep. He was nervous about this morning, and he wanted to make sure he had her where he wanted her before he set out.

All the things that were happening to them raced around his head like a hound dog chasing a coon. He had lots of work in front of him this morning, and he was glad that Abie wanted to go in to the office and get some of her work done. That gave him time to get his own things accomplished.

Davis knew he had a reputation for being a fair and honest man, and that was fine with him. Most times it gave him the upper hand on a deal, or in helping with a company he was going to acquire, or encouraged people he was doing business with to trust him at his word. But if they wanted to play games with him, they would meet a completely different man. People just didn’t realize that his kindness only went so far. Because if they paid attention, they would see what kind of vicious businessman he could be. He was, after all, William Mills’ son. And for whatever kind of bastard his father was, he was a ruthless businessman as well. These people needed to learn their place when they were dealing with Gravin Industries now. And if anyone was going to threaten his soon-to-be wife…they were going to rue the day they did. Tyler Knight thought of him as some kind of country bumpkin, just wanting to be on his ranch. It was time to let him see his terrifying side, when they messed with what was his.

A soft moan came from the other side of the bed, as Abie kicked the covers off one of her legs, revealing her soft pale skin. He chuckled at himself. Who would’ve thought after last night’s excursion, his woman could get him rock hard and needy just by showing him a creamy calf.

When there was finally a knock on the door, he went to answer it. The cart was pulled in close to the bed, and he tipped the man at the door. He lifted the lids, checking that everything was perfect. Last night he had put something very special in the top drawer of the nightstand. This morning with the breakfast cart ready and waiting, he walked over quietly and retrieved it. He placed a little black velvet box on the white napkin next to the coffee pot. He knew his woman loved her coffee first thing in the morning, and that it would be her first objective.

Slipping off his robe, his made his way back into bed and cuddled up against that soft body, taking her naked form in his arms. “Sugar, it’s six thirty. Don’t you need to get ready for work?” he whispered, as he kissed her shoulder. She moaned a dainty little moan that made him chuckle, loving her little sounds. Her body stretched in his grasp, reaching back and touching the headboard. “You’re a little kitten in the morning, aren’t you? I see where your momma came up with that nickname,” he told her, enjoying her morning demeanor, letting her little ass move up against him. She smiled mischievously at his moan. “Well, you haven’t informed me why they call you bubba?” she said sleepily.

His arm slid under the covers, feeling her soft middle and pushing himself into the rounded orbs of that soft ass. “Believe it or not, when I was born I was a very chunky little baby. My granddad called me a bubba, and it just stuck.” His eyes crinkled with laughter when he told her the next part. “But my friends kept calling me that all through grade school and junior high, because I was short and stumpy.”

She pulled back from him, surprised. “Really? You were short and chubby?” She laughed, her eyes roaming over him. “I bet you were simply adorable.”

He kissed her nose. “Well, my momma thought so.”

Her fingers skimmed down his face. “You shaved. Was that by chance for me?” she questioned.

“Why, yes it was, sugar. I’m glad you noticed,” he told her, and her hands came around to move closer to him. If he didn’t stop now it would be quite some time before she found what he wanted her to find, and he didn’t want it rushed. He moved to get up or he was going to take her; he was fighting it already with everything he had. “So come on, I already had breakfast brought up for us. I wanted to spend some time with you before you head out this morning.” He put on his robe and sat in a chair next to the cart, pulling out the New York Times.

“All right, I guess I’ll give in to your demands that much. Especially since you’re being so unusually generous with letting me out of your sight to go to work,” she teased.

She climbed out of bed naked and walked right past him as he sat in the chair, trying to pretend to read the paper and not watch her gorgeous body. Her fingers ran through his hair as she passed by him. “I love you adorably crumpled in the morning, darling,” she teased while he tried to focus on his paper.

“Damn it, sugar, quit tantalizing me,” he growled, but with a hint of a very satisfied smile. “And hurry up. This man’s starvin’.”

She made her way to the bathroom. “All right, pushy man. I’m going,” she informed him, shutting the door behind her. After a couple of minutes she came out with her hair in some kind of messy bun and a robe on. “Oh, I’m going to be exhausted this morning. I think we might have to order another pot of coffee, because this one has my name written all over it,” she chuckled. She pulled a white mug from the cart, going to pick up the thermos, when she noticed the little black box. “Davis?” Her eyes darted to his, as a smile broke out over his face.

“Come on, sugar, open it,” he told her, trying to hide the very possessive and happy beast inside that was grinning with pride. Her hand went to the lid and carefully opened the box, and she gasped at the sight. He came around, taking it from her hand. “When I saw this I knew it was meant to be on your beautiful finger,” he began, as he took out the four-carat sapphire and diamond ring. Taking her hand in his, he slipped the ring in place on her long, thin finger. “I hope you like it. I thought something a little more untraditional would fit us better, and I know blue is your favorite color,” he told her with a smile.

“Davis… I--” she began. But he stopped her quickly. “I know, I already asked you, and I know you already said yes to me. But I’m hoping that what’s going to be coming out of that pretty little mouth of yours now, sugar, is a ‘yes I’ll marry you,’ again. Because if it’s not, you’re going to kill me.”

Her mouth opened, then shut. She shook her head with a chuckle, and her eyes found his in the dimly lit room. “Yes, cowboy, I’ll marry you,” she told him lovingly.

He smiled a huge smile, picking her up and yelling, “Hot damn, woman, you’ve made me so happy!” He laughed aloud, hoisting her in his arms and walking back to the bed.

He pulled the band from her bun, letting all those curls fall around her shoulders, then he placed her on the end of the bed and had her lie back for him. “Davis, I should be getting ready. At this rate it’ll take me forever to get these curls out of my hair,” she told him softly, but the statement fell on deaf ears. He only had one thing on his mind at the moment.

He undid the belt to her robe, exposing exactly what he needed from her this morning before he set out to put certain men straight. He threw off his own robe, making his way easily between her thighs, and started to kiss her soft skin. Her hands went to his hair, and a soft moan came from her lips, spurring him on. “I’m takin’ some vanilla from the very-soon-to-be Mrs. Mills this mornin’,” he informed her. “And I want to be calling you Mrs. Mills in the very near future, sugar,” he said with a kiss.Then he pulled back, gazing down into the speckled blue eyes he loved, growing that much more hungry for her. “Within the month,” he demanded.

And before she could get a word in edgewise, Davis took her mouth once again, commanding her lips like the male he was. And before she could say anything else to stop what he had planned, he preoccupied her mind with his possessive and needy lovemaking.

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