The Domination Game: Checkmate Vol. 2

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Chapter 7

Davis made his way out of the room just a little after Abie left. He gave her no indication of what he had planned for the morning, and that was the way it had to stay. No one threatened his little woman and then just thought they could walk away, and that meant no one.

Getting all his information from his accountant, he had everything he wanted for his so-called “negotiations” that morning with Mr. Chow. He had no intentions other than to offer his help and become a partner in this endeavor. But if Lee couldn’t see things his way, he was going to break this company down, piece by piece, so he’d own it. He just hoped he didn’t have to go that far.

He was playing the part of the wealthy tycoon this morning. He needed to put on the show that would, as Abie would say, “dazzle” Mr. Chow. He donned his long wool trench coat and slipped on his black sunglasses, as Tony held the door open for him to step out into the sun.

Damn, he hated doing these kinds of things, but he needed to look the part of bad-ass businessman, and he did. He was all gussied up in his fine tailored suit and tie, expensive shoes, right down to his million-dollar watch. Terry had called in a morning meeting with Mr. Chow yesterday before he even got in. This was supposed to be a meeting to get the Mewong Corporation to let his woman hurry along, so she could leave Beijing. Hell, he was at the point he was willing to buy him off just so he could bring her back home. Now he was going to buy in to the company. Funny what can happen in a day’s time.

He sat back in the limo that Tony had rented for them, and went through how this was going to play out, in his head. He ran through all the scenarios that could possibly happen if things didn’t seem to be going in the direction that he wanted. As he headed to downtown Beijing he received a text. “Are we heading out for dinner tonight?”

He smiled a wide smile, as Abie was now texting him, something she’d rarely do before. “I thought indoors for dinner tonight,” he texted back.

“I’ve stayed clear of the nightlife since I’ve been here. Only having a pushy cowboy on my mind keeping in for the evenings.”

“All the more reason for us to order in.” He chuckled, knowing she was hinting about going out tonight. He loved that his woman could be out among the masses dancing and having a good time, as well as keeping him entertained in their bed.

“Davis, we don’t have to be in a hotel room for me to dominate you. When we get back tonight I promise I’ll make it worth your while.” And even with just a text, she already had him worked up.

“Sugar, going to a meeting. Don’t have me walk in trying to hide what your kinky words do to me,” he texted back, adjusting himself.

“U have a meeting? Here in Beijing, with who?” she now asked him, losing the seductress that he was just having fun with. And he could’ve kicked himself.

“Yes I’m on my way now, nothing big. We’ll go out tonight and have a good time,” he told her to get her mind off of his slip-up.

It took a moment before she texted back, and he grew a little worried. “If I didn’t know better I would assume you’re placating me. But I will let it slide for now, because other thoughts are running rampantly thru my mind. Don’t worry, Darling, we’ll have fun this evening.”

And with that, he internally groaned and externally smiled, his damn cock getting harder by the minute as he anticipated seeing her tonight. “Sugar, you have me worked up. I’ll text U when I’m done.”

“All right… I love U pushy man.”

He chuckled. He hadn’t been this happy in too damn long. “I love U 2 sugar. But damn it, U R killing me!” he scolded her.

“:p” was all she texted, and he knew she was laughing at him.

Downtown was congested as he made his way to the restaurant where Mr. Chow wanted Davis to meet him, one of the hottest and most sought-after places to eat in all of Beijing. When he entered the establishment, a woman gave him a small bow and he told her his party. Davis followed the young woman through the room, where he saw Lee Chow sitting at a very elegant table. But when he came closer he saw another man sitting there with his back turned to him.

Lee stood when he arrived at the table. “I’m so glad you made it. I know the roads in the early afternoon can be quite bad. I was worried that we might have to start eating without you,” he told Davis politely.

“No problem, Lee. My driver is very well adapted to any driving situations,” he replied, taking his hand in a friendly shake. He turned his head to be introduced to the man sitting at the table, when lo and behold, there sat Tyler Knight. The man Davis had come to destroy.

Lee looked over at Tyler with a smile on his face. “Mr. Knight has told me that you two are already acquainted.”

He squinted down at the man, then wiped his face clean of any contempt he had for him, ready to get down to the business at hand. Davis knew him all too well by now, had even warned him in Boston to stay the fuck away from Abie. Yet here he sat with intentions of touching what belonged to him, and his blood started to boil. The businessman’s smile came to his face, as he showed him an air of indifference. But it was time to show this young calf that you don’t fuck with the bulls. “Yes, I think we’ve met once before.”

Tyler stood, extending his hand. “Good to see you again, Davis. Lee told me that he asked you to come and join our little endeavor. I thought that was a great idea,” he exclaimed, and Davis could see the lie behind that fake mask.

Tyler’s gaze roamed behind Davis as if looking for someone in particular. “Where is the lovely Ms. Black this afternoon? I was hoping she would be part of our meeting,” Tyler asked, with a little knowing smile. He obviously didn’t think Abie had told him about the blackmail. And she probably wouldn’t have, if he hadn’t caught the whole damn thing going on right in front of him.

Lee laughed. “Ah yes, Ms. Black. It seems all men like her to be around. Very smart and beautiful woman,” he said.

Davis took Tyler’s extended hand and gave him a proper Texan handshake, letting him feel his true feelings in his grasp, and his ownership of a certain woman. “I believe my fiancée is at work at this moment. She didn’t see the need to follow me to a good ol’ boys meeting,” he told him, and so much more. Tyler’s eyes widened just a little, then narrowed at Davis’s smirking face.

Lee patted Davis on the back. “Congratulations, Davis. So Ms. Black has said yes to becoming your wife.” Lee sat down. “Very good choice in a woman, if you don’t mind me saying. So when is the happy occasion?” he asked.

Davis took his seat as well, along with a very pissed-off Tyler. “Within the month,” he informed the group.

That had Lee laughing. “Do not want to wait, I see?”

A waitress came over with glasses of water. “No, I’d marry her within the week if I could. But I want her to choose the wedding she’d like to have.”

Tyler took a drink of his water before he spoke. “I was under the impression that Ms. Black wasn’t the marrying type. It’s a well-known fact as far as I’ve been told,” he implicated.

Davis smirked. “I guess the right man needed to come along to persuade her otherwise.”

Tyler didn’t say anything after that, and Lee was looking at both men with uncertainty about what was going on between them.“Well, with all the congratulations and introductions out of the way, let’s get the show on the road.” He laughed, “You get it? Like they say in America.” He laughed once more, proud of his wit.

“Yes, that’s my thought exactly,“ Davis smiled at Lee. Tyler was trying to play it cool, but anyone around could see that he was beyond furious.

“I’m fine with starting the meeting,” Tyler claimed, trying to keep his temper.

Lee sat back, looking quite content at the moment. “So now you both know why I wanted to meet. Knight Industries has already put in quite a generous amount of backing for this project. And since he was here already on some personal business, I thought it would be good to have the two of you meet, as well have him tell you what he thought of future plans.”

Davis eyed him, listening. “Future plans. I’m taking that this, for your company, is a global endeavor.”

“Yes. We would like to see implementation on every continent. This will not only save much on the environment, but build a healthy job base as well,” Lee told him.

Tyler smiled. “Yes, that’s what my family also believes is the wave of the future, and we’re wanting to help take your corporation that much further with the help of Knight Industries,” he said confidently.

Lee smiled at the man, and Davis knew it was time to teach this boy a lesson. “Well, gentlemen, I must inform you I’ve got my people doing their own research. And I must say I very much like what I’m seeing. I have to agree that an alternative power source is the way of the future,” he began. “The only problem I see in this deal is, there are too many fingers in the pie.”

The other two men sat forward as they wondered about Davis’s statement. “What do you mean by that?” Lee asked.

Davis looked over and observed Tyler, who was getting somewhat of an idea of where this was going. “You see, Lee, we at the Gravin Oil Corporation and Industries don’t really want to share in this world-changing project. My people have looked into Knight’s company and have found too many indiscretions to deem them competent, with such a significant amount of funds involved.”

Tyler leaned forward further now, hands in front of him, beyond losing his temper. “What the fuck are you talking about?”

Lee was clearly intrigued where Davis was going with his proposal. “Then, what are you suggesting?” he questioned.

Tyler’s head turned sharply to Lee. “What?” he growled.

A woman came with a pot of tea, and began pouring for them. Once she was done he continued. “Well, Lee, if you are asking for my backing, my name being linked with yours, then what I’m telling you is that if you have Knight Industries as a part of this plan, I’m out. I don’t like to have others in my corral if I can’t trust them,” Davis implied.

Tyler’s hands came down, hitting the table as he fumed. “You son of a bitch, I’ve been working on this deal. I’m not going to have you come in here and steal it from my family,” he seethed.

Davis took an easy sip of his tea. “I don’t really think that’s up to you, now is it?” He looked over to Lee. “I will help your company with funding, and get you into the United States quickly with just the use of my name. But I want this project, and I looked into the financials. I can snatch this whole thing out from under you, Lee, but that’s not what I want.”

He stood up from the table, shaking Lee’s hand in departure. “Please consider my offer very seriously. It’s not you I’m wanting to set straight, but don’t underestimate what I’m willing to do as well. It’s up to you, how you choose for it to play out, Lee.” He tipped his head and gave Tyler a quick warning glare. He wanted him to know for certain that he meant business. “Now if you’ll excuse me, gentlemen.”

Davis made his way to the limo, and Tony opened the door for him, closed it quickly and got into the driver’s seat. “So?” he asked curiously, getting the car back on the road.

Davis sat back, looking out the window with his hand over his mouth, thinking. “Well, I think I made my point pretty damn clear.”

“Do you think he’ll still go with Knight Industries?” Tony asked.

“That’s always a possibility. But I think Gravin holds the clout when it comes to how far they want to take this.” He stopped, knowing that more needed to be done. Tyler Knight was a man just like his father. He’d use everything within his means to try to take, and destroy, a woman. This time he’d picked the wrong woman to fuck with, and it was going to cost him.

“Did you find out where he’s staying?” he asked Tony.

“Yes. The Marriott.”

“Did you get his number?”

“Yeah, I got that as well.”

Davis nodded. His hand came to his chin once more; his plan was going to be set in place. “Good. I figure Lee will be telling him right about now that he’s going to go with Gravin. I’ll give him ten more minutes to get in his car before I give him a call and set up a meeting between the two of us.”


The morning with Davis was wonderful. Never in my life would I have thought letting a man simply make love to me could turn me on in ways I never thought possible. But I think it had to do with just one particular man; the sheer thought of him sent shivers down my spine.

As I sat back looking out the large window I’d been staring out of for the last couple of weeks, the world had a whole new appeal for me. I felt empowered, alive, but most importantly…I felt loved, and deeply cherished. It’s remarkable how having someone love you so completely changes your view of the world around you.

The day was beautiful, and sunny once again. I laughed a little to myself as all of these new things raced through my mind. Never, not once in my life, could I have honestly said I wanted to pick up the phone and call my girlfriends to hear them gush over news that I wanted to tell them…remarkable. This was how this man in my life made me feel. I looked down upon the breathtaking ring he took such care to purchase for me, and like a fifteen-year-old girl, I’m embarrassed to say, I felt giddy.

My workload was full, but with the burden of some things that were weighing heavily on my mind lightened, I took a moment to do something I rarely do while I’m away from my friends. I decided to call Allie. When she picked up the phone I couldn’t help but smile at what I was about to tell my best friend.

“A.B.! Are you all right? You never call. What’s happened?” she asked worriedly.

It was time for her to cease with her line of questions, so we could get to much happier topics. “Well, I just called to inform you that your unnecessary worry about me becoming a drinker has come to an official end,” I jested with her.

“Really? And what happened for yah to give it up so quickly? Just last night I coulda sworn you wanted to be a sailor?” she questioned me suspiciously.

“Davis,” was all I said.

“What? Did yah by chance finally listen to what I told yah and talk to youah man? Maybe came to youah senses about everything?”

I smiled, biting the end of a pen that I had in my hand. “Well no, that’s not exactly what happened.”

“Oh my word, you’re killing me! What, then?” she urged.

“All right, I’ll tell you.” I smiled.“I had every intention of remaining quite stubborn about the whole situation when it came to Davis. But before I left, Lucy warned me that he wasn’t the type of man to just let me go without a fight. And she was correct, I walked into my room last night, and there he was. Can you believe it? He actually came to Beijing to find me!” I exclaimed.

“Oh my gosh! Are you kidding me?!” she screamed into my ear.

Now I was laughing, holding the phone at a safe distance to keep my hearing. “No, I’m not kidding, and yes, I’m very serious. He wanted us to work everything out, and last night we managed to find common ground.”

“Common ground?”

I sighed. “I love him, Allie. There really was nothing more I could do when I saw him. Try as I might to resist him, I just can’t. He said that we’d work everything out, and I believe that we will. But I think it will take some adjusting for our lives to work as one,” I admitted.

“I can’t believe it. That is so romantic!” she gushed like I knew she would.

“But there’s more to this,” I told her.

“More? What more is there?” she asked curiously.

“Well, it seems my pushy man wants to have a wedding within the month. In fact this morning he was most insistent about it. Do you think you could possibly be my maid of honor?” I asked, smiling, and already knowing how enthusiastic she was going to be.

She gasped loudly. “Oh my gosh! Yes, of course I would be!” she screamed once more in my ear. This time, thank heaven, I was prepared for the outburst of emotions.

Laughing, I placed the phone back to my ear. “I’m so happy that you’re this excited,” I chuckled now. “I told him before I left that if he wanted to have the wedding in Houston, that was fine with me. And I also don’t want you worrying about airfare or anything that would cause your mind to spin into turmoil over such things. I have it all taken care of,” I informed her. “Now my only problem is to get ahold of Kitty, who seems to have been working tedious hours of late?”

“Yeah, Kitty’s been gone quite a bit lately. She’s also been very secretive lately. I was thinkin’ she’s found her new flavor. Just text her what’s going on, I’m sure she’ll manage to text you back once she comes up for air,” she snickered.

I giggled back at the implications of the comment. “Well, we can only ask so much of her,” I joked. “Do you even know who this new guy is?” But before she could answer my other line was going off. “Oh, I’ll have to call you back. Someone’s calling in on the other line. I need to be sure it’s not work related. I’ll call you back,” I told her, swiping to pick up the call.

“Adire Black.”

A throat cleared. “Hello, Ms. Black. This is Detective Homann.” It was the man I’d been dealing with in Amsterdam.

I sat up quickly in my chair, realizing he might have something about Yvette for me. “Yes, Detective, did you find the man I was telling you about at Ms. Forcier’s place?”

“Yes, that is the reason for this call. We did find the man you informed us of. One Grayson Wheaton. But I wanted to call you to let you know that we had to let him go,” he told me.

I covered my eyes as the information seeped in. “Detective Homann, you do not understand the circumstances of what is happening. I’m telling you something has happened to Yvette, and he is at the root of her disappearance,” I explained adamantly to him.

“Yes, Ms. Black, believe me when I tell you, we were not happy with releasing him. But he passed a psych test from our doctors. And without any physical evidence that something has happened between the two of them, we’re powerless over the situation.”

“Powerless,” I whispered helplessly to him.

“Yes, miss. That’s what I said, very powerless.” He paused for a moment before he continued. “That was the other reason for the call. We think that he might be on his way back to America. And if you see him, go to your police.”

I fell back in my seat at his comment. “I’m not in the States at this moment. But I do have friends and family there. Are you recommending that I should call them and let them in on the situation? Tell me, is that what you’re implying to me?” I asked, truly terrified.

“If it was me, and I was told what I’ve just told you, then my answer would be yes, you should let them know. It is always better to be safe than sorry, is it not?” he replied.

“Yes, I guess it is,” I answered, still stunned. “Thank you, Detective, for your time.”

“I’m very sorry, Ms. Black, I wish we could’ve done more,” he told me apologetically.

“Yes, so am I,” I said before hanging up.

The chair squeaked as I sat back in utter shock over what I’d been told. Grayson was walking about a free man, and there still was no sign of Yvette anywhere. One thing was perfectly clear: I needed to get on the phone and call Lucy, Allie, and leave a message for Kitty if she didn’t pick up the damn phone again.

I sat worriedly thinking of what I should do. One thing for sure, this job needed to be finished yesterday so I could get home to my family. That’s when something hit me… The brownstone, I’d sold the brownstone right out from under Davis. And now I needed to head back to Boston for a bit to make sure everything was settled with my friends. Shit! That was something I had to talk to Davis about as well. Maybe heading out right away wasn’t the wisest way to have my cowboy in a more forgiving mood. I needed to get my life back in some sort of order, because as of that moment it seemed in utter disarray.

Things had progressed rather well today work wise, and for that I was truly thankful. That lessened the load on my mind, and would help me function more efficiently. If I could keep Mr. Chow from changing his direction once more, the company should be set. With that said, within the week, and no later than two, I should be ready for my presentation and able to head back home.

I knew how I was going to apologize to Davis for my actions, and he never even brought up what I did to him. Oh lord, I didn’t even want to think about what he would say tonight about that whole situation. But I’ve never been one to procrastinate, so I’d just have to use my feminine allures to have him not thinking straight. And I know exactly what that man of mine loves: pink lingerie, curly hair, and having his very masculine vanilla ways with me. That should make him much more pliable for my explanation. Then after that was settled, and I’d tired him out, we’d have a chat about maybe truly settling down with him. I never thought I would think this but, maybe not working so much, as well. I’d even had a crazy notion of starting my own company in Houston. I wondered what he’d think about that?

For seven years now I’d travelled around the world, seeing everything I’ve ever wanted to see. From Morocco to Venice, my life had been on fast forward, always running from memories of a past I just couldn’t escape from. Now I didn’t have to. I would be very content with my cowboy rubbing my feet on the couch while he’s in the buff, and enjoying his football games. He’s so adorable when he watches his team. And I would rather sit there enjoying that, than catch a redeye to Tokyo at this stage in my life.

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