The Domination Game: Checkmate Vol. 2

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Chapter 8

Four o’clock. The workday was about over and I was finishing up everything that I’d managed to accomplish throughout the day. I thought I’d do some work when Davis fell asleep that night. That would help my cause of leaving Beijing that much sooner.

Switching off my computer and getting some things ready to take home, I heard my office door open. I groaned internally, thinking Mr. Wu had made his way back down from Mr. Chow’s office to give me further instructions, and changing, once again, my well laid-out plans.

“Mr. Wu, I was just about to leave for the evening. Do you mind if we discuss any further changes or discrepancies in the morning?” I asked. But he was silent. Maybe I mistook someone entering my office. “Mr. Wu?” I asked once more, this time turning around.

There once again, stood Tyler. The look he’d had before was completely different now. He was beyond anger; he was seething. And there was no hint of longing in his eyes like there was yesterday. No, something had changed. “Tyler, what are you doing here? This is a place of business,” I hissed quietly.

“I’m going to destroy you,” was his only comment.

I eyed him, already knowing his intent, and didn’t need any further reminding of it. “Yes, you’ve already informed me of that.”

He took two steps closer in my direction. “No, you don’t understand. I am going to destroy you,” he assured me.

Taking a step back from him, I could see the outright anger that was pouring from him, and it was specifically directed at me. “I already told you, I don’t care who you give the pictures to. You can do what you want with them. But I’ll never be your sub,” I whispered, hoping no one was within earshot.

He lunged at me, taking me by the arms. “I don’t give a fuck about you being my sub, Adire!” His eyes bored into mine. “You think Davis can protect you? You think his money can save you from what I have in store for you? I was with you for over a year, I know more than you’d like to think I do. You, Adire Black, can marry that fucker, but in the end he will leave you because of the information I will leak out about what you really are. Destroying your future, just as your fiancé has tried to do with mine,” he snarled at me.

I struggled from his grip, finally breaking free. “I don’t know what you’re speaking of. Davis has done nothing to you. You’re delusional, Tyler!” I exclaimed. “You’re only managing to destroy yourself with such childish revenge over being slighted. Now if you don’t leave my office, I will call security for your harassment in a place of business.”

Once again he came at me and took me in his arms. When he looked down at me, there was no longing there; it was pure unadulterated rage. His mouth took mine with a viciousness I can only describe as rough, mean, hateful; and I’ve had one of these kisses before, setting my nerves on edge. My struggle was futile as he held me at his mercy, and his hands dug into my upper arms, making me wince in pain as his fingers pinched into my skin, and uncontrollable tears began to fall.

He finally let me go and I stumbled back from his withdrawal. “Don’t worry, baby, this is far from over,” came his low guttural threat. His smile was snide as he opened the door and walked out.

I wiped my mouth clean of his appalling kiss, along with some tears that had fallen despite myself. Just like most of the men in my life recently, now my own body was disobeying my commands. My hands were shaking, as a panic attack made its way through my already stressed body.

Stumbling to take my seat, I sat back and wondered what the hell Tyler was talking about. What did Davis have to do with anything? I was sure Tyler didn’t even know he was in Beijing; he knew I was here by myself from the encounter I had with him the other day. Wait…the meeting. Davis said he was going to a meeting, and I could only assume that his meeting this afternoon, that he was so evasive about, was with one Tyler Knight. I could imagine what he said or tried to do when he knew about him blackmailing me.

I decided to give him a quick call, just to see if he was going to be forthcoming about what was happening.If he was truthful with me then I would have to decide if he deserved punishment, or what I intended to give him for an apology. If he wasn’t…

The phone rang and was quickly picked up. “Hello, sugar.”

“Hello, cowboy. You didn’t text me back after your meeting this afternoon. I hope everything went well?” I asked smoothly.

“Everything was fine, darlin’. But I might be running late for us to head out this evening, is all. I have an unexpected business meeting for this evening that has come up. I’m sorry about that, but there’s still some work I need to get done.”

“Is everything all right? You sound a little off,” I asked, giving him just enough room to be forthcoming with me about the meeting with Tyler.

“Everything is fine. No need to worry your pretty little head about a thing. You go get yourself ready for me, and when I get back we’ll head on out and have a good time tonight,” he assured me.

“Well, I was thinking since you’re going to be late, why don’t we just stay in for the night? I had a surprise I wanted to give you anyway. I was going to wait when we came back from our evening out, but now I’m thinking it might be better deserved after such a long and trying day for you,” I purred.

He was quiet for a minute. “You want to stay in tonight?”

“I think under the circumstances of not really knowing when you’re going to be home, and the treat I have in mind for you, I think that would be best,” I informed him. “I’m really not the kind of woman who sits around dressed and ready to go, waiting for her partner to arrive.” I chuckled, thinking of the little women waiting for their men to come home.

“Well, if you’re sure you’re fine with the night in. Then I’ll try to wrap up this meeting quickly so I can come home to my surprise,” he drawled. “I would much rather have you naked in bed with me over anything else, sugar.” His voice was husky, and so sexy.

“Yes, I prefer you naked as well, darling,” I confessed silkily.

“Damn sugar, you’re already working me up again!” he now growled on a whisper, and I smiled.

“That’s very good. You’ll be ready for this evening then.”

“I’m here, I love you and I’ll see you in a bit.”

“Davis, are you sure everything’s all right? Is there something going on that I should know about?” I asked him, giving him a whole leeway to step up and update me on what he’s been going on about.

“No, sugar, everything’s fine. I’ll see you in a bit,” he insisted.

“All right, Davis. I love you, and I’ll see you back at the room, darling,” I placated him.

When he hung up, I knew what his surprise would be tonight. My pushy man needed to have a little reminder that I’m not the kind of woman who needs to be kept out of the so-called loop. And if he were going to be threatening a man that was trying to blackmail me, it would’ve been nice to know, to keep my guard up.


Abie had called him, and as he sipped on his bourbon in the amber glow of the hotel dining area, that now seemed a little strange. But then, things were changing for the better between him and Abie. She even texted him today out of the blue, for no reason. Maybe she just wanted to make sure he was all right; women are known for their constant worry.

That just didn’t set right with him, though. His little woman played by a whole different set of rules. He took another sip, thinking about that beautiful, crafty, yet devious mind of hers. No, she knew something was up. Now that he was sitting and waiting for his party to show up, and his mind had slowed just enough to realize her implications, he knew she knew something about today, but what?

She said she had a surprise for him. He had a feeling he was going to be getting his ass spanked tonight, and damn it, if handing over his belt didn’t turn him the fuck on. But how would she have found out anything? He thought back over the whole day. Was there any way she could’ve found out about the meeting? And that was a big hell, yes. Lee could’ve gone in there spilling the beans, so to speak, about Davis’s dealings with the company. But did that mean she’d know Knight was there too? He shook his head, knowing Lee would only say congratulations about their upcoming wedding, or something like that. There would be no reason for the mention of the other party. But he’d have to keep his eyes open just to be sure.

Damn it, he knew he should’ve told Lee to keep his damn mouth shut. But it was too late, and the deal between the Mewong Corporation and Gravin Oil Corporation and Industries was now official. He’d been in with the lawyers all day, half an hour after the meeting, when Lee called him and told him everything was in place, and Knight Industries was no longer going to be affiliated with them. That’s when he set up this meeting he was now waiting for. Right after he knew he had what he wanted.

Davis looked down at his watch and saw he was ten minutes late. He’d give him five more minutes, then actions were going to be taken. He waited easily, taking another sip of his bourbon, when the man he’d been waiting for walked into the room.

Tyler came to the table pissed, pulling out a chair and dropping into the seat. “What the hell you want to meet me about?” he fumed. “Haven’t you’ve done enough, stealing that deal right out from under us!?”

Davis leaned back, staring at the man while he slowly lost his temper. “No, I don’t think I’ve done enough just yet. Just so you know, I had no interest whatsoever when I came to Beijing to get involved in the Mewong Corporation. But when I go and check in with my fiancée, to find out that she’s being blackmailed by someone I clearly warned to stay the hell away from her? Well that sets my teeth to grindin’,” he drawled.

Tyler smirked, acting as if he had a secret and thinking he had the upper hand, as Davie continued. “Then I find out you want to take what belongs to me to your bed?” He glared coldly at the man opposite him. “I see we’ve got some major problems going on right now, don’t we?”

Tyler sat back in the chair, glaring at him and crossing his arms over his chest. “So what the fuck do you want then, Mills? You want me to go apologize to her? Tell you I’ll leave her alone from now on? I don’t see that happening with the shit you’ve just pulled,” he sneered.

Davis eyed him, took a sip, and placed the glass on the table. “I want all the fucking pictures you have of Adire,” he told him icily.

Tyler smiled widely. “Oh, is that what all this is about? She told you about the photos, did she? I can really say that surprises me. I got to tell you, they’re smoking hot of that sexy body of hers.” He chuckled under Davis’s glare. “But that’s never going to happen, so you can get that out of your fucking head now. Those are mine, from the time when she was mine. Those little mementoes are staying with me.” He laughed cruelly.

Davis kept his cool, but internally was simmering. “My granddad always told me that people always have a pressure point. That one little sweet spot where, if you apply the right amount of pressure, you can easily break someone. It looks to me you’re one of those people, Knight.”

Tyler chuckled once more at his attitude. “You do anything, and I will make sure the whole fucking world sees Adire in all her dominatrix glory. Men will be jerkin’ off to her pictures all around the world. So what do you think you’re going to do, Mills? Really, I’m the one with the photos.” He laughed. “And I already have what you want in my hands.”

Davis smiled. “Yes, you do have what I want, Knight. Now let me tell you about your pressure point.”

“What the hell are you talking about?” Tyler questioned, narrowing his eyes.

“I’m talking about your older brother,” Davis said.

“What about my brother?”

Davis took out a photo that he had in his pocket. “About how a forty-five-year-old man who likes to date…little girls,” was all that he said. Tyler said nothing, staring at the photo of his brother on the table.

“Now I’ve come to find out that this young woman was, at least, just of age. I believe seventeen in the state of Illinois is legal, but just. But think how devastated his family would be if they received pictures showing that their father was not only an adulterer, but a pervert as well,” he told him. “Downright devastating,” he tsked.

Tyler’s eyes shot up to Davis as he seethed, “Funny you should use that word pervert, seeing who you’re going to marry.”

Davis smiled and gave him a small chuckle. “Well, yes, but we’re consenting adults. And the woman I’m with doesn’t like to play with me like she did with you.” Davis downed the rest of his drink, putting the glass roughly back on the table. “Let me assure you that I’m the man in the relationship. And she’s very happy with that.”

Tyler’s face was red with anger, and Davis thought he’d give him just one more twist…for good measure. “By the way, I heard you asked her to marry you, too. Funny how she said no to your proposal, but yes to mine. That says something, doesn’t it?” he said, letting the words dig in just a bit more.

He got up from the table, pushing the picture closer to Tyler. “You can have that one. I have much more detailed ones stashed away, that are much more disturbing than the one you see here, trust me.” He smiled down at the man. “Now if those happened to leak out, well, I think it would not only destroy your brother and his family, but your father’s company as well.” Davis bent down just enough so Tyler could hear him. “Here’s the deal, Tyler. I want all the photos of Adire, and in return I’ll give you all the damaging photos of your brother. If you can do that, I’ll tell Lee to let you back into the deal. But that’s only so I can keep an eye on you, as well as hogtie you if need be.”

Tyler’s hands were white knuckled on the table as he stared at the photo of his brother, fuming. “And what if I choose not to go with Mewong anyway. Just keep A.B.’s photos so I could still have leverage over her? What are you going to do to me then?” he asked, full of spite.

A wicked and telling smile grew on Davis’s face. “I know your father needs this deal, Knight. That’s also the reason I’m allowing you back in if you comply with my offer. Your father shouldn’t have to pay for your sins.” Davis glared down at him, wanting to leave. “And you are never to come near my woman again!” he growled angrily. “There’ll be no warning next time. As soon as I’m sure you’ll do nothing to harm Abie, and if everything seems legitimate from your end, then we’ll never have to hear from each other again. And that’s the way I prefer it. ” He straightened out his coat, getting ready to leave. “You have fifteen minutes to think it over, or we’re going to be playing a whole new game.” He put his card on top of the photo.“Here’s my card. Call me when you’re ready to make the switch.”

He walked out of the hotel, seeing the limo pull up in front of him. This time he just opened the door himself, having a whole new problem sitting heavily on his mind. When he sat down and shut the door he groaned, running his hands over his face. Tony looked up at him in the rearview mirror. “Didn’t go as you’d planned?” he asked with a frown.

Davis ran his hands over his face again, then through his hair before he answered. “No, that went just as I thought. The little fucker thought he could play hardball with me.” He chuckled a little. “But after he saw the photos, I think he’ll come around quick enough.”

Tony shook his head at him in confusion. “Then I don’t get it, what’s the problem? You think he’s going to call, right?”

Davis’s hands fell to his lap, then he looked at Tony. “Oh, he’ll call. I’ll give him another minute before the cell rings.”

“So then, I’m lost on what’s going on?”

He groaned at Tony’s constant questions. “There was no problem dealing with Knight. But I think Abie found out something about the Mewong proposal. And if I know my little woman, she’s going to want to know the reason why I got involved; then this whole thing’s going to come unraveled around me,” he told him irritably.

At that Tony started to laugh. “Easier to deal with threatening CEOs and major corporations, than dealing with one little pissed-off woman, is it?” He started to laugh harder at Davis’s expression.

“Yeah, a whole helluva lot easier to deal with. So let’s just hurry my ass back to the hotel so I can deal with my little woman as well, now.” He paused. “And I need to stop off and pick up some flowers.” That made Tony snicker, causing Davis to swear under his breath at him.

With flowers in hand, he walked into the room, expecting Abie to be sitting on the bed ready to find out everything that was going on. He was ready to confess only to what she knew of, and he was hoping that had nothing to do with Knight.

But instead of seeing an angry little woman, he walked into a room dimly lit by candles, and very romantic, leading him to believe that maybe she didn’t know anything after all. Maybe she was just calling to check in on him. And what she had planned tonight was going to make him very happy.

“Abie?” he called out into the room as he walked in, placing the flowers on the entry table. He laid his coat on the bed, looking around for his woman. Everything was nice and neat, just like the organized woman she was. But in the middle of the room sat a lone chair, and he thought maybe things weren’t quite as simple as he thought.

“I’ll be out in a minute, Davis. Take off your coat and get comfortable, darling,” he heard her call from the bathroom. “Oh, there’s some champagne next to the bed. I had it brought up for us this evening. Why don’t you pour yourself a glass?”

He saw the bottle of champagne chilling over near the bed, just as she said. “Okay, sugar,” he told her, smiling as he made his way over to the bucket. He looked down to see she’d gotten a bottle of Gosset Grand Rosé Champagne. “Pink champagne tonight?” he laughed as he popped the cork and poured himself a glass.

“Hmm, I thought it would fit perfectly for this evening,” she purred through the door.

He took off his jacket and loosened up his tie, then took a sip while he waited for her to come out and start whatever she had planned. “What you got up your sleeve for me this evening, sugar? Because so far Daddy likes it,” he chuckled in a deep Texas drawl.

He heard the bathroom door open, only to see his woman all done up in pink for him. He had to blink a couple of times at the goddess before him. The sight of her in her naughty housewife getup instantly made him hard. “Damn, sugar,” he murmured.

“You appreciate this ensemble I’ve created just for you this evening, darling?” she purred at him. A pink-feathered heel was crossed over her foot, and he could’ve sworn it was something a woman from the fifties would have worn as slippers, like in the movies.

She leaned against the door jam, stretching her arm up and holding onto the wood. Her hair was pinned to the top of her head in chunky curls. Her makeup was soft, with black eyeliner that flared out at the corners and pink lipstick.The lingerie was soft sheer pink that hugged her generous breasts, then flowed softly around her middle, stopping a little below her hips. The little panties were also sheer, nothing more than a piece of fabric with diamond-studded strings that went around her body.

“Oh sugar, I very much love the ensemble,” he told her, his voice deepening with need.

She winked at him. “I’m so very pleased that my cowboy loves it,” she whispered to him, still not moving from her spot.“I thought pink champagne would be very appropriate for this evening, considering what I was wearing. Don’t you think?” she purred.

“Damn, sugar, I gotta tell yah that pink has just became my new favorite color,” he growled, getting up off the bed and making his way across the floor to her. “Damn, Daddy likes this,” his voice rumbled as he touched the soft fabric that went around her waist. “I like this a whole hell of a lot,” he whispered, kissing the side of her neck.

She pulled back and smiled that sly mischievous smile that he so loved, and he groaned as he tried to go in for the kiss. “Not yet, pet,” she whispered, walking over to the side table and grabbing the flute of champagne.

The flute went to her lips, and he watched her take a drink of the pink substance. She then took him by the back of the neck and pulled his head down to hers. As soon as their lips met she opened his mouth, pushing in the bubbly liquid.

He moaned as he swallowed down all of the champagne from her sweet mouth. Her tongue stroked his, sucking off all the remains of the drink she’d given him, and making a grown man’s knees go weak. When he pulled back his hands went up her back, pressing her body up against his. “I need you, honey. I’m burnin’ to be in you,” he confessed like a crazed man.

Her sly smile broke out across her soft beautiful face. “That’s so wonderful to hear, darling. Because this evening you’re going to receive a little punishment for what was done today. I’ve applied all the softness of a vanilla woman for you, because in all fairness I did something very abominable to you as well, Davis.”

“A punishment?” He groaned, already liking the sound of what she said. But damn it she knew; he wasn’t sure what she knew, but she knew something just the same.

“Mmm, yes, a punishment. So for tonight I’m going to provide you with a little pain, and a lot of pleasure. You could think of me as a very naughty June Cleaver.” She smiled with a low giggle. “Hence, all the lovely pink for my cowboy.”

She started to unbutton his shirt, while the tips of her fingers teased his skin. “I must warn you, Davis, tonight will be unlike anything you’ve ever experienced with me. The things I’m going to do to you will make you blush my favorite shade of red that I prefer on that firm backside of yours.”

“Abie…” he growled once again, as she made him stand still and unbuckled his belt, slipped it from the loops and tossed it to the bed. “I want you to know that I will never try to emasculate you. That would never even have been a thought before you. I would always show my dominance over any particular sub. But you? No, I love you too much to even attempt such a thing,” she told him, softly kissing his sternum and causing him to shudder.

His arms came around, holding her to him. “I love that raw masculine power of yours. Therefore the thought of trying to strip that part of you that captivates my heart so much, repulses me.” She laughed softly to herself. “I believe you are far too masculine for that to remotely become a real possibility, anyway.”

He squeezed her tighter to himself. “Damn it, sugar. I think those words of affection just melted my heart,” he chuckled into her hair. Just then his pants fell to the floor, and his boxers soon followed after. With her hand cupping his ass, she smacked it hard for good measure, making him jump, then rubbed the tender spot.

“Yes, well, you deserve a little punishment, darling. We’ll discuss that more after I’m done with you. But if for any reason you can’t take what I’m doing, for any reason at all, use the word. Do you understand me?” she whispered on a command.

“Yeah sugar, I will.”

“What’s the word, Davis?” she whispered once more as her fingers skimmed over his naked flesh, causing him to shiver.

“Sarsaparilla.” He moaned as her small slender hand found its way to his engorged cock.

“Very good boy,” she told him, then released his cock and took a step back.

He looked at her where she stood. Only then did he realize she’d already stripped him naked. “It’s time to begin,” she told him seriously. At that moment he really understood they were treading on new ground together.

“On the floor, Davis. Lie flat on your back,” she ordered, and he did. She slipped off her panties, laying them next to the belt, before she walked over and placed one heel-clad foot on each side of his head.

She stood over him with a look of concern on her face. “I’ve never worried about such things before. A punishment was always a necessity, but with you…”

His hand went around her calf. “Sweetheart, believe me, I can take it. And I want you to have your ways as well. I know the word,” he assured her.

She squatted down over his face, skimming her fingers over his cheek. “Make me wet for you, darling, and make yourself excited,” she demanded of him, putting her wet little pussy to his mouth. He licked her, teased her, loving her taste, while his other hand worked on himself. His tongue went into her, stroking her, teasing her; he needed to be deep within her tight warm center. He groaned as these thoughts ran through his mind, and his need to own her once more took over his thoughts, her flavor on his lips.

Abie moaned and he watched her take her breast in her hands, and he had to stop stroking himself. He kissed her sweet little nub and she gasped. “Okay darling, I’m there. I’m not going to come on your tongue tonight… Think of it as I’m punishing myself this evening as well,” she whispered. She stood with her pink-feathered toes now at the top of his head, looking down at him. “Now it’s time to play.” She smiled. “I want you to go sit in the chair, Davis.”

He picked himself up from the ground, making his way over to where he was told. “Hold on a moment,” she commanded him, and he stopped.

Her arms glided around his waist to his stomach and he shivered, as she pressed her front into his back. One hand grabbed hold of him, caressing his cock to a painful point, while the other rubbed his ass. “Lord, I love your backside,” she murmured against the skin of his back.

She trailed a slim finger up through the crack, until she sank through, pressing her finger into a place he wasn’t quite expecting. “Oh fuck, Abie, if you keep that up I’m going to cum right now!” he groaned as his toes dug into the carpet, and one hand went around hers that was stroking him.

She chuckled, releasing him completely. “I have some rather fun ideas for that backside of yours, Davis,” she said, kissing his spine.

“Damn it,” he moaned.

“But for now…chair,” she purred.

She walked into the bathroom and brought out a pink bag. Smiling, she dropped it next to his feet and unzipped it. “I was going to blindfold you. But I think you’ll much more prefer to watch,” she told him, and that sly smile broke across her face.

“Shit, sugar, I want to watch…” he groaned once more, seeing the piece of rope in her hands.

Fingers trailed up his bare thighs, as she made her way in between them. Her lips hovered right above his, soft breath on his lips as she talked to him. “Put your hands behind your back,” she now ordered him.

He gazed into those devious speckled eyes, and he did something he never thought he would ever do with a woman…he obeyed. Her lips now grazed his, teasing him with a promise he was longing for. “Such a good boy,” she whispered on his lips.

The thin piece of twine made its way over his chest as she stepped in back of him. One hand went over the other as she tied the rope around his wrists. Once she was done she leaned into him, whispering from behind into the back of his ear. “You are so sexy, Davis. Just the sight of these muscular biceps bound so beautifully makes me lose patience with myself and go right to pleasure,” she whispered in his ear before biting his earlobe.

He grunted and his arms straightened in their bindings, wanting to touch her so badly it was driving him mad. He wanted to feel her body. “I want to feel you, sugar,” he moaned as she kissed the side of his neck.

“I know you do, darling. Just a bit of punishment for you,” she whispered once more into his ear. She stepped in front of him, and reached into her bag for another piece of twine. “Now let’s bind your feet to the chair, darling.” He didn’t move. “You think I’m going to keep you there indefinitely?” she asked, with a little laugh in the question.

“No, sugar,” he said, then put a foot in front of a chair leg, waiting for her to bind him. Reaching down she bound one leg to the chair, then she bound the last ankle with the twine to the chair leg. She was on her knees right in between his, which were completely open to her.

“Now we’re ready to begin,” she informed him. Her face went in between his legs, and he watched as her tongue darted out, licking his balls, then sucked one into her mouth.

“Oh fucking hell,” came his excited groan, as her hand started stroking him, but it was more. She twisted her hand on the stroke, creating a new sensation, and he bit his lip from the erotic feel. Her mouth released his nut, then she licked up his vein until she sucked him completely into her mouth. “Damn it, honey! You just don’t know how fucking good that feels,” he hissed in pleasure. His legs were spread apart perfectly as her curvy body sat in between to suck his cock that was already on the verge of exploding.

Her nails ran down the inside of his thighs, and he groaned as she fucked him with her mouth and tickled other parts of his body, making him lose his mind. Then as he twitched in her mouth, so close to release, he heard something click on, vibrating. “First comes the pleasure, Davis,” she purred as he watched the vibrator in her hand start heading for the swollen tip of his cock.

“Damn, baby…” he started, but as soon as the vibrating dildo touched his tip, his hips started to move as her hand clamped around him, stroking him as well. “Fuck, sugar! Oh fuck… Shit! Damn, Abie,” he grunted as he was already about to lose his load.

She chuckled. “That’s it darling…enjoy that scrumptious feeling.” She now rubbed it down along him, then headed back to his tip.

“I’m going to come, sugar… damn it! Shit…shit…shit!” His body twitched as she moved the vibrator out of the way. He shot up onto his stomach, as his head fell back, moaning in the pleasure. His breath was coming out fast as his cock twitched one last time, relieving itself.

Even though he came, she didn’t quit her stroking. His softening cock, that was spent from her foreplay, was now swelling back up again. “Abie, I’m done. What are you doing, sugar?” He was so sensitive to her touch, and in return she gave him the sly smile along with a little mischievous chuckle.

She glanced down at all his cum in a puddle across his abdomen. “Oh darling, you’ve made such a mess this evening. I normally would have you cleaning up after yourself.” She looked at his semen all over him. “I guess I’ll have to help you with that tonight.”

Her thin fingers still worked him, keeping him hard. His arms and legs strained against the bindings as her foreplay was starting to burn. “Sugar, are you going to stop?” he asked, sucking in deep breaths, as his balls were aching from the buildup of his next ejaculation.

She bent over, still stroking but moving him aside. “No, Davis, this is the painful part. But there’ll be another burst of pleasure for you…at the end,” she whispered right before she took her tongue, licking up all of his mess.

When she came up he could see his passion resting there on her tongue. “Fuckin’ hell, you drive me mad.” He grunted as the buildup was starting to hurt worse. She took his hair at the back of his neck in her fist, pulling his head back for her. She looked into his eyes, and he knew what she wanted him to do. So he opened his mouth for her. Her lips met his and she slipped her tongue deep into his mouth, pushing in his seed.

Her kiss became hungry, passionate, as her need for him was pushing her past the need for play, he could feel it in her touch. She broke free from him, straddling his hips, but never stopping her torture of his cock.

“I need you, Davis, I need you in me,” she moaned as his tip found her soft wet center, and she played for a moment before she slid down him, taking him in deeply.

“Son of a bitch!” he growled.

“Pain and pleasure, Davis, pain and pleasure.” She moaned again, finding her rhythm on him.

She stood up teasing the tip with her wetness, and he thought of the inflicting “pain on a scab” scenario she once told him about, and that’s what it felt like to him. The tip was so damn sensitive that with every move she made, he hissed and grunted in both pain and pleasure. “I love you, Davis,” she panted into his ear, sending him twitching and ready to cum again from her words of affection.

“Damn it, sugar, I love you too,” he growled with a loud grunt when she slipped back down him. She looked into his eyes and picked up her pace as her body drew closer to orgasm. “Oh darling, you feel so good,” she whimpered. “So good, Davis.” She moaned, running her tongue into his ear, and he shivered.

Her body rode him roughly as her heeled feet wrapped around his legs, keeping herself in place as he heard the sounds of her body slapping down on his. Her arms went around his neck as she fucked his mouth as well as his cock, and he moaned into her sweet mouth, letting her take him. Sliding up to his tip then thrusting down, taking him deeply, little gasps tore from her while they kissed. When she tightened her walls around his aching cock, his head fell back, breaking from her lips. “Fuck, sugar! Damn, it fucking hurts. But feels so damn good!” he gasped, as she rose up and slammed back down on him again.

She let go of him, only to reach down and grab something. “I think it’s time for both of us to have our delights, darling,” she panted, then he heard the sound of vibration once again. She placed it down on her swollen nub and the tip, hitting him as well. And every time she had her sweet walls clasping down on him, it vibrated inside her now, teasing him.

“Oh lord Davis, I’m already there, darling!” she panted as her movements became quicker, harder. “Yes, oh yes Davis…oh, yes, Davis!” she whimpered, holding onto his shoulder, her head went back and he felt her walls tighten around him as her orgasm exploded on him.

He felt a rush of wetness onto his cock, and her body squeezing the hell out of him, and he was done. ”Oh fuck, Abie…ouch… fuck…yes sugar, right there. Oh God I’m going to come again, sugar…right… Now! ARGH!” he growled out into the night.

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