B.D. Cooper Mystries in: The Chameleon

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B. D. Copper is a woman of charm, class, and wealth, But also has a keen nose for getting herself into trouble. Come meet the vivacious blond who is most defiantly a modern 1920'swoman Many things have changed for Bernadine Dorothia Helmsworth after being part of the women's movement. She lost her husband, and her daughter, but managed to get through it all with her house maid, adoptive daughter, and by keeping herself busy. By helping the Chicago police department track down the mob, she has found herself smack dab in the middle of a string of murders. Flappers from the local speak easy have come up missing and killed. So, B.D. disguises herself as a flapper as well to try and find clues of the possible killer and give them to the chief of police. In the middle of her investigation her life takes an unexpected turn when she runs into the multimillionaire Emmett Rosemond. And that's when things begin to get interesting.

Romance / Mystery
Jennifer L Byars
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The day was brisk in Washington D.C. that month of November, and the men were always just as nasty. A group of women stood in front of the white house holding their protest sign all saying things such as, ‘How long must we wait for liberty?’ and ‘Mr. President, what will you do for women suffrage’

It was when the Russia envoys came through the streets of Washington as the United States had joined in the fight across the ocean, that some of the women became more demanding of the circumstances. They then held up signs accusing the united states of being a democracy in name only… and that’s when the violence started.

Police had came, but they didn’t go after the men who were becoming belligerent, no instead they came and starting to arrest all the women that stood there peacefully taking the abuse. The officers came with false claims and prejudice, stating that the women were breaking the law due to them blocking the sidewalk, therefore it was a punishable offence.

What started off as a peaceful protest for rights of woman, had now lead Bernadine Dorothia Helmsworth into handcuffs and, in a deplorable jail cell. There was no bail set for these disobedient women. Instead a seven moth sentence was thrust upon them.

These were the ladies, that the powers that be, had decided were going to made an example of. The authorities who thought themselves better than the misbehaving females of the land could not afford for more women to join such a cause.

The leader of the group, Alice Paul, had then taken part in a hunger strike while they sat in there jail cell unjustly. Seeing her dedication, they all took part in the act. When finally the warden had the Prison doctor fetched, he then came in and force feed them with a tub that they’d placed down there throat. They all stood strong believing in the fight for their rights, and braving the humility of being forcefully feed.

To further their punishment seeing that they were not going to conform to the injustice that was thrust upon them, they were brought no letters, and had no visitors. It was later on when it seemed the warden was at his limit when some of the women could be heard screaming out from behind the thick metal doors in the early mornings dawn.

Bernadine knew something terrible was happening for these strong willed women to break in such a manner. What were the reasons for the now nightly screams, she couldn’t say, but neither did she want to find out.

It was one night in the very early morning, Bernadine woke to the slight squeak of metal and the soft click of gears. When she shot up from her bed and saw a man shutting the door behind him... she realized all to well what the horrific screams were all about.

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