B.D. Cooper Mystries in: The Chameleon

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Chapter 6

It was Friday night the night and that meant B.D. was supposed to sing, and she just wasn’t feeling up to it. As she walked through the gaggle of stage worker getting everything ready for the show she noticed Maxie peaking out through the curtain.

“Hey everything okay?” Cooper asked making the girl jump.

“Oh, yeah everything’s great.” Maxie answered.

“Alright then...” She shrugged and started to walk away when Maxie hurried next to her.

“I heard that Emmitt Rosemond has been asking around about you.” Maxie grinned picking at her red painted nails.

“Really? I hadn’t heard of that rumor.” She stated, but wondered what Maxie’s game was.

“Yeah, I guess he’s into you, if you get my meaning.” She giggled.


“I know that he took Jane home not to long ago.” She said with a sideward glance.

“Really, and how did that go for her? Did she end up with a diamond neckless for her trouble.” She grinned.

“No, I guess he got kind of rough with her when she changed her mind. That’s why she hasn’t come back to the Milk Maid in a while. She was afraid of what he might do to her if he saw her again.” Maxie admitted.

“You mean he beat her?” She asked.

“Yeah, and it was a dozy of a beating I guess.” Maxie nodded.

“I just saw her come in tonight, do you know the reason behind it because I know for a fact Mr. Rosemond is here. Should we tell Joe what’s going on?” She questioned.

“What’s Joe going to do to a big shot like him? That man could destroy anyone with a snap of his fingers.” Maxie informed her, dramatically.

“I suppose... but what’s the reason for telling me all this?” She wondered.

“Nothing, I just wanted to let you know that he’d been asking around for you and what kind of fella I hear he’d was. You’ve always been there for us girls... I thought it was time one of us was there for you.” Maxie shrugged.

“Well thanks, I appreciate it.” She smiled.

“Anytime Cooper!” Maxie smiled and went into the changing room.

She smiled at all the girls as she made her way in to change into but her mind was consumed with Maxie just revealed to her. So the playboy millionaire likes to hit woman, that’s his true character... With a shake of her head she slipped on her dress.

She placed the feathered headband on then started to straighten her nylons, when she left someone staring at her. She glanced up and saw little Jane glaring over in her direction. “Can I help you with something?” She inquired.

“Yeah, I’m done being the woman who comes in second around here. From now on I’m going to be the star attraction at this joint, got me?” Jane hissed.

“It’s funny you call yourself a woman, even funnier that you considered yourself second among all the girls. I would’ve thought you more fifth or six honestly.” She teased.

“You don’t know who you’re dealing with, so you better watch yourself Cooper.” Jane warned pointing a shaking finger in her direction.

“Was that a threat?” She asked with a raised brow.

“No, that’s a promise. So just stay out of my way and stay the hell away from Rudy!” She seethed.

“Careful there Jane. You’re playing with the big girls now. Don’t start something you can’t finish.” She cautioned.

“Don’t pretend to know me because you dont. So just remember what I said.” Jane smirked then walked off.

Cooper stood up watching her, and then saw how Maxie was watching her as well. There was something very off about Jane tonight, she might have to watch her back a bit more carefully then she thought.

There was a knock on the door and Rudy popped his head in the door. “Okay dolls, wrap it up already. You’re on in five!” He winked.

The music started and claps and whistle could be heard when the girls ran out getting into their spots. She walked out and took her place in front and when the curtain started to rise she plastered on a smile and was ready to start the show.

When she walked out to the microphone she caught the sight of a well dressed man sitting at the back of the room intently watching her. The smile started to fall as they stared at one another, but she cleared her throat and started the performance. “Welcome Ladies and gents to the Milk Maid…”

After the show was over she went back to the changing room to digest everything she gathered from the stage. She watched that new cop Tony closely, and also her multi-millionaire Emmitt Rosemond. They were both watching the show, but saw Tony get up and walk away, then Mr. Rosemond followed after him. Could her instinct be right about this cop?

When she was finally dressed knowing she needed tog get ahold of the chief and give him a run down about this new guy he’d hired. She was walking from the backstage and was at the stairs when she Mr. Rosemond had indeed made it back into the club, and set his sights on Jane.

Maxie’s words echoed through her head about what he had done to Jane as she watched. Jane’s face drained of color as he leaned in angrily. His hand grabbed Jane by the arm and he started to pull her away, that's when she saw him looking at a bracelet on little Jane's arm.

She observed their interaction with immense curiosity. He stopped all of a sudden and glanced up to see her watching him. Their eyes met, and he looked back over at Jane, but only to released her. As she ran off, Mr. Rosemond straightened his suit and made his way over to where she stood. “Now that’s what I call very interesting indeed…” She sermonized taking a good grip of her purse.

He made his way over through the crowd and stopped when he was in front of her. She glanced up noticing the dimple in his cheek then to his dark eyes. “I see we meet again, and so soon.” He chuckled in a deep, rich, sophisticated voice.

“Hmm, I see we do. But tell me, do you often man handle woman like I saw you do to little Jane?” She questioned.

“I wasn’t man handling her. I was just asking her a question.” He stated.

“Oh a question, I see. Tell me, do you grab all woman who you ask questions of so roughly?” She asked.

“Look, it’s not what you thinking and I don’t want to get into it any further then that.”

“Hmm, alright. It is none of my business, for now that is. But I find it funny how I keep bumping into you Mr. Rosemond.” She grinned.

“You can bump into me anytime.” He chuckled at his little innuendo. “I knew I remembered seeing you somewhere before, I just couldn’t quite place it this afternoon with you gussied up in men’s clothing and a hairy lip.”

“Yes, that would be me. But if you’ll excuse me I don’t deal with men who are in the habit of hurting woman.” She informed him.

“What are you implying?” He asked surprised.

“You know precisely what I’m implying Mr. Rosemond.” She replied coolly, then walked around him to leave.

He came up from behind taking her by the arm and yanked her to a quiet corner. “Just what in the hell are you accusing me of?” He asked through clenched teeth.

She glared down at his hand then back up at him. “I don’t think a man of your stature needs an explanation to that question, do you? Or am I right in thinking you often accost woman you’re having a spat with?” She argued.

“No, I do not.” He growled.

“Funny then, isn’t it… Now, if you’ll excuse me.” She glared.

He was quite for a moment, but then nodded. “Of course, I beg your pardon.” He answered letting her go. She was about to go around him when he took her by the waist stopping her. “This is far from over Ms. Cooper, you can bank on it.” His voice rumbled into her ear before he let her go and walked off.

Cooper turned around and watched him leave, not quite sure if what he just said was a threat or a promise. Either way, for some reason, she knew she’d find out soon enough.

All the ladies watched him stroll by them with their tongues wagging. She hated to admit it but she too fell into the swooning masses over that man… to bad she now knew him to be an ass.

With a small shake of her head she started to make her way once again out the door, but she was pulled off the floor before she made her escape. She was held in a tight grasp of one very big, ticked off bartender. “You looking for me Coop? I thought maybe you were just playin’ around earlier and tonight’s the night for us, if you catch my meaning.” He growled taking her by the upper arms and pulling her close.

“No, I wasn’t looking for you.” She hissed.

“Why, you going to be playing bunk mate with the millionaire instead of me? Is a workin’ man not good enough for you doll? Or is a woman like you hoping to screw her away into the life of luxury.” He mocked.

“Get your mitts off of me.” She hissed.

His green eyes glared into hers and his pale face turned as deep crimson. “I’m tired of you leading me on, and I’m tired of you not giving me my fair share babe. I don’t give any of the girls the leeway I give you Cooper and I want you to show some damn appreciation for it!” He growled under his breath.

Cooper yanked her arm free from his grasp. “If you don’t like it, then fire me! I can work at any juice joint in this city, I don’t need you to get a job at.” She spat heading for the front door once again.

“You better watch yourself Cooper. It’s a big city out there little girl and you never know what can happen to a girl when she’s on her own.” He warned.

She glanced over her shoulder as Rudy crossed his arms with a sour glare and then walked over to Joe who opened the door to let her out. When she stepped out into the cool night air her shaky hand reached into her purse and pulled out a cig and lit it. “What a night...” She sighed leaning against the wall.

She took one last drag of her smoke and pushed herself up from the wall and walked to hail a cab… when she heard a noise in the back alleyway. She glanced around wondering if she ready heard anything or was she just imagining things when a clang came again. “Hello, who’s there…” She called out.

When no one answered she pulled her gun from the bag as she continued down to the dumpsters. There was a loud crash and high pitched scream that had her running down the dark alley but heard footsteps coming up fast behind her.

Before Cooper even had a chance to turn around and catch a glimpse of who was running towards her, something hard cracked into the back of her head knocking her forward. She instantly dropped to the ground with her head hitting the cobble stone.

She was kicked in the stomach and that had her curl up in a ball. A pair of men's shoes ran past her burry eyes as another piercing scream rang throughout the darkness. She gathered her strength to get up but was struck in the back of the head once again knocking her out cold.

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