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Meant to be

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Chapter 1

**7 Years Before**
“Please don’t go Naomi. You can stay with us. Just don’t go. I love you. You are my best friend i need you. ” Caleb was pleading.

I wanted to stay but i had no choice. I know my parents would never let me stay with them. I love him.

“Caleb please I don’t want to leave, but I have no choice. You are making it so much harder on me. I love you. You know you mean the world to me Caleb.” I began sobbing uncontrollably.

I suddenly felt arms wrap around my waist. God i was going to miss him.
" I know Love. I’m sorry I’m making this harder for both of us, but i can’t imagine living with out you. I love you so much.” he was softly speaking in my ear.
By then i was shaking and sobbing in to his T-shirt. He held me tighter. We were both trying to memorize this moment. It all ended when there was a soft knock on a door . I knew what was coming. The dreaded moment had come.
“I’m sorry to interrupt your moment, but Naomi we really have to get going.” My mother spoke softly.

You can see that she had been crying too. She was leaving her best friend behind too. I slowly lifted my head up and just nodded. I just couldn’t form the correct words. Slowly I let go of Caleb, but he holds on tighter.
“Please Naomi don’t leave me. I need you.” he pulled me closer. He was now sobbing.
It broke my heart to see him like this.
“Caleb. I have no choice. I will always love you don’t forget it.” I was now facing him.
Gently I cupped his face. He was watching me intently. I leaned forward and gently pressed my lips to his cheek. I let my lips linger there for a few seconds. I pulled away sadly and speaking only above a whisper I said
“Bye Caleb”

Seeing that he was in trance i turned around and ran out of his arms. Even though all I wanted to do was stay. I ran out and didn’t look back because if I did I knew I would run back to him. I was walking down to the car when I heard him coming after me.

He was calling my name, but i didn’t look back. I was already in the car down the drive way as I saw him running out towards us. Once he saw us he ran faster but he was too late. We were already down the street. I looked back and he was at the end of the drive way crying. It just broke my heart, and I just cried more.
--------Present Day--------
As I recall the last day I saw him. Caleb my best friend I left back in England. I feel a pang of guilt and pain run through my body. Just then my parents called me down saying they had to tell me something important.
“So, what’s up mom and dad. What did you need to tell me.” I questioned them.
“Well your father and I have decided to send you to England to visit.” My Mother told me but I saw guilt flash through her eyes.
It made me wonder why, but I was also ecstatic to be returning back home.
“Are you serious when am I going.” I was jumping in my seat.
“Umm you leave tomorrow morning” My dad spoke nervously.
My parents behavior was really odd and it confused me. Why did they seem nervous and guilty. What are they hiding from me. Is there som-. My thoughts were cut off by my mom’s voice.
“We will join you a week later.”
“Alright sounds great. I’m so happy to be returning to England.” I spoke happily.
“I’m glad sweetheart. Ohh and before i forget your flight leaves at 5 am. So you better go to sleep right now.“my dad told me very sternly.
“Ugh why so early. ” I was whining.
I didn’t want to have to wake up so early. It was only 8 pm and my dad was already sending me to sleep. Ughh.
“We are sorry, but we thought you would want to be there as soon as possible.“my mom Told me.

Aww mom and dad are the sweetest. They are always thinking about me. Feeling so happy and grateful i got up and hugged and kissed my parents cheeks.

" Thanks guys always thinking of the best for me. I love you both. I’ll go pack and go straight to sleep.” I spoke not being able to keep the happiness out of my voice.

“We love you too.” My parents spoke in unison.

I smiled and started to run upstairs. Half way up I yelled out “Goodnight”. I think I heard them yell out goodnight, but I was no longer listening.

I finished running up the stairs and straight into my room. Alright time to pack. Umm I don’t know how long I’m staying but I’ll pack for a few months. By the time I finished packing it was already 10 pm. Alright time to shower and then to sleep.

By the time I got out of the shower it was ten thirty. I began to get tired. Quickly I got dressed and went to my bed.
**Tomorrow Morning**
“Now that i’m without your kisses I will be needing stitches”

Ughh It was 4:00 am when my alarm went off. It was blaring Shawn Mendes. He made my morning better. Alright time to get up I’m going to England today.

Yayy I already had all my clothes out. I quickly packed my carry on bag getting ready for a 20 hour flight. I packed food and games to play. I knew my parents had gotten me 1st class tickets. They had a bed and TV there too so I was all good. I quickly ran down to see that my mom had made me blueberry pancakes. Yumm.

“Morning Mom. Ooo you made me my favorite pancakes. Thank you” I kissed her cheek lovingly and grateful.
“Morning sweetheart. You welcome. I made them because your leaving today. Which by the way you have 30 minutes to leave so go hurry up and eat.”

Mock saluting her I grabbed a plate and some Pancakes. I quickly ate them and even took a few more for the flight.

“Thank you mom for breakfast. I really have to go now. I’m just going to say bye to dad.” I hugged her and kissed her cheek. I ran upstairs to say bye to my dad. “Bye Dad. See you soon” I kissed his cheek and left running out the door to my range rover. I arrived to the airport a while later.

I was boarding the plane when I got a text from my parents. It read ‘see you soon xoxo’.
I shut of my phone and relaxed. Waiting for the plane to take off.
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