Beautifully Broken

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"She is broken from the inside. He is broken on the outside. But together, they make something beautiful. Something, beautifully broken." Renae comes from a family where success is everything. Her brother is a doctor who works on curing cancer. Her sister is a famous actress. All Renae wants to do is draw. But to her parents, she's just a disappointment. Now Renae is going to college. Where she meets Ethan. Ethan is kind, sweet, loving, and is paralyzed from the waist down. What happens when Renae wants to follow her dream and become an artist? How will her parents take it? What happens when she falls in love with Ethan? Could everything, come together, and be beautiful? Or will everything fall apart and be broken? This is: Beautifully Broken.

Romance / Drama
Caty Lyle
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Chapter 1

I swear, if I wasn’t for my sister, I wouldn’t even be here.

Of course Michelle wanted me here, I know in my heart I need to be here, but my head tells me to run away. So she talked me into it, so here I am. Ugh, punch me in the face.

“Come on Renae, it’s going to be fun!” Michelle grins, while she is on her phone in the passenger set. I sigh and focus on the road.

I choose to drive because when Michelle drives, it a nightmare. She is more focused on her makeup, outfit, or some guy she is trying to impress.

“Renae didn’t I tell you to look nice for once!” Gosh, I swear, she drives me nuts!

“I am! These is one of my nicer sweatshirt, and jeans!” I argue back.

Michelle rolls her eyes and continues to fix her makeup. Michelle is a totally fashion diva, all she ever wears is 5 inch heels and a dress. Her hair curled to perfection, and caked on makeup. Even when we were high school that’s all she would wear. Until me, all I wear in the winter is sweatshirts, jeans, and sneakers.

We used to best friends but now we are just kinda sorta friends. My parents and my sister, Annabel invited her today. They love her and not me.

In high school Michelle was head cheerleader with medium length, beach blonde hair, always curled to perfection without a single hair out of place. Don’t even get me started on her makeup. She looks like she came out of a bakery it’s so caked on. Every morning it takes her 2 hours to do her makeup, only her makeup. Just imagine how long it takes her to take a shower, get dressed, do her hair, and do her makeup. I swear, she is drop dead gorgeous. With her ocean blue eyes, and her height. She has curves in all the right places and basically everything about her is perfect.

Michelle should be a model, when we would hang out (forced of course). I fail in comparison to her. People look at her and think “wow she should be a model, wow she’s stunning.” But when they look at me they think, “oh um, that other girl by her, sure needs some work, she’s pretty I guess...Kinda.”

I am just average. Average height and weight. I have long, dark, black hair. My skin is so pale I could seriously be a vampire. On top of that, my eyes are light green that looks like puck. I am being serious, puck green.

But I do wear makeup (not near as much as Michelle) and it takes me around 20 minutes to do my makeup. I LOVE dark eye makeup but, Michelle just likes tons of makeup. I always wear jewelry, and my crazy curly hair pulled up in a messy bun.

“We’re are here, be good.” Michelle warns. Who does she thinks she is? My mother?

“Renae!! I am so glad you came!” screams my sister, Annabel.

“Michelle you can put the presents over there.” Annabel smiles.

It’s Annabel’s baby shower, she’s having a boy. Her and her husband are naming him, Earl. Honestly I hate that name with a burning passion, but she never listens to my awesome ideas.

Michelle and I are walking around, seeing lots of Annabel’s friends. She is a very famous actress, and all of her friends are actors and actresses as well.

Annabel is very talented, and she has a passion for it. She married another famous actor, when she was 22. Currently she is 24 and is having her first child. To be honest I am excited to be an aunt, because Earl will need someone who loves him. I really feel for him being Annabel’s son and his terrible name. Earl, really Annabel?

Now I see where all the guys are watching football, I join them. I see my brother, Thomas, my dad, and Annabel’s husband Alan.

“So what’s happening Ray?” Thomas asks, that’s the nickname I got from him. I am sure Thomas wanted a brother, but he got me, a tom boy. My mom and Annabel are princesses, wouldn’t be near a TV while sports are on. But I yell, scream, and throw stuff at the TV while a player makes a stupid move. Thomas and I have always had the best of times together, running in the mud, watching sports, playing video games, and so much more.

“Nothing much, ‘loving’ Annabel’s baby name.” I snort, he hates that name just as much as me. Then he joins me in the snorting and laugher fit.

“Come on you gotta catch that!” Thomas yells at the TV, I sigh in agreement, they need to cut the crap if they want to win this. Another bad play so my father’s rejection is throwing popcorn at the screen. Thomas, Alan, and I join in, we have some fun, laughing, smiling, and just enjoying ourselves.

“Catch Renae!” Alan cheers while throwing a piece of popcorn toward my mouth. I lean back, open my mouth, then boom. “Nice one!” Alan says while Thomas and my dad clap, so I take a bow.

“Guys pick all that up and act like adults!” Annabel snaps when she sees our mess, and how much fun we are having.

“Yes ma’am.” Alan chuckles, while throwing popcorn at her. I clap my hands, bend over due to the fact that I having a hard breathing cause I am laughing so hard. Thomas falls down on the floor he is laughing so hard, so jump on top of him, and wrestle him. Once we finally stop laughing. I look up to see Annabel with her hands on her hips, and her belly sticking straight out.

“Renae Cathryn, come with us.” She commands. I have no choice but to follow her. This whole baby thing has really gotten in her head, not like she was sweet before this. I sigh, stand up slowing, and walk oh-so slowly.

“Have fun princess,” Thomas winks, he KNOWS I hate that name with a burning passion. I am NO princess obviously.

“Shut up you jerk!” I laugh as I slap him on the arm, he just laughs. Now I have to join that pretty, pretty, princesses and watch them open presents. Annabel has always been a girly girl, prom queen, and main character in every single one of her plays. The nickname theater queen, fits her perfectly, and Michelle could literally be her twin. I have never been much like Annabel, due to the fact we don’t look related, and we are total opposites.

“Hey pretty girl!” smiles Thomas’s wife, Cammie. I love her to death, because she is funny, sweet, we have a lot in common, and she’s not shallow like the rest of my family.

“Hey Cam!”

“So I hear you are going to load up tomorrow, and become a college girl.” She grins, while sideways hugging me. Yep tomorrow is finally the day, I leave the hell hole (my parent’s house), move into my dorm, and start college. I can’t wait! I have been waiting my whole life for this.

With Annabel being a famous actress, making millions, married a rich guy, and making babies. With Thomas who is a doctor who cures cancer, making billions, and with Cammie, who works with him. I fail in comparison to both of them. I am just a disappointment to my parents. I am nothing like my siblings: can’t act, can’t do biology, (as well as Thomas), not girly like Annabel, and not near as smart as them. Annabel graduated with honors, got a full ride to college, always got straight A’s in high school, and got a 30 on her ACT’s. Thomas graduated with honors, all A’s in school and in college, got a full ride, and oh course a perfect score on his ACT’s. Yep, that’s my brother and sister, PERFECT.

“I just my parents would let me major in art.” I whisper to Cammie.

“You need to not matter what they say, you’re AMAZING at it.” Cammie whispers back, with a smile on her face showing how beautiful she is. Art has really been the only thing I been good at. I LOVE it with all heart, it’s my passion, and I want to do it for the rest of my life. But to my parents, it’s a ton of crap. Obviously I am nothing like my brother or sister, so parents don’t give a crap about art.

In high school I was good enough at art to get an art scholarship that covered half of my college intrusion. My teachers always wanted me to follow my dreams and major in art. Following my dreams, isn’t an option for me. Not when my parents are paying for my college.

I swear, I have never been good enough for them.

I talk to Cammie for a few more minutes then it’s time for Annabel to open “her presents,” when it’s Earl’s presents but everything has to all about her. She has got some really lovely things for Earl. My favorite are the elephant themed gifts: blankets, outfits, mobiles, and much more.

“Oh Renae, what is this?” Annabel interrogated while holding up my present.

“Open it!” I beam, I really hope she likes this.

“What the hell is this?” she demands while holding up the picture I drew of her, Alan, and Earl.

“I drew a family picture, see there is you, Alan, and Earl. See there is Alan’s favorite football teams logo on your shirts.” I point out.

“Wow that is absolutely amazing Renae!” Alan resounds, I blush.

“ALAN! You know Renae’s art should NOT be encouraged!” Annabel proclaims, while jumping and slamming my picture on the ground.

“Annabel! This is NOT how you respond to her giving us a present!” Alan warns, as she stands up and walks towards her. He grabs her arm and tries to get her walk away.

“GET OFF! Renae knows she sucks, her dream to do art is stupid, she was TOLD NO MORE!”

“Alan don’t add in, this is a family matter.” my mother warns walking over to me.

“How dare you go behind our backs and do this!” mother wails at the top of her lungs, I am surprised no one has left yet. Everyone is frozen and unsure how to react, I assume.

“I was just giving her a present, I thought y’all would like it but apparently not.” I stand my ground, I am leaving for college tomorrow, I don’t have to deal with all this.


“Okay, ENOUGH! Happy baby shower bitch, I am leaving.”

With that, I am out the door.


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