Still Alive

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Chapter 11



I was going on a flipping date tonight. I needed to calm the nerves that were growing in the pit of my stomach. I had to get ready. It was 3:30 pm. A shower set set in place. after that, I needed to figure out what to wear. I had no clue what I was going to wear, and this is where the anxiety stepped in. I know he said to wear something warm.

I couldn't even focus on any of this right now. I was going to go on a walk to clear my overbearing thoughts. The snow had finally cleared up a bit. It was ankle deep and manageable. Besides, I needed the walk. I might have a stroke if I don't get my blood flowing.

I pulled on a pair of Vans, then, making my way down stairs. The house was silent. No body but me, as always. I kind of missed having Danny around. He was my source of entertainment when everyone else was busy. I tugged the back door open. A light breeze pushed my hair back. A smile spread out on to my lips. The excitement too great to ignore.

This is exactly what I needed. I weaved my way through the trees; towards my usual spot. Well, not really my spot. I'm sure there are others who venture out to this exact space, but this was known as my territory (in my head). This has and will always be the place I can escape to.

I sat on the ground picking at one of the near-by dandelions. I twirled the stem around on of my fingers. The soft fuzzy bine tickling in between my fingers. The wind rushed by me in a calming matter. I drew in a deep breath only to puff it back out.

The bushes moved, but this time I wasn't scared. I sat as still as stone; watching the wolf creep over to me. I gave gentle smile, patting the space next to me. He trotted over, putting all of his weight on to me. I laughed, weaving my fingers through his matted fur. He stuck his tongue out letting out soft pants.

The date crossed my mind. The panic I felt earlier settled in my chest, once again. I groaned, laying back. Another wolf ran over. I gasped sitting up straight: startled by the blond wolf. The black wolf snarled at the other. The blond wolf didn't argue, but instead, bowed submissively. I stood with a chuckle causing both wolves to look at me.

"Alpha." I bowed playfully. He galloped happily. He was just as tall as I was. Which scared me slightly. Had I not grown tall enough? Did puberty hold me back? How can a wild animal be taller than I was? I shook my head ridding of the sudden thoughts. My eyes averted between both animals. They seemed to be silently communicating. I wish I could telepathically communicate. That would be nice. I'd tell everyone to leave me alone.

The brown wolf sprinted off, leaving us alone once again. I looked over at him in awe. He was truly beautiful. If he could turn into a human, what would he look like? Would he be just as beautiful, and just as powerful?

Nah, I'd rather him stay a wolf. Then I could tell him all of my deepest, darkest secrets: and the good part would be he couldn't tell anyone. There was really no harm, he couldn't talk. Unless, he was some type of magical animal out in the wild. Like those in the movies. I highly doubted that though. It was unheard of. This was definitely not a movie.

"I have a date tonight. I've never been so nervous in my life. I can't even figure out what to wear." I rubbed my face. I pulled my phone from my pocket looking for the time. It was four already. The stress built just at the time. I bade a quick goodbye and rushed off to my house. Paws had followed me all of the way back.

I turned back around to find he was staring me down. I smiled walking over. His tail wagged as my fingers scratched behind his ear. Him standing before me made me realize i needed to grow more. Not that I was going to any more. Puberty hadn't done its job.

"I have to go and get ready, but we can meet up at another time." I kissed his nose. He whimpered laying his forehead against my chest. My arms instinctively wrapped themselves around his head. He pulled away pushing me into the house. I rushed up stairs jumping into a quick shower. Wrapping a towel around my body, I stumbled into my closet.

I pulled out a pair of ripped, denim jeans. I pulled on a black tee shirt to go with the outfit. Rushing into the bathroom, I blow dried my hair. I straightened it. I slipped into a pair of black Vans and a black leather jacket. The door bell rang just as I made my way down the stairs. Approaching the door, I peeped through the hole drilled through the door.

I pulled the door open taking in his appearance. His brown hair was styled into a quiff. The black jeans he sported clung to his hips. The white v-neck hugged his chest. Just like me, he wore a leather jacket. He looked like a greaser. Though, he was even more good looking than any of them could be.

"Fuck, you look beautiful." He breathed. My cheeks were instantly set aflame. Ashton was so inhumanly beautiful. He was blessed. His parents really created a masterpiece. Every time I looked at him he took my breath away.

"Thank you. You look handsome." I smirked. For a second I thought his cheeks reddened. Ashton just rolled his eyes and pulled me to the car. When we didn't walk towards his car I looked up at him in bewilderment.

"Its walking distance." He gave a shy smile. Not once did he let go of my hand. I almost thought he was going to drag me into an alley and sell me for a cheap bag of meth. Though, we walked right into the forest. Then I knew he was an ax murder. This was the story of how I died. Falling in love with a serial killer.

Ashton stopped us in the middle of God knows where. I gave him an unsteady glare. His chuckle vibrated through the clearing. Then he burst into fits of laughter. My paranoia melted into confusion and then annoyance. Why was he laughing? This situation was not funny, but sketchy. He should not be laughing.

"Why are you laughing?" My tone was demanding, but he never ceased. My fingers brushed through my hair. The situation was growing frustrating.

"Jesus, Alex, I'm not gonna kill you." He howled. My eyes widened at his words. I had spoken my every thought. I didn't need to ask to know that I did. His reaction revealed all. This was one of the most embarrassing situations I've been in.

"Relax, but I am going to need you to close your eyes. It's a surprise." He smiled a sheepish smile. I pursed my lips wearily. I nodded my head doing as he said. The rustling of leave left me on edge. Not seeing where I was going was nerve wracking. I don't know how people could deal with this. Ashton pulled me through the woods, giving a few instructions so I wouldn't fall and probably kill myself.

Ashton stopped me, backing away. His warmth turned into ice cold wind. A shiver crawled down my spine at the sudden situation. A dim light was sparkling from a few feet away.

"Ash." I whispered.

I was greeted by the crickets. Maybe he did leave me here to die. I had no idea where we were. A perfect night turned into a nightmare. The silence was unsettling. My stomach turned violently. The fear had every hair on my body standing in attention.

"Ash!" I whisper-yelled. This time was different.

"Alex." Ashton mocked. I scowled; with my eyes still shut. How hard was it to answer? It really wasn't that hard. People were just stubborn.

"You could've just answered the first time." I muttered. All I got back was a snort. For what felt like forever, I just stood there. Eyes closed. The fear was long gone.

"Okay, you can open your eyes now." And I did. There were little firefly lights wrapped around the trees around us. The clearing we were in was dimly lit, but enough for us to see. The tree trunks were wrapped in the lights: creating a barrier around us. A small door frame was shaped by the never ending string of pink and white lights. A round table was set in the middle of the area.

Rose petals had been strewn everywhere. Ashton guided me over to the table. He pulled a chair out waiting for me to sit, so I did. I couldn't take my eyes off of the decorations. He must've set them up within the last two days or so. Ashton put thought and effort into this.

"I wanted this night to be unforgettable. So, I put a lot of thought into what I wanted to do. At first, I was totally lost. I finally came up with this. I, obviously had some help, or else this would've taken forever. I just-"

"Ashton, I love it." I stopped him of rambling. He was super cute when he was nervous. He looked like a lost puppy trying to figure something out. The smile that carved into his face made my heart leap.

"You do?" He asked happily. I couldn't answer, but I nodded. A bright smile stretched my cheeks. He sighed in relief. "I'm glad."

Me too.

"After this, we have some where we have to be." He smirked. I gave him a skeptical glance. He was too much. I gave a curt nod.

We finished up with dinner, which was absolutely amazing. Ashton had dug into a steak with mashed potatoes. I had a steak with fries. The food was fresh. All of it had been planned perfectly. Now, we were headed to another part of the forest. This took a little while longer, since it had been distant. I didn't really mind though.

Ashton had brought us to a waterfall. The river flowed south. The moon was shining down on us, gleaming against the water. Ashton had been so full of surprises tonight, and I almost loved it. I hated surprises though.

"This is beautiful." I looked up at him. Ashton's eyes were already on me. I sat on the grass with my legs crossed. Ashton took a seat to my right. I leaned back on to my hands so that I was more comfortable. The events from earlier up until now swirled my mind. This date, alone, had topped the other two dates I've been on.

"This is the best date I've ever been on." I chuckled. My eyes wandered around the scenery.

"Really?" His expression held nothing but excitement. I gave a genuine smile, and a curt nod. "Good."

I rolled my eyes as he smirked triumphantly. Delivering compliments to him was like handing a little kid a stash of chocolate. It just hyped him up.

"Why are you so beautiful?" Ashton whispered. My attention turned to him. I noticed a small silver moon behind his ear. A sudden wave of recognition washed over me, but I couldn't recall where I had seen it. I went to massage his hair as a distraction: while I studied the small tattoo.

Where have I seen this before?

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