Still Alive

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Chapter 12


Last night was amazing. Ashton really out did himself. He could've just taken me out to eat or somewhere to hang out, but instead he put effort into dinner and then guided me to his "secret" spot. Everything was beautiful. Well put together. I had been in awe all morning. I never thought he was capable of committing such romantic gestures. The date had even ended with a peck on the cheek.

But my mind was still stuck on the tattoo he had. Was it really a tattoo? How could a wolf have a tattoo exactly the same? Was it even possible? I dragged myself over to my locker. Ashton was down the hall talking to a group of friends. I kept my eyes set on my locker afraid that the date changed everything. I opened my locker, feeling a presence beside me.

Theo and Melanie had crowded around me. I smiled shyly at them. Melanie shut my locker and dragged me to a near by table. They sat down across from each other. I took a cautious seat. Who knew with these two bimbos. They could have a master plan to kill off the whole race.

"Spill!" Melanie squealed. "How was you date?" I let out a breath I hadn't even noticed i was holding. The anxiety was really getting to me today. I thought I had been in trouble. Turns out, they just wanted to how the date went. I mean, what kind of horrible thing could I have committed this time?

"It was super cute. Beautiful. The trees had been wrapped in firefly lights and then there was a round table in the middle. We ate steak. Then we went to the water fall. It was magical." I nodded dozing off.

"Aw. He went all out for you." Melanie gushed. I blushed looking down at the table; letting my fingers seep through the holes.

"Oh. My. Fucking. Goddess. You are blushing!" Theo pointed out. I snapped my head in his direction, sending a death glare his way.

"Thank you captain obvious." My words were dripping in sarcasm. He smiled pinching my cheeks. I pushed his hands away from my face. What in the world was with them and my cheeks? Melanie had pinched my cheek not that long ago, and now Theo attacked my cheek.

"You guys are so cute." Melanie smiled adoringly. My eyes widened at her statement. I knew exactly what she was thinking. There was no way we'd ever become a couple. It was one date!

"Woah! Slow down there. It was just one date." I chuckled. The smirk she sported creeped me out. She knew me all too well though. I was totally falling for him. Jesus! I was in way too deep. I needed to stop what ever this was.

And I had just the perfect plan. Avoiding him! At all costs. That's exactly what I was going to do. I wasn't ready to catch feelings for him. Feelings were like Ebola. Contagious and dangerous. I wasn't going to give up the small part of me that refused relationships. I was going to run as if I was being chased by a giant spider.

"Alright, I gotta get going. classes start in two minutes." I jumped up from my seat. I walked off without bidding goodbye. I've gotta really work hard on avoiding that sexy beast!

Plan is now in motion.

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