Still Alive

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Chapter 13


I've done everything as planned. I've kept my curtains closed at all times. My lights were never turned on. As soon as it got dark, I showered and hopped into bed. I made sure to get to school extra early, and leave a little late. I was good at this. Ashton had tried to approach me a few times, but I fled. I promised myself I wouldn't give myself to anyone. No matter how strong of an attraction I had for him. Maybe a puppy. I could give my heart to a puppy, but never a human.

I haven't even gone to the clearing, afraid he'd just follow me. The halls around me grew quiet. I frowned turning to my left. There was nothing going on. So, all the commotion would have had to come from the other direction. I turned my attention to the other side. Ashton was making his way over to me. My eyes widened in horror. I slammed my locker shut and sped walked down the hall to the library.

Weaving through people as their eyes scanned me curiously. Why was everyone staring? Didn't they have lives? I knew rumors would go around by the beginning of second period. These people were lousy.

"Alex!" Ashton howled. RUN! My legs wouldn't go any faster. This was like a bad dream turning into reality, and I hated it. I needed to get out of here.

"Alexandra, stop!" Ashton caught ahold of my arm. My body was turned to face him. Sparks flew up my arm. I gasped pulling away.

"What the fuck have I done? Why are you running from me?" Ashton frowned. I stumbled back, the proximity between us was overwhelming.

"N-nothing. You haven't d-done anything. I've just been really busy. I'm sorry. Um, I'll talk to you later. I have to go and finish up my work." I walked off.

"No! Enough of the shit Winters. Tell me what's on your mind. You're fucking running again." Ashton followed. This was what I was trying to avoid.

"What are you talking about?" I kept walking. Ashton walked next to me. I really wanted him to go away.

No, you don't.

"You know what I'm fucking talking about." He snapped. My heart was beating uncontrollably. There was no way I was going to give in any time soon. I mean, of course I knew what he was talking about. How could I not? I was avoiding him, but failing miserably. I wanted to run into his arms and just stay there.

I couldn't though. Why was it so hard for me to open up? It wasn't hard for either of my best friends. Then again, they didn't experience the physical and emotional pain my last boyfriend came with. I knew I would just be let down. My hopes would be so high, that it would hurt so much when I just got hurt. I didn't need that.

"What's on your mind?" Ashton pleaded. He was desperate for answers. Another thing I couldn't give him.

"Ash-" I took a seat at one of the tables in the back. No one really came here this early in the morning. So I found peace and quiet here: to collect my thoughts and myself.

"No, you're gonna fucking tell me." He snarled.

"I'm scared!" I stood, slamming my hands against the table. My eyes widened at the words. I had confessed my fear and feelings. I was letting him in.

"Scared of what?" His features were soft, as was his voice. A frown had sketched itself on to his face. my plan was falling apart.

"I've told you too much." I shook my head. My feet carried me away from the table. I couldn't do this. I couldn't do us.

"Alexandra, please, tell me." Ashton pulled me back. My butt was pressed against the edge of the table. Ashton pressed his body on to mine, his hands resting on either side of me, on the table. At this point, I had no choice. He had me right where he wanted me. I could do nothing, but confess. He wasn't going to let me go. I was letting in a lot of disappointment.

"I'm scared of getting hurt." My voice was barely above a whisper, but he heard. I knew he heard me.

"Alex." He brought a hand up to brush back a strand of hair. "I will never hurt you. I could never fucking hurt you. I'd rather get struck by lightning than to cause you any type of pain."

"Don't jinx yourself." I butted in.

"You sure know how to lighten the mood." He rolled his eyes. I smiled, looking up at him.

KISS ME! Just kiss me.

I wanted to feel his lips against mine. The way they molded together so perfectly. I gripped the edge of the table to contain myself. I would just end up embarrassing myself.

"I'm gonna kiss you." Ashton whispered. His eyes flickered from my eyes to my lips, and then back. The words caught in my throat. All I could do was nod. His lips brushed against mine sending my heart into overdrive. My hands pressed against his chest. Ashton pushed his head forward, causing his lips to engulf mine.

It was the best feeling I've ever felt. Sparks ignited in ever part of my body. Ashton wrapped an arm around my waist, pulling me closer to his chest. I could feel my body melting into his. This was pure bliss. His touch sent electricity through out my entire body. The feeling was amazing. How could he have such an affect on me? I've known Ashton for four months, and he's made me feel all these new feelings.

I was falling for Ashton Carter; and I needed to let myself fall. He had to catch me. Right? I didn't want to fall if he wasn't going to catch me. I would just splat all over the floor. That wouldn't be a pretty sight. Ashton pulled away from me, breathlessly. I pulled my eyes open only to find he was staring down at me. I looked down at his chest so he wouldn't catch me blushing.

"This is where I belong. With you, in my arms. Nothing is going to take that away from me." He shook his head. I gripped his shirt, around his waist.

"Are you going to open your curtains now?" Ashton smirked. My cheeks turned a brighter shade of red, but I rolled my eyes nonetheless.

"Way to ruin the mood." I deride. I pushed him back by his chest, walking away from him. My main goal was to get past the exit.

"No, come back! Love me." Ashton wailed. I shook my head at him. "Alexandra Winters, get back here and love me."

"Sh!" The librarian scolded. He rolled his eyes at the man. Ashton jogged up beside me. I stepped outside not even bothering to hold the door for Ashton.

"Thanks for holding the door." Ashton called out. I turned back to him with a bright smile and two thumbs up. There was screaming off in the distance. I turned in a circle: looking for any danger. People pushed by me, rushing to get to safety.

"Alex!" I heard Ashton call, but I didn't bother to answer. I felt the need to help these people. I needed them to be safe, before I got myself to safety. I ordered instructions to everyone who whirled by. The halls were a blur of teenagers and adults attempting to get them into classes.

"Alexandra." Ashton rushed over. Students rushed into a near by classroom. The halls emptied out. A few teachers ushered me into their rooms, but I couldn't move. The surreal-ness of the situation was too much to bear. The fear was there, but I couldn't show it. I wouldn't show it.

"I have to get you out of here." His words registered in my mind. We couldn't leave. All of these people were here, we couldn't just abandon them.

"Listen to me, everyone is safe inside. Three people were injured, but not dead. I need you to snap out of it and follow me." He pulled me to his car. Ashton pushed me into the passengers seat before sliding himself behind the wheel.

There were wolves running around in the forest. Their teeth were sharper than a knife. Snarls came from one of them in front of us. Warning us not to move. Ashton didn't think twice and backed away from parking spot. His Charger sped down the empty road.

"Ashton! What is going on?" I demanded. Maybe he knew more about the situation. Maybe not, but it didn't hurt to ask. His lips were pursed to the side. His eyes glazed over, debating his answer. There should be no debating, he either knew or he didn't. I kept quiet regardless, waiting for him to answer.

"The school was under attack. By those wolves you saw." That made a lot of sense. The school had gone into complete lock down. Those students were really scared.

"Is everything going to be okay? Are more people hurt?" I asked quietly. I was afraid of the answer to the second question. I don't think I could bare the thought of knowing and not helping. I just fled from the scene. There was more I could've done. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a wolf running beside us. I turned my head to make sure I hadn't just imagined this.

I wish I was. He was getting closer, and closer to the car. I gasped slapping Ashton's shoulder. From his unnecessary string of cuss words, I knew he saw too. The wolf was ready to pounce on the car. Ashton attempted to speed up the car, but the wolf only caught up.

"Alex, listen to me. We need to jump out of the car. If we don't, we both die." Ashton unlocked the doors. My eyes widened in bewilderment. Jumping out of a moving vehicle could kill us too. He was insane.


"Alex! When I say three, you jump out. Do you understand?" Ashton clenched his teeth in annoyance. He was annoyed with me? He was the one asking me to jump out of the moving car. I nodded my head frantically. There was no point in arguing with him. We would die either way.

"One." Ashton pushed his door open. I followed suit, the fear growing. I was not an adrenaline junkie. So this, only made me queasy.

"Two." Half of his body was hanging out of the car. My heart was pounding in my ears. I had almost missed when he said three.

"Three!" Without hesitation, I jumped from the vehicle just as the wolf pounced on the roof of the car. I rolled in the dirt, coming to a complete stop. My body was shaking as I got to my knees. Tears were threatening to leak from my eyes, but I would never let them fall. A growl echoed from in front of me. Slowly lifting my head, I noticed a grey wolf standing there. The white wolf that had chased us was no where to be seen.

I slowly rose to my feet. Knowing that if I made the wrong move, I'd be served as a meal. An arm wrapped around my waist before pushing me behind them. My eyes shifted to where the sparks were coming from. Ashton's eyes were pitch black, not an ounce of sanity was swirling around in them. My hands gripped his shirt, my head poking out from behind him. The wolf snarled, bearing his teeth at us.

"Ashton." My voice was barely above a whisper. His arm snaked behind him to wrap around my waist protectively. Ashton was insane if he thought he could take on the wolf. I snuggled into his back only for him to rip himself away from me.

"ASHTON!" My anxiety heightened at the sudden actions. Ashton was really going to take this wolf on. I watched in horror as he wrestled with the wolf. Right before my eyes, he turned into one and not just any wolf, the black one I had fallen in love with. My mind wasn't registering the scene in front of me. Everything I had once believed in became a lie.

How did he shift into a myth? This had to be a bad dream. There is no way he could just change into a wolf. It wasn't physically possible. I blinked rapidly, but the scene in front of me never changed. I was still here. Watching the wolf version of Ashton fight off the grey one.

Was the grey one also human? Could Ashton shift back into his human form? The grey wolfs fur was stained crimson red. He lay motionless on the floor. Ashton walked closer, and out of instinct, I stepped back. He whined sitting down. An aching in my chest flickered to life.

Ashton sat there, bowing his head. I carefully walked over. He never hurt me before, but things could have changed. He didn't even bother to move; he just sat there, staring at me. I walked over, flinging myself at him, pulling him into a hug. Sobs escaped my lips.

I just wanted to go home and sleep. The events from today were draining. I needed this all to be a dream, but this was not a dream. This was my new reality. There was a stinging sensation in my chest. I pulled away to find some type of scratch, but came up empty handed. I turned to Ashton, confused.

His chest was scratched up, covered in blood. He whimpered, shoving his snout into my chest. I ran my hands through his fur in reassurance, but the sobs never subsided. What was going on? Was I feeling the same things he was feeling? How? How is all of this possible?

"What is going on?" My voice was shaky. He lay down, the pain only grew. I winced, pulling at my shirt. Ashton hopped off of the floor. There was another wolf coming at us, with a pair of clothes in his mouth. I scrambled back, afraid he would attack. Ashton turned back and barked at him. The wolf left the clothes by the tree and galloped off.

Ashton picked up the clothes. He circled around the tree leaving me alone. The confusion replaced the fear. He returned only dressed in shorts. I stood up, rushing over to him. I didn't hug him. The gashes on his chest were deep. I couldn't look away from them. I reached out to touch his chest, but recoiled my hands. He needed to get checked out before they became infected.

"Ashton, your chest. You need to go to a hospital." My eyes met his. A small smile was sketched on to his face, his eyes were soft.

"Don't worry. It'll heal. Are you okay?" Ashton stepped closer, taking my hand in his. Was I okay? Seriously? He was the one with scratches embedded into his chest. I was okay, just confused. He could turn into an animal. I couldn't even call him a beast, because he wasn't vicious. He was gentle.

"I'm fine." I nodded. He smiled a lazy smile.

"I have a lot of explaining to do." He chuckled. My head shook frantically. He did. Who else new about them? About him? Who else was a wolf? Ashton pulled his shorts down. I squealed covering my eyes. He chuckled as the denim hit the dirt. My cheeks were brighter than the sun. I was sure of it.

"Hold these." The fabric brushed against my hand. I snatched them from his hands and looked at his eyes. The temptation to look down was strong, but I had to protect my virgin eyes. He wasted no time turning into his wolf.

"Get on." His voiced echoed in my head. I looked at him in bewilderment. He cackled at my expression. I got on situating myself on his back. The fear of being too heavy settled in my mind. Ashton took off towards my house. I hopped off, leaving his clothes beside him. I stumbled into my room.

I pulled my hair into a messy bun and sat on my bed. Ashton walked through the door. He jumped on to my bed, eyeing me carefully.

"You okay?" I whispered. He nodded his head.

"I'm going to explain everything to you. Its too late for you not to believe me, but its not to late for you to freak out. Some of the information is a little overwhelming." I nodded, letting him continue.

"Lets start off by saying, I am a werewolf. This is not a dream. The Moon Goddess paired every werewolf with a mate. Someone we are destined to be with for the rest of our lives. There are female werewolves. I've only seen a werewolf get mated to a human a handful of times. There are things called packs, and they exist all around the world.

My pack is the strongest of all of them. I am the Alpha. Which makes you the Luna, or Female Alpha. There are wolves who are classified as rogues. They've either been banned from a pack, or ran away to become a rogue, for various reasons. But they are all bad. We have great hearing and sight. We pick up the littlest of things, so when you mumble under that breath of yours, just know I heard."

His smirk was cocky. He was cocky. The little bit of information was heavy. I was a leader, of the biggest, and strongest, pack in the world. That was a lot of responsibility for me. Would they accept a human as their Luna? I doubted it greatly.

"Our scent," Ashton continued. "I can smell you from a mile away. Our packs name is Blue Bloods. We were the first pack to be created."

"How did you guys become a pack?" I tilted my head. Ashton sat in front of me, getting comfortable. His hair was messy, but it made him look ten times sexier.

"The first Alpha male was Alpha Blake. He was like you, a human, and he fell in love with the Moon Goddess. He cheated on her, so she cursed him and all of his descendants." Ashton chuckled.

"Oh, I would've killed him." I snarled.

"No." Ashton disagreed. I was confused ny his remark. "Then I wouldn't have met you. I wouldn't be here right now, and maybe someone else would have your heart." His growl shook the room.

His eyes were being consumed by the pupils. I felt this anger. Pure rage and hatred. Why was I mad? There was no reason for me to be mad. Unless I was feeling the exact same things Ashton was feeling.

"You're feeling exactly what I feel." Ashton confirmed. "Since you are my mate, I can read your mind. You feel what I feel. We can communicate through using our minds. That is why you felt my pain."

My eyes moved down to his chest, but the injury was gone. No trace of it. He said he would heal. Did he heal really fast? How?

"So there's no running from this. I can't escape these feelings." Just saying it out loud made it all too real. The nod of his head was all of the conformation I needed.

"There's no running from me. You are stuck with me for life." He smirked.

"Great." My shoulders slouched. Honestly, I couldn't have been any happier that it was him and not someone else. I wanted him, and no one else.

"One last thing. I was contemplating on telling you this, but you deserve to know." He was hesitant. I kept quiet, afraid of what his words would be. There was more? What else could he want to tell me?

"There's this thing mates do. They mark each other. Since you are human, I mark you, only. After that, you belong to me just as much as I belong to you. Our bond becomes stronger. You'll start to go through heat. Which means, we'll have to have sex to complete the bond." Ashton was blushing. He was blushing.

"Why do you throw that word around?" I had always been uncomfortable with saying it. I had my reasons.

"What word?" He cocked his head in confusion.

"The 's' word."

"What? Sex?" Ashton made a weird face. I nodded my head as my cheeks were dusted in red. Now it was my turn to blush.

"I mean, everyone throws it around now-a-days. I grew up learning that we were supposed to commit the act with our soulmate, but not everyone seems to understand that."He scowled.

It was true. No one waited anymore. I mean, look at Melanie, she was pregnant. I was a bad friend for thinking these things, but it was true.

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