Still Alive

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Chapter 17


I slammed my locker shut. My anger was soaring through the roof. Brian wasn't listening to a word I was saying. He wanted me all to himself, and I understood that. I wanted him all to myself, but today was Alexandra's birthday. For each one of our birthday's we'd all do something super fun. This was another one of our traditions. Brian had me every other day of the fucking week! He could last three hours.

I loved that he was clingy, but shit. Not even I was that clingy. I needed a little bit of space. We were mates for fuck's sake. He couldn't get rid of me even if he wanted to.

"Brian!" I turned to him. His eyes widened. I was really tempted to smack him.

"Listen, I'm going to hang out with Alexandra and Theo. For a few hours. Four hours max! Then after that, we can do whatever you want." On the inside, I was dying to scream at him, but on the outside, I was calm.

I really needed to go on a run. I needed to let off some steam. I wasn't going to wait any longer for that run. If I didn't leave now, I would go on a killing spree. These goddamn hormones are terrible.

"Anything?" He smiled hopefully. I already knew what he wanted, and to be honest, I wanted it to. All I could do was nod my head. Brian kissed my lips and walked off. If I would've known that it was that easy to get him off of my back I would've started with that a long ass time ago. I opened my locker back up and shoved my books, along with my bag, inside.

The back gate was wide open. Slipping past the student parking lot, I made sure no one saw me. My legs carried me into the forest. I stripped of my clothing and started my shift. The sound of my bones cracking echoed in the vast space. I snorted through my large snout and took off running. The wind brushed through my dalmatian colored fur. I felt like I was flying. My tongue dangled from the side of my mouth as soft pants escaped my mouth. The tension I previously felt vanished into thin air.

This was therapy for us wolves. Since I got pregnant, I hadn't let Anemone out. She was begging, but I couldn't risk it. The doctors said that if I did, the baby could die. Yet, here I was, taking my chances.

I sat by the creek, taking a sip from its crystal clear water. My tongue served as a bowl until I felt hydrated. I lay on my stomach with my head resting on my paws. The view was gorgeous. My wolf whined, feeling a small tug on my heart. What the hell is going on?


"Okay, when will you be back." Kat pouted. Her big brown eyes shining up at me. I kissed her lips tenderly. I loved her. I knew that already. She was understanding, and I loved that about her. I could tell her everything and she would just listen. Some times she'll input her opinion. She wasn't rude about anything either. She was a sweetheart.

"I'll only be four hours. Then I'll come back and we can cuddle and watch movies, or whatever you feel like doing." My arm wrapped around her shoulders. The smile on her face made my heart melt.

The way she made me feel was intense. It was like looking at a puppy. I just wanted to love her for the rest of my life. I wanted to give her everything she's ever dreamed of.

I explained that Melanie and I were going to take Alex out for her birthday. She was upset at first, but came around soon after. She knew how important Alex was to me. I hadn't been a really big fan of Melanie's for the longest. There was just something about her that set off the red alarms in my head. That didn't matter to me as long as my best friend was happy.

Tonight was going to be great.


I was excited. Theo and Melanie had something up their sleeves. What? I had no idea. They said I had to be patient. I hated surprises, and they knew that. Surprises were my worst enemy. I was such an impatient person. The weight of not knowing was really getting to me.

A car horn sounded from down stairs. I stuffed my phone in my pocket and jogged out to the car. Theo and Melanie were in the front seats. I swung the back door open and got in. The heater had been put on full blast. I smiled at both of my best friends as they peered back at me.

"Hey girl!" Melanie winked.

"Hi." I smiled widely. She snorted and sat back in her seat. My smile faltered as I sat back as well. The winked and turned back around. He drove down the road. The entire ride they had been whispering. I couldn't hear a word they were saying. I rolled my eyes at them. Why didn't they just their mind link? It would've been a lot easier.

Theo parked the car a block from the park. I frowned getting out. What were these two up to? Melanie walked ahead of us. Theo had his arm wrapped around my shoulders. A big smile on his face. Mel had seemed so off. Maybe it was just the hormones. Though, she never treated me this way. She wasn't any different towards Theo.

"Keep up." Melanie snapped. She didn't look at Theo, and instead kept her eyes on me. I frowned up at Theo, and he had the same confused glare in his eye.

"Melanie, what's wrong?" I jogged up to her side. She whipped around and pushed me back. I stumbled back, but didn't fall. She eyes were distant, like she wasn't even mentally there.

"I fucking hate you. Both of you." Her voice was raspy. Tears rushed down her cheeks. Theo walked over and pushed me behind him. I peaked out from behind him.

"You need calm the fuck down. What the hell is going on?" Theo snapped at her. She paced back and forth. Her body was shaking. A thin coat of sweat formed under her hair line. My mind was buzzing with concern and confusion.

"Fuck off!" Melanie growled at him. I rose my eye brows at her. There was definitely something wrong. Theo wasn't having any of it. He wrapped his hand around my wrist and dragged me back to the car.

"Where are you going?" Melanie questioned. Theo turned back to her. His eyes were burning holes of hatred in her face. Tonight was the most confusing and saddening night of my life. I had no idea what to do. Both of my best friends stunned me into silence.

"I'm taking her home. You can get your own fucking ride. Stay away from Alex, and stay away from me." With that, Theo helped me into the car. Like he said, he did take me home. Before I got out, he promised we'd do something tomorrow. I just hugged him and demanded he went home to his mate.

He gave me a weak smile and a goodnight. When he got home he texted saying that Melanie shouldn't have treated us the way she did. Pregnant or not, and I agreed. I bade him a quick goodnight and unlocked my balcony windows. I crawled into bed. I was happy Theo was my best friend. He always took my side, and I was grateful for everything he's done.

I knew he never liked Melanie, but for me, he put up with her. Tonight was his last straw. I could see he wanted to lunge at her. He didn't.

Before I could fully fall asleep, the door down stairs opened. I frowned crawling out of bed. Heavy boots climbed the stairs. My heart was pounding in my heart. The shadow of a man stood in front of me. His eyes met mine for a brief second and that was all I needed to rush to my balcony. The doors swung open, but I didn't get far. The male picked me up and threw me into Ashton's balcony window.

The glass shattered all around me. A few pieces landed in my thighs and near my rib cage. I pushed myself up into sitting position. Shard of glass dug themselves into my palms. My eyes roamed over the wounds: blood was dripping every where. The bedroom door swung open to reveal a confused Ashton.

"Alex, what the fuck?" He knelt beside me pulling his grey tee shirt off. The other guy crawled through the window. He pulled a knife out as he inched closer. My mind couldn't keep up with my actions. The guy lunged, and all I could do was push Ashton out of his line of sight.

The blade carved itself into my shoulder. My cries were filled with agony. I looked down at the blade, then at the man, but he was no longer there. Ashton twisted his neck and let the body fall to the floor. I placed a hand over my mouth as sobs clogged themselves in my throat.

I removed my hand from my mouth and reached for the knife in my shoulder. My hand shook violently as I let my head fall back. My sobs filled the room.

"I'm going to get you to the pack doctor." Ashton carefully picked me up. Even the slightest movements were excruciating. Ashton jumped off of the balcony and onto the lower level. The wind whipped past us as he rushed through the forest. My cries quieted, eyes shutting. A bed was tucked under me. Distant foot steps rushed around the room.

"She's lost too much blood. We don't have time to do any scans. We have to act fast. I need 250 milligrams of yanas. I'm going to do an ultrasound to see how far the blade is-"

No, just let me die.

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