Still Alive

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Chapter 18


My feet carried me back and forth, in the waiting room. Theo showed up about forty-five minutes ago. He was quietly sitting in one of the plastic hospital chairs. I couldn't sit down. The anger I felt was too great. Killing that guy wasn't enough. I should've kept him alive, but there was more from where he came from. We just needed to be more cautious.

He had passed our borders with out getting caught. They had found away to mask their scent. I was going to kill every last one of them. It's been over three hours and they were still performing surgery on her. They didn't come out to update us on anything. What the fuck takes so long?! I just wanted to know if she was okay.

I needed her to be okay. The bond hasn't broken, so she was still alive. That didn't stop my heart from beating at a rapid pace. This was hell. These goddamn doctors were taking forever. I tried to mind link the head of surgeons and they blocked me.

"Alpha." An older looking female walked over to me. I strode over to her, Theo right behind me. My heart stopped at the doctor hesitated.

"She's in critical shape. Her left wrist is fractured. Her lungs were punctured, but we managed to close that up. The knife didn't hit any major arteries. An inch more to the left and she would've died on the spot, but she's stable. From the trauma, she may have fallen into a state of amnesia, but we can't be sure until she wakes up."

"Room 240." He turned away from us. I didn't even hesitate to run to her room and sit beside her. Her hand was cold as it lay at her side. I tucked her hand into mine. I watched her chest steadily rise and fall. A smile of relief stretched my cheeks.

She was okay. That's all I wanted. That's what I got. I was upset that she pushed me out of the way. She took all the hits, but she took them like a boss.

"Alpha." I lifted my head from the mattress. A nurse stood at the foot of the bed, bowing in respect. I nodded my head turning my attention back towards my mate.

"She should be awake soon." Her voice echoed. I could feel my heart accelerate at the thought of seeing her open her eyes. Alexandra blinked a few times. I jumped out of my chair to dim the lights. Her eyelashes fluttered. I sat next to her, pulling her hand in mine. She gasped, as the heart monitor went off. Her small hand squeezed mine.

"Hey, how are you feeling?" My heart felt heavy. Seeing her injured made my anger flare. She just nodded her head. The door opened, revealing Alpha Daniel. His hair was sticking in many different directions. I stood from my seat to greet him, but his fist collided with my cheek.

"You said you were taking care of her!" He growled. Daniel had every right to to be pissed. I told him I would watch over here and here she was, laying in another hospital bed. I really fucked up. My duty is to love and take care of her. I was doing a horrible job at taking care of her. His fists never stopped swinging; and I never stopped him.

"Stop. Stop! STOP!" Alexandra cried. Her cheeks were stained with fresh tears. My heart broke at the sight and all I wanted to do was comfort her. I was too afraid to go near her.

"Theo, get out." She demanded. Theo? I looked to Daniel for answers. He knew exactly what was going on. Why did she call him Theo?

"Come, I'll explain." We walked out into the hall way. My heart was shattered into a million pieces. If she called Daniel Theo, then who did she think I was?

"The doctor said she slipped into a brief state of amnesia. She knows everyone's name, but not our faces." He gave me a weak smile.

"What can I do help her?" I frowned.

"Be patient. Kindly remind her of your name. They said it would last a while. How long? They couldn't tell."

Be patient. I can do that.

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