Still Alive

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Chapter 19


I was allowed to go home later in the week. My mind was clouded with questions and information I had yet to puzzle together. Everyone was treating me like a little kid. I hated this. I was seventeen, they didn't need to treat me like a porcelain doll. I stomped up to my room to have a hot shower. When I climbed out, I sluggishly walked to my closet. My shaky hands pulled on a black long sleeve with black sweats.

A knock from the balcony window startled me. Confused, I walked over to the door carefully pulling it open. A boy stood there with a bright smile on his face. My heart started going into overdrive at the sight. Just seeing him made my body go crazy. Who was he? Why did I feel this strong attraction to him?

"Alex." He stepped inside. I moved back a little to allow him to come in. He pulled me into his chest: giving me a big bear hug. My body stiffened before I hugged him back.

"God, I missed you so much." He whispered into my hair. My arms tightened around his neck as I drew in a long breath. He smelled amazing. I pulled my head off of his chest to look up at him. The urge to kiss him was heavy. His face inched closer to mine. My lips brushed against his pulling a gasp from my throat.

His actions were slow. I pulled him closer, shutting my eyes. He swiftly picked me up and carried me over to my bed. He dropped me onto the bed, crawling over. The kiss grew heavy and needy. All of my memories came back in a flash. Ashton was my mate, or, I was his. The mark: I wanted him to mark me. I was going to ask him to mark me.

His lips trailed light, feather kisses down my neck. He reached the spot between my neck and shoulder, gliding his tongue along the exposed skin. My body shook in delight. I suppressed a moan, gripping his hair lightly. I was ready to beg him to mark me.

"Ashton, mark me." I whispered.

He pulled his face away from neck to look at me in bewilderment. As if the words I spoke were some type of magical spell. He scanned my face for a sign of uncertainty. I just gave him a small nod.

"Are you sure?" It was almost as if he needed my verbal consent. His tone was hushed. I whimpered a simple "yes." He gave me a weak smile. I cupped his cheeks kissing him passionately.

"Alex, its going to hurt." His breath fanned against my face. I figured it would, but I didn't care. His eyes glazed over with concern, but all I could do was smile and peck his lips.

"Its okay." His sigh was shaky, but he nodded. He pulled his shirt over his head in one swift movement. I let out a shaky breath. I was going through with the plan. I was going to let him mark me. That is, in fact, what I wanted. I asked for this, and now I was getting it. Ashton forcefully pressed his lips to mine, slowly moving down my neck.

I could feel his canines gliding against my skin. He sunk his teeth into my neck. tears jumped into my eyes. My screams were muffled by his hand. I feel his body tense under my fingertips. The pain slowly, but surely, had been replaced with pleasure. I arched my back, breathing out a moan. He pulled back with a giant smile. Blood coated his teeth, lips, and chin. I slowly brought a shaky hand up to my neck, brushing my fingers against the puncture wounds. I could already feel them closing up.

I flinched, moving my hand away. Ashton pulled my hand away and kissed my knuckles. I flipped us over so that I was now on top. I pressed my chest against his giving him a peck. I didn't mind the blood. It was my blood, after all. A feeling I've never felt before sparked inside of me. I was ready for him. All of him, but I was going to wait until I went into heat. That is going to be another painful experience.

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