Still Alive

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Chapter 2


Theo and I stood at his locker. I leaned against the lockers next to his. He pulled his algebra 2 textbook out of his locker. Melanie skipped over to us. I rose my eye brows at her just as a grin broke out on to her face. She squealed jumping up and down.

“Did you hear?” She jumped up and down.

What the hell did she eat for breakfast? I really wanted some of that. I stayed up most of the night, last night, with the wolf. I had finally gone home at around three in the morning. I knew I was going to totally regret that, but I didn’t. I enjoyed his company. I could almost say I loved him.

“Hear what?” My eye brows furrowed. What in the world was she on about? The girl never made sense. She usually left me with more questions than answers.

“Ashton Carter is coming back to school.” The smile on her face was extremely large. I was afraid her face would split in half. Maybe then she would shut up. There was a tugging at my heart. The butterflies rose in the pit of my stomach and crashed against the walls.

Who was Ashton Carter? His name sounded so familiar. Where in the world had I heard that name before? I’m pretty sure his name came from Melanie’s lips. She always talked about boys. She was such a boy-aholic. I wouldn’t doubt for one second that she talked about this boy. Her and her damn man candy. The mere thought of her and ‘Ashton Carter’ greatly upset me.

“He’s going to be here soon!” She suddenly stopped to panic. “We have to go to the main gate and wait for him. We need to get in the front row. We have to get a good look.” She grabbed my hand and dragged me to the front gate.

I shook my head with a small smile. I really couldn’t hate her. She was the one thing that kept my life interesting. She kept me up to date. If it weren’t for her I would’ve been hauled up in my room binge watching the latest season of Shameless.

“He’s so gorgeous!” One of the fangirl’s gushed. I rolled my eyes at her remark. These girls need to get a life. I was pushed back. I tripped landing on my back. The air was knocked out of my lungs. An animalistic growl shook the crowd, tearing through the halls.

Girls parted as a male weaved his way through the never ending crowd. He made his way over to me. I propped myself up on to my elbows feeling my cheeks flush. All of the attention turned towards me. I bit my lip looking down at my legs. If I couldn’t catch my breath before, then I was surely dead now.

A hand was shoved in my face. I looked up to meet the owners eyes. His eyes were a golden brown, black hair styled into a quiff. My cheeks burned brighter as I placed my hand in his. Electricity shot through my body as our skin collided. I jumped up and dusted myself off. My eyes met his and I tilted my head in confusion. He turned his back towards me. My mask of confusion turned into a frown.

“Get back to your lives pups!” His voiced held authority. I flinched as he turned back to me. I coward away from his harsh glare.

“Pups?” I frowned in annoyance. “They’re humans. Not dogs.” I scoffed.

“I don’t think you know who I am.” The annoying smirk stretched his lips.

“No, I clearly don’t. I never listen to Melanie’s man candy rants. I’m not interested in what she had to say." I scowled. The guy rose his eyebrows in surprise.

"Man candy?" He chuckled. My cheeks set fire once again. I didn't know how to shut up. I technically just threw her under the bus. Fantastic.

"Forget I said anything. Thanks for the help." I walked away.

"Wait, what's your name?" He pulled me back. I looked up at him. I was not going to give some stranger my name.

"Don't worry about it." I smiled, walking away.

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