Still Alive

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Chapter 20


"Alex!" Theo waved me over. I walked over with a bright smile. He pulled me into a hug, wrapping his arm around my neck. I lightly pushed hi back as I winced. He jumped back in shock.

"What ha-" he moved my hair away from my neck. A gasp slipped from his lips. "Holy fucking shit!"

"Sh." I hushed him aggressively.

"Ashton marked you." he couldn't contain his smile, but was quiet about it. I nodded with a shy smile. "It looks amazing on you."

"Thank you." I chuckled. Arms wrapped around my waist. I knew exactly who it was. The sparks only intensified from the moment he marked me. I leaned into his chest as he pressed a light kiss to my mark. A shiver ran down my body. All I could think about was him now.

"Well, I'm going to go find my own mate." Theo waved goodbye. I smiled at him, watching him leave. Now, it was just Ashton and I. I turned my body around in his arms. His smile was contagious. Some thing in his eyes had changed. It was a good kind of change. Whatever the change had been, I fell for him even more. I couldn't get over how gorgeous he was. I was lucky: this beautiful beast stood in front of me. I didn't want it any other way.

"A beautiful beast? More like a sexy be-" Before he could even finished his sentence, I pushed him away.

"Conceited." I rolled my eyes. Without hesitation, I walked off to my first class of the day. I heard him groan and chase after me.

"Hey, but you love me." Ashton wrapped his arm around my shoulders.

"Debatable." I shrugged. It was his turn to roll his eyes. His lips on my cheek. My cheeks burned with color as all of the attention turned towards us. Ashton's arm snaked around my shoulders to pull me closer into his side. I winced when his fingers brushed against the healing wound. He dropped his hand to intertwine our fingers with a sympathetic smile. I shook my head, snuggling into him. He breathed out a sigh of relief and kissed the apex of my head.

I was really lucky.

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