Still Alive

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Chapter 21


Three weeks had gone by in a flash. Within those three weeks, the mark had quickly healed up. It formed the shape of the silver moon behind Ashton's ear. Once in while, this unbearable pain sparked in my chest. The pain had slowly moved down to my stomach. I didn't tell Ashton, because he would just freak out.

My feet carried me through the halls, a small smile painted my lips. Theo walked up beside me, a huge grin broke out on to his face. I chuckled raising my eye brows at him. What has him so happy? It had something to do with his mate, of course. Every time he was really upset, or really happy, it had something to do with Kat. She was a beautiful girl. I could see us being best friends, too.

"She's pregnant." He breathed. My feet stuck to the ground under me. The excitement burst through my pores. I jumped up and down before hugging him. They had been trying for a few months, but she was too scared her dad would be upset.

"Really? Oh my gosh! I'm so happy for you." I couldn't help the excitement I expressed. Theo chuckled, scratching the back of his neck. We continued the short journey to my locker.

When we got there, Ashton had already been waiting for us. His eyes had been glued to his phone. He closed his eyes inhaling deeply. His eyes snapped up to meet my eyes. I was almost afraid he'd snap his own neck. I smiled as he pushed himself off of the lockers. A wave of excruciating pain seared through my chest. This time, the pain washed over every inch of my body. My knees gave out under me and I crashed to the floor. Quick foot steps rushed over to me. Tears blinding me.

What was wrong with me? Was I dying?

"Fuck, she's going into heat." Ashton's eyes were filled with lust. His voice was raspy as he looked into my eyes. My body was picked up and Ashton's touched had cooled my burning body. I craved more.

"Ash!" I whimpered. He kissed my lips and shoved me into the back seat of his car. He rushed to the drivers side and sped off. Although the air was cool, my body was on fire. Sweat had my clothes clinging to my skin. I took my sweater off, tossing it somewhere in the front seat. Ashton growled as he parked the car outside of a small cottage.

We were out in the middle of the forest. In the middle of no where. All these images flashed in my head. Ashton's sweaty body against mine as his lips hungrily nipped at mine. The way his body rocked against mine. Thrusting his hi-

No. No, get ahold of yourself Alex!

Ashton jumped out of the car and opened the back door. I crawled out, jumping into his arms. It was as if my body had a mind of its own. I would never just throw myself at anyone. Our lips connected as he carried me into the cottage. As soon as the door slammed shut, all hell broke loose. We were no longer in our chosen outfits. Clothes had littered the floor all the way from the door, down to the room.

This was going to be a moment I'd never forget.

The next morning was bright. That was the best sleep I had in a while. I could get used to sleeping next to Ashton. I had been fully aware of my lack of clothing. The sheet was tangled around my body. An arm was draped over my stomach keeping me from escaping. I turned to come face-to-face with a sleeping Ashton. His eyes fluttered every so often, his breathing was steady.

I couldn't help but just admire him. A smile stretched my lips. I traced every inch of his face, ending with his lips. I brushed my thumb over his bottom ever so lightly, afraid I'd wake him. His grip around my waist tightened, causing my heart to stutter and a gasp brushed passed my lips. I firmly pressed my hands to his chest. I watched closely as his eyes fluttered open. A grin spreading across his face. He kissed my lips, pressing our naked bodies together. I smiled, pecking his lips.

"How did you sleep?" He voice did unexplainable things to me. The chills crawled down my spine. The hairs on the back to my neck stood at attention. God, he was so sexy.

"Amazing." I smiled over at him. His smile only grew while he placed a kiss on my forehead. His left arm snaked under my head serving as a pillow. I played with his fingers. I could feel his eyes burning holes into my face, but I couldn't bring myself to look up at him. He made me super nervous.

I was way too shy for my own good. My heart was banging against my ribs. I could feel his breath fan against my forehead. His lips pressed to my nose, leaving a tingling sensation where his lips imprinted themselves on to my skin. I could feel the tingling sensation every where he touched.

I had become addicted to his touch. I craved him every second of every day. Just like I needed the air I breathed, I also needed Ashton. If I hadn't been warned about the mate thing, I would've driven myself into an asylum. The feelings were the most intense feelings I've ever experienced. I would've scared myself half to death.

I was happy to have such a wonderful person in my life. He made every day worth living. Who knew where I'd be without him. He was the highlight of my life. I couldn't ask for anyone better. He was as amazing as they came.

"Alex." Ashton's soft voice brought me from my thoughts. My eyes roamed very inch of his face. He was facing an internal battle. I gripped his large hand in my small ones. His eyes met mine, and a bright smile broke out on to his face.

"I love you, Alexandra." His words made my heart stop. I could feel the love pouring out of him. I knew I wasn't the only one who had this pent up love inside. My cheeks flushed as I kept my eyes on his.

Ashton had just admitted he loved me. I've never felt such an intense love for anyone, ever. No one would ever capture my attention the way he did.

"I love you too, Ashton." His smile grew wider, and for a second, I was sure his face would split in half. He didn't hesitate to press his lips to mine, making my heart go wild. And in that moment, I knew I had a purpose. I had something to live for. I was thankful for Ashton. I wasn't afraid anymore. I was free.

Alpha Ashton Carter was the reason I was still alive.

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