Still Alive

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Over the past four years, there was so much that had changed. Ashton was busy with paper work and the packs build. A few months ago, another pack was attacked by rogues. Ashton has taken the remaining souls and accepted them as members of the pack. They had been grateful. The men had joined the warriors and trained alongside everyone else. The injured recovered in the hospitals west wing. Often, I went to visit them. Although they had each other, I, also, wanted to be there for them.

Theo and Katherine were settled in a four bedroom house just down the street from where Ashton and I were. Three years ago, little Noah came along. Theo and Kat were expecting another a child; a girl. Both had decided on naming her Olivia. I had become an aunt to both of the little monsters. Noah was a wreck half of the time. He loved hanging out with Ashton and I a lot. Though, when Ashton had duties, it was just Noah and I: not that I minded. I loved the kid. Watching Theo raise a family made me want kids of my own. I expressed my feelings and thoughts to Ashton, and he was on board. This was two weeks ago.

As for Melanie, she and Brian had been banned for betraying the pack. They now resided as rogues just out side of the packs borders. From the rumors, she was pregnant with her first child. The pack was furious when they found out that the couple willingly helped the rogues attack us. Ashton almost had them killed, but I couldn't let that happen. Once upon a time, she was my friend. Banning her was the better option. She would have to live with the consequences of what she's done. Brian wasn't her actual mate. He had a witch cast a spell so that she would fall in love with him. His mate died years ago. When she found out, she was furious. I don't blame her. Mates were such exquisite things.

At the moment, Noah was running outside with Katelynn. They had been pretty close since they could walk. Often, they fought. Which is totally expected. It kind of reminded me of Theo and I when we were that age. If I had to go through life all over again, I wouldn't change a thing. I had the perfect soulmate, who was also my best friend. I had Theo, and so much more to look forward to. I wouldn't change this life for anything.

My stomach turned in distaste. I rushed to the bathroom and emptied the contents of my body. Standing, I stepped in front of the sink and brushed my teeth. Opening the cupboard, I pulled out a pregnancy test, the anxiety shook me. Was I really ready to be a parent? Theo made it look so easy, but gosh it wasn't. There was nothing easy about raising a kid. Was I going to be a good mom? Sitting on the toilet, I took the test. Waiting a few minutes, the results showed. My heart exploded in my chest. Oh god, I'm going to be a mom. I rushed to out back to get Noah.

"Hey bud, let's go to the store real quick. I promise to get you an ice cream." I smiled at the pouting child. A bright smile lit up his face at the mention of the sweet treat. He bade his goodbye's to Katelynn and we set off towards the mall. The excitement was driving me crazy. Before stopping at a shoe store, we stopped at the small ice cream parlor for two cotton and candy cones. Just like me, it was Noah's favorite. With a distracted Noah trailing behind me, I walked into a Vans store. I quickly walked to the back of the store where the baby shoes were.

I picked up a pair of black Vans. My attention turned to Noah for his opinion. His face was covered in the purple ice cream as he sat on a near-by bench. I smiled at the kid and thought about how it would be if Ashton and I were to raise our own kids. It won't be easy, but it will be worth it.

"Hey bud, do you like these?" I squat in front of him. His eyes sparkled as he nodded his head. I ruffled his hair and walked up to one of the employers. A bright smile stretched her face. I looked down at her name tag, Lily.

"Hi, what can I do for you?" She clasped her hands together. I ordered a pair of shoes in this exact size and a pair for Noah. As soon as she walked off, I put the shoe back on display. My heart was hammering in my chest. The girl came out with the two boxes. I thanked her and went to pay for them. I could almost imagine what Ashton's reaction would be. I was ready for this. With Ashton by my side, we could get through anything.

We got back to the house just as Theo pulled into the parking lot. I helped Noah out and grabbed the bag of shoes from the back seat. Noah ran over to Theo and jumped into his arms. I smiled at the pair and walked over to the two boys. Theo looked over at me and gave me a hug.

"I see you guys went out." Theo chuckled. I nodded my head excitedly.

"We did some shopping. Here." I handed Theo the box containing Noah's new shoes. Theo scowled at me as he opened the box. He chuckled and tucked it under his other arm.

"Alex, you shouldn't have. Do you know how many shoes this kid has?" Theo sighed. I knew he had a lot: I bought half of them. But I didn't mind. I liked spoiling the kid. Now it was time to spoil my kid.

"Don't worry. I wanted to." I shrugged. He chuckled and kissed his kid on the cheek.

"Alright buddy, say thank you and goodbye." Theo instructed Noah.

"Bye Ali!" Noah waved. I waved back at him and bade both boys goodbye. I went into the house and prepared for when Ashton came home. Which should be soon. He said he hated being away for so long. I didn't blame him, I hated when we parted. I walked into the kitchen to start dinner. I knew Ash would be exhausted and most likely hungry. The guy never ate lunch. He always kept himself busy, too busy.

"Alex!" Ashton shut the door.

"Kitchen." I replied. I could hear his feet stomping towards me. His arms wrapped around me from behind. His lips kissed my cheek before he dug his face into the crook of my neck. I smiled as I finished up dinner.

"How was it?" I set up the table as I made small talk. Ashton sat and scarfed down the spaghetti I made. After dinner, I had him sit in the living room as I retrieved the surprise. I rushed into the living room as I stood before him. He frowned looking at the box in my hands.

"More shoes?" He chuckled. I passed him the box and watched as his frown turned into curiosity. He popped the box open and looked at the small shoes. His eyes met mine as he frowned.

"Don't tell me.." He trailed off. I chuckled as he stood up.

"Alex, are you really pregnant? Stop playing." He looked at my stomach. I laughed as he looked from the shoes back to my stomach. I was sure he could hear the babies heart beat as we stood there silently. His eyes widened.

"Oh shit! Alexandra, you just made me a dad!" He smiled widely. I nodded my head as he pulled me into his embrace. His lips kissed every inch of my face before he planted a kiss on my lips. I smiled up at him. This was really my life. This was my forever. I was happy with how my life was turning out. Ashton was my forever.

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