Still Alive

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Chapter 3


"You know, you're one of the luckiest girls at our school. You should've given him your name. Maybe even get his number. And you know... bang bang!" Mel winked.

I rolled my eyes at her bluntness. This girl. She was such a.. a... crap! I don't have the right word to describe her; but she was a man candy whore. I couldn't believe her. She knew how I felt about one night stands. Those weren't my ideas of fun. No, I was waiting for the right person. Not just a hit and run.

I was definitely not a hit and run. Nor would I ever be. I wanted to make sure I wasn't wasting my time. I wanted to make sure I was stuck with that person for life.

"Anyways, what are you doing this weekend?" I asked her. She rolled on to her stomach.We had been at her house all afternoon. Theo had just arrived not even ten minutes ago. He was on his phone texting his next, as he would say, toy.

"I'm going on a date with Brian." She smiled. I chuckled shaking my head.

"Honestly, I don't trust him, but that's none of my business." I shrugged. Melanie rolled her eyes and scoffed. She was head over heals with the schools walking log of STD's.

"We all know what Theo is gonna do. Or should I say who?" Melanie smirked. I shook my head as my laugh echoed in the small room. Theo looked up from his phone and sent us a glare.

"What time is your date?" I turned back to Mel.

"At nine." She breathed happily. I nodded with a small pout. I looked down at my phone for the time. Time always seemed to fly by when the three of us hung out. I stood fixing my Nirvana tee-shirt.

"Alright then. I've gotta get going." I smiled at them.

"Alright babes. I'll see you later." Melanie smiled at me. I nodded my head looking over at Theo. He was slumped in the purple bean bag. His right arm was draped over his eyes. He was fast asleep. I rolled my eyes at the sleeping beast; making my way out of the house and over to my matte black Jeep.

I drove home forming a plan in my head. I was going to spy on Melanie and her date, Brian. I wanted to make sure he was good guy. I couldn't bare to see Melanie hurt. I would have to kill the guy if he did anything to hurt her.

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