Still Alive

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Chapter 5


Of course she was a human. A human I actually wanted in my life. For the rest of my life It was rare for a werewolf to be mated to humans. I've only witnessed the occasion three times. Not including this one. I pulled on a pair of denim jeans and a black v-neck. I curved my bangs into a small wave and ran down stairs. I hopped into my car praying that I'd see her again.

Her green eyes. The way her lips curved into a smile. Her laugh was contagious. The way her touch drove me crazy. She obviously didn't know about Melanie and Theo. They were so sneaky. How they managed to keep their secret was beyond me. I would've told her the first chance I got, But I had to wait. I couldn't risk it.

I noticed Melanie and Theo as soon as I passed the school gates. There was no sign of Alexandra though. Where was she? Was she at home? Was she gonna be late? I would probably see her later.

"Hey." I walked up to the pair. They looked at me and smiled.

"Alpha." Theo bowed his head. I smiled at them and looked around. I still couldn't find the red head. Melanie and Theo studied me. Did they know where she was?

"Looking for Alex?" Melanie smirked. I looked over at her in surprise. Was she taunting me? I quickly regained my composure and cleared my throat.

"No, I was looking for my Beta. Have you seen Lukas?" I asked.

"Mm, Alpha. I know for a fact that she's your mate. You can't deny that. Don't hide." Theo smirked.

I was pinned against the wall of lockers. One of the knobs dug into my lower back making me uncomfortable. My eyes roamed the persons face. Theo had my shirt balled in his fists. I growled at the sudden disrespect.

"She may be your mate, but listen when I say this, I will hang you from your fucking guts out if you do any thing to hurt her. She's like my little sister. And her brother, Alpha Daniel, will be informed. I will not hesitate." Theo growled back.

"Scary." I smirked. He pushed himself away from me letting me loose. I knew why he said those things. He was looking out for her, and I appreciated it, but they didn't need to worry.

"I'll rip your fucking balls off and shove them up your ass." Melanie's eyes turned into slits. I snorted nodding my head. They were super overprotective. Why? I had no idea, and I wanted to know why.

"Alexandra won't be attending school today. She's sick." Melanie smiled sweetly. I knew that was a total lie, because we had been together last night. The salad couldn't have gotten her sick.

"What?" I asked, dumbfounded. What was it that I felt last night? Like a stinging sensation. Was that Alex? Did she get hurt? "What happened to her?"

"Its really not our place to tell you." Theo shook his head with a slight frown. I cocked my head to the side. What? Can't tell me? She was my mate for fuck's sake.

"Tell me what the hell is going on!" I demanded, using my Alpha tone. Neither flinched.

"Her brother called this morning, saying she had self-harmed and overdosed. She's in the hospital, healing. She's in a small coma." Melanie sighed. Theo flinched when my gaze had met his. So this was why they had been so overbearing.

My heart stopped in that very moment. I felt my stomach turn in a sickening way. Bile rose in my throat. My vision grew blurry as the panic restricted my chest.

"Where is she?" I asked breathlessly.

"Daniel took her to the pack doctor." Theo answered. I ran out of the school and got into my car. I got in and drove over to the hospital. I hadn't even paid attention to the other drivers. My mind was swirling with worry and questions. A list that was almost never ending.

"I pulled into the nearest parking space and rushed to the front desk. One of our elders sat at the desk. A phone in one hand and a pen in another. I wanted to yell at her and demand where my mate was, but that would've made me, as a leader, look bad.

"Alpha," she bowed. "How can I help you?"

"Alexandra Winters." I rushed. She gave me a questioning look, but never questioned me. Her nails scraped against the keyboard as she typed something into the computer.

"Room 430." Silvia gave me a small smile. I thanked her and rushed to the elevators. I pressed the summons button and waited. Alex's brother was probably in the room. That didn't matter to me. What mattered was Alex. I needed her to be okay.

The metal doors rolled open welcoming me in. I stepped in and pressed the number four. The elevator groaned as it carried my weight to the fourth floor. As soon as the door opened I wasted no time, and sprinted to her room.

I swung the door open to see Alexandra laying on the uncomfortable mattress. Her hair was strewn across the white pillow. Her skin was so pale, she almost blended into the sheet. Her brother was sitting on the side of the bed. His arms were crossed over his chest. Once his gaze met mine, he jumped from his seat.

"Who are you? What are you doing here?" He demanded. If I were any other wolf, I would have been intimidated. He was not intimidating. I was an Alpha, just as he was.

"Alpha Ashton Carter of the Black Moon Pack. Alexandra is my mate." I simply answered. His features softened as he looked towards her. He sat back down not questioning any more than he already had. Those were the answers he needed, and that was all I was willing to give him. I didn't need to explain myself. I took a seat to her left and cupped her tiny hand in mine.

"How come she doesn't know about us?" I quietly questioned.

"My father refuses to tell her." He simply answered.

"How come she isn't a wolf?" Was my next question. I hadn't been sure he had heard me, because he took a while to answer. It was frustrating.

"Uh.. she took after my mom. That, and my mom was having problems during delivery. The doctors said that if my mom naturally gave birth to Alex, she wouldn't have lived to celebrate her tenth birthday. So they did a C-section on my mom. By the time the doctors were done, my mom lost too much blood and died."

Ten years? Alexandra would've only lived ten years. I would've never gotten to meet her. The Moon Goddess would have paired me with someone else. Her mom made a tough decision, but let Alex live out of love. I was forever grateful.

What would it have been like if Alex died? Who would my mate be? Would I even be mated? Would I even be here right now?

The new found information was overwhelming.

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