Still Alive

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Chapter 7


"It's Friday!" I sang; skipping over to Melanie. Her eye brows shot up. A warm smile crossed her features. Brian stood next to her. At the sight of them together, my heart sank.

"What did you smoke this morning?" Mel smirked. I watched carefully as Brian wrapped an arm around her waist. Her body weight was shifted so that she was leaning against him. I rolled my eyes at her remark: playing off the jealousy.

"I don't smoke. I just woke up in a really good mood." I smiled sweetly. Melanie smirked with a nod of her head. I could see the wheels turning in that little head of hers.

"Did ya bang bang Ashton?" She winked. I gasped placing a hand on my chest: cheeks flushed.

"Totally, and it was the best." I scoffed. She clapped excitedly; like one of those retarded seals. I almost laughed at her.

"Finally, my little baby potato is growing up. I'm so proud of you." She pulled away from Brian to squeeze my cheeks. I swatted her devilish hands away from my face. The bell echoed in the crowded halls ways. My shoulders sagged foreword in dismal. My first period class was algebra two. I hated math. I sucked at math. English, or even music, was more my forte.

Mel groaned slamming her locker shut. She had science. The teacher didn't even bother to lecture half of the time. He handed out packets and gave us the first page of the assignment, then went and sat at his desk the rest of the period. Sometimes I wonder how half of the teachers got hired.

"I'll see you at lunch." Mel smiled, pulling her love sick pup along. I nodded knowing that she would bring him along. They couldn't stay away from each other. Always locked lips and everything. She was one of those couples you would find everywhere in the school.

As I walked up the stairwell, Ashton popped up next to me. He sported a grin. I rose my eyes brows at the male waiting for an explanation, but never got one.

"Morning red."

"Good morning, Ash." I gave a weary smile. He chuckled ruffling my hair. I pushed his hands away mentally sending daggers in his direction.

"What side of the bed did you wake up on today?" He followed me. I huffed climbing onto the other set of stairs. Ashton maneuvered behind me. I smiled widely.

"TRUST FALL!" I threw myself back. Ashton was quick to pick me up bridal style. I patted his chest feeling the muscles flex underneath the pads of my fingers.

"Whoa, babe, if you wanted me to carry you all you had to do was ask." Ashton winked. I rolled my eyes at the remark. The guy was a flirt. Though, I've never seen him flirt with other girls.

"Nah. Nice catch though. You can put me down now." I pouted. He rolled his eyes. There was no use in putting me down now, we'd stop the flow of students rushing to get the back seats in class.

"I'll just let you down at the top of the stairs." Ashton shrugged. i bit my lip with a single nod of my head. Ashton set me down allowing me to fix my dress. I made sure the back wasn't tucked into any thing. That would've just been plain embarrassing.

"What are your plans for after school?" He followed me to class. I looked up at his towering figure to find he was staring right back at me. I looked down shaking my head.

"Nothing." I cleared my throat. The heat was rising on my cheeks with every passing second. He made me nervous. I didn't like it. I hated feeling nervous.

"Cool. Let's go get some ice cream." He offered a kind smile. I opened my mouth to agree, but I hadn't picked up my wallet this morning. I knew I had forgotten something!

"I forgot my wallet." I pouted. I really liked ice cream, but I wasn't letting him pay for me. I've got myself. I could take care of myself.

"It's okay." Ashton dismissed me. I gasped over at him. He thought it was okay. I thought it was bull. I don't know how other girls could let a guy pay for them. It made me feel useless.

"Absolutely not. I don't want you paying for me." I sped up. This was me ending the conversation. Which didn't work out since Ashton had longer legs than I did.

"Come on, Alex! I insist." I could feel his warm hand wrap around my elbow. He tugged with enough force to pull me back, but not enough to make me fall. The tingles ignited in the very spot he touched

"Fine, but as soon as we get home I'm paying you back. No arguments." He better take the money, or I'll have to just slip it into his pocket.

"What ever helps you sleep at night." He rolled his eyes and went straight to his class. I growled at his retreating figure. A tugging feeling pulled at my chest.

Wait! Come back. I was expecting a kiss. Argh! Maybe next time. For sure next time, but maybe I could just.. go after him. No too lazy. Next time.

I walked into class taking my seat in the very front. Some of the students had already sat in their assigned seats. Some were quickly jotting down notes, others were scrolling through their phone. I sighed waiting for the teacher to start his lesson.

Then my thoughts wandered off into their own world...

Ashton walked through the door. My eye brows furrowed, watching as he walked over to me. My lips parted, but not a sound slipped past them. I didn't know what was going on. All I knew was that he didn't have this class. A sheepish smile was thrown in my direction.

"I, uh, forgot something in your bag." He scratched the back of his neck awkwardly. I slammed my bag onto the desk and opened the big pocket. Nothing of his was there, so I checked the smaller pocket.

I looked at him and then at my bag. How did he forget something in my bag? Why did he forget something in my bag?

"Why would you..? Never mind." He was weird one, so asking questions would only lead to more questions. I looked into my bag to find a small red velvet box. I pulled it out ever so carefully. I averted my attention to him, once again.

Ashton knelt on his knee and opened the box. My eyes widened at the sudden events. I gasped covering my mouth. He smiled widely.

"Will you marry-"

Hold up! Marry him? That's a little too extreme. I didn't even know the guy. I just met him a couple of weeks ago. We couldn't just jump into a marriage. No. That's just.. no.

"Ms. Winters, can you please give us the answer to this equation?" Mr. Darwin pointed to the board. I cleared my throat sitting up straight. My eyes scanned the question. I really hated when teachers did this. Putting kids on the spot should be a big no-no. I was one of those teenagers that got nervous speaking in front of people. Especially my crush.

"Um, it turns out to be seven." I muttered.

"Good, but please try to tune into class." He turned back around to face the board. A sudden wave of pride and relief washed over me. I had saved myself from further embarrassment.

Lunch came around. I was the first to sit at our table. No surprise there. The doors swung open. Melanie had Brian trailing behind her. I gave them a forced smile before looking down at my lunch.

"Hi guys." I whispered. They sat across from me giving each other a peck on the lips. Melanie pulled out two brown bags. One with Brian's name on it, hearts decorated around it.

"Hey, Lex!" Melanie beamed. She turned back to Brian and muttered something about what she had packed him for lunch. My shoulders slouched while a frown stretched itself on to my face. Theo came along, his girlfriend stumbling behind him. I was officially the fifth wheel. I groaned walking away from the crowd. I didn't even want to be near them any more.

I trailed down the hall way making my way to find an open spot. Turn after turn the anger built up inside of me. Now i had to find a table that would belong to me, and only me. Sitting under a tree wasn't an option. Too many people already did that. All the tables in the hall way were taken too.

The bleachers sounded nice. No one really ventured that way. They wanted to be where all of the gossip was. So to the bleachers it is.

"Hey!" Someone hollered. A feeling of comfort and ease invaded my body. I turned around to find Ashton rushing my way. He stopped beside me and smiled widely.

"You walk really fast for a short person." A smirk soon replaced the smile. He was breathless. How could he be breathless? He didn't seem breathless carrying me up the stairs this morning.

"For a short person, I'm pretty close to places to never want to hurt." I smirked up at him. He laughed throwing his head back. His actions wiped the smile off of my face. I rolled my eyes and continued on my short adventure. I just wanted to be left alone.

No, you don't. You enjoy Ashton's company. Stop being stubborn and admit it.

"I'd be surprised if you could punch hard. How do you have the strength? You look like noodles." He chuckled. I turned to face him. I climbed the top of the bleachers. I sat down angrily. My eyes tore holes into his face. He sat down bleachers below me. His body was facing me. He looked up using me to shield his face from the sun.

"You know, I may be small, but I have strength too. Maybe not as much as you, but trust me, I can and I will tear you apart." I growled angrily.

"Feisty. What a beast. I think its cute." He winked. Cute? Christ on a stick! He needs to shut up if he wants to keep all body parts intact.

"You don't know beast." I muttered. Ashton scoffed, rolling his golden orbs. His eyes moved away from me, but not once did my glare waver. I swung my legs back and forth as I pulled myself to look away from him.

"What were you running from?" His eyes turned up to me. I was running from being a fifth wheel. I hated everything that had to do with relationships right now. It tore my best friends away from me. relationships left me lonely.

"I just needed to be alone, but then you came along." I snapped. He made me lose my temper. But then I couldn't stay mad at him.

"Ouch princess, that really hurt. It hurt my heart." He feigned hurt. I cackled rolling my eyes at him. I turned to see him staring at me, quite intently.

"Good." I smiled sarcastically. He huffed dropping his hands into his lap. I almost hurt just seeing him like that.

"I thought you loved me." He jutted out his bottom lip. I snorted sliding my hands under my thighs.

"No, I could never." I knew that was a lie. I was falling for him real fast. I couldn't let myself fall. There was no way I was going to let myself love another guy.

"One day." He sounded so sure of himself. I almost believed him. I couldn't help the sarcastic laugh that tumbled from my lips. My cheeks tinted a bright pink. "So, are you going to tell me what you are running from?"

"It was crowded in the cafeteria. I just needed some air." I fibbed.

"Yeah, sure." Ashton scowled. Why was he mad? He had no reason to be mad.

"Shut up!" I stressed. I wanted him to keep talking, honestly. His voice was deep, but so smooth. He was so beautiful. I wanted to kiss him. The urge was so great, I almost did.

"Love you too." He pouted childishly. I couldn't help but smile.

"You talk too much." I stuck my tongue out at him. He laughed rubbing his chin. I smiled looking down at my Doc Martins. His words were harmless, but hit me like a ton of bricks. I wanted him to say it and actually mean it. They had the biggest affect on me. My heart skipped a few beats as my stomach was engulfed in fireworks.

He was going to be the death of me.

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