Still Alive

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Chapter 9


Well, it was Tuesday. I really hated everything in between Monday and Friday. They just seemed to drag on and on and on. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday were never in my favor. Ever. I was just waiting for Friday.

I pulled into the student parking lot. I parked my car and made my way into the gate. I opened my locker: shoving everything inside. I stared at every piece of paper and textbook inside. It was really messy, but I hadn’t the energy to clean it. I closed the metal door with a loud bang. I leaned against the cold metal. I rolled my head back, resting it against the wall.

“Hey.” A small voice squeaked. I straightened up; meeting eyes with Melanie. She stood in front of me with a smile. She was in a pair of yoga pants and, what I’m assuming is, one of Brian’s hoodies.

“Hey.” I nodded stiffly. She looked like a mess. I almost didn’t recognize her. Her hair was tied in a messy bun. There were bags forming under her brown eyes. You could tell she had gained a little weight. What was wrong with her? She never let herself gain any weight. She was sleep deprived.

“I miss you.” She sobbed. Without hesitation, I pulled her into a hug. Her arms wrapped themselves around my neck as she sobbed into my shoulder.

“I miss you too.” I stroked her hair. “What’s wrong? You look like a mess. Let’s get clean you up.” I dragged her to the bathroom. She chuckled wiping her eyes. Melanie stepped in front of the sink and splashed her face with water. I leaned on the wall next to here.

“Talk to me.” I rubbed her arm soothingly. She wiped her face dry and turned to me. Tears pouring down her face. I gave a small smile.

“After the date, Brian dropped me off. I had invited him in. It was getting late and it was really cold. I didn’t want him driving at midnight. So, we went up to my room. I grabbed a change of clothes and went to change in the bathroom.

Well, we sat on my bed and talked for hours. Then he kissed me. It was such an innocent kiss. Then it became something more. Something not so innocent. And-” She covered her mouth sobbing.

“It’s okay.” I rubbed her back. Her sobs filled the quiet bathroom.

“He started with my shirt. I wanted to. The worst part of it all, I wanted to! I so badly wanted it to happen: and it did. Yesterday, I hadn’t gotten my monthly. So I took a pregnancy test, and it came out positive.”

“Have you told him?” I asked. She just shook her head. I could see the fear in her eyes. I almost cried for her, but she needed me to be strong for her. This was not something I’d ever thought to happen.

“That’s the first thing you need to worry about. After that, you can figure out what you want to do. Whether he will stay or not.”

“You’re right. I’ll talk to him tonight.” She sobered up. Mel wiped her red cheeks with the sleeves of her sweater. I smiled a sympathetic smile. I had no idea how to handle this.

“Good, now lets go. They might be looking for you.” I chuckled.

“You too.” She looped her arm around mine. We walked down the hall way towards Theo’s locker. He was looking into his locker with a frown. Mel approached him with a giant smile. When the locker closed, he looked in our direction. A big grin on his features.

“My ALI-CAT!” He whaled happily. His arms wrapped around my head and back pulling me into a bone crushing hug. I chuckled wrapping my arms around his waist.

“I missed you so much. I am so sorry. I’ve been a total fucking dick." He pulled back with a big smile.

“I missed you too. Its fine, I guess.” I shook my head.

“Its really not.” He pouted. I looked over at Melanie, but she was lost in her own world. Her eyes were focused on something totally different. I followed her line of sight. Brian stood with a group of friends. I took a hold of her hand a gently squeezed.

“You’ve got this.” She nodded walking away from us. I looked up at Theo. He smiled pulling me into his side. I chuckled wrapping my arm around his waist.

“Come on.” Theo pulled me along. I snuggled into Theo, basking in his body heat. I never knew how he was always so warm. Today was super cold. Colder than it has been the last two weeks. I kind of liked this weather. It was cuddling weather, not that I had anyone to cuddle with. I could cuddle with my Cookie Monster.

The speakers over us beeped. The principals voice rang through. Everyone stopped what they were doing to listen to what he had to say.

“Attention students and faculty. Due to weather difficulties, we will have the day off. It has been reported we will have at least ten feet of snow. Please, get home safely.”

Everyone cheered and rushed out of the school. I grinned up at Theo. He hollered in excitement. A free day? Yes, please. The excitement buzzing through the crowd.

“Want a ride home?” I asked.

“Yea, but I’d rather hang out at your house for a while. Just until dinner. Tonight’s dinner is kind of important.” Theo smiled. I nodded guiding him to my car. We got in and made our way to my house.

Melanie showed up an hour later. We sat on the floor, in my room, in a circle. Snacks sat in the middle of the circle. My eyes darting between my two best friends.

“So, what did Brian say?” I turned to Melanie. She sighed contently, a blush brushing over her cheeks.

“He’s supportive. Brian wants to have this baby with me.” The words that slipped out of her mouth were a relief. I couldn’t imagine him NOT wanting the baby. Brian was also a factor of the process. As long as Melanie was happy, I was happy for her.

“I’m happy for you.” I picked up an Oreo and stuffed it in my mouth." She nodded.

“Out of all of us.. I honestly thought that Theo would have a baby first.” I laughed. Mel giggled beside me.

“Hey! That is ... wait. Yea ... me too.” He frowned letting his shoulders sag. I laughed at his facial expression.

“You may not have a kid, but you might have an STD!” Melanie roared in laughter beside me. I followed along.

“You guys are assholes.” He sighed crossing his arms over his chest like the child he is.

“But you love us.” I patted his shoulder. He pulled me to his side with a smile.

“I do. You guys are the worst best friends ever.” He smiled. He was honestly a breath taking male, but I never saw him like that. He was more of a brother to me. People always thought we were together. Theo and I go back to when we were in diapers. Then first grade came and Melanie joined our clique.

Those were the days. It was great. Yeah, we argued a lot. We kinda ruined each other, but we always found our way back. We were just that close, all of us. Theo looked at his phone and sighed. He pouted standing up. I smiled knowing he had to go. I was sad he had to leave, but his family had this weird obsession with Tuesday being their family night. They did every thing together until midnight.

They played games and watched movies. If one of them fell asleep before midnight they’d get pranked. I never joined them even if he asked me to. I couldn’t even stay up past nine.

“Alright guys.” Theo stuffed his phone in his pocket. “It’s time for family dinner.”

“Bye Theo. We’re gonna miss you. Good luck.” I stood up hugging him. Mel stayed on the floor waving.

“Bye butt face. You make no difference.” She smirked.

“Neither do you.” He bit back. I laughed sitting back down. Theo left leaving Melanie and I alone.

“How’s your man candy?” She looked over at me with a smirk. My cheeks flushed. I looked down so that my hair was a curtain shielding her view.

“He’s not my man candy, and he’s fine.” I rolled my eyes gaining my serenity. She chuckled taking a bite of a bar she pulled out of her bag.

“Let me re-phrase that. How are you guys? And you know exactly what I mean.” She smirked taking another bite.

Dang! She knew me all too well. Every time she asked questions like that I always answered with “What do you mean?” And she would roll her eyes and explained, but not this time. She just.. dropped the bomb. Of course I knew what she meant. I always knew what she meant.

“There’s nothing going on between us, but yesterday, he asked me out on an official date.” I shrugged.

“What?!” She screeched. Her eyes widened as she sat straight. “What did you say? If you said no I’m gonna kill you. You haven’t been on a date since ... well since ever!”

Well, wasn’t she just full of excitement. I think she was a lot more excited than I was. Was that bad? That my best friend was more excited about my own date than I was? Maybe she should go for me.

“I didn’t say no. I said yes. And keep it down. He lives two feet away from us.” I scolded her.

Our balconies were literally two feet away. If not two, then three. Which literally left me no privacy. Most of the time that’s how he’d get into my house, or communicate with me.

“I’m so excited for you. I can’t believe this. You’re not an Emo loner potato any more. You’re an Emo potato that’s got a date.” She smiled happily.

You could see the genuine happiness in her eyes. She never said things that she didn’t mean. Every thing she said she meant. Unless she was smirking. That’s how you knew she was truly playing around. And most of the time she didn’t play around.

“Thank you. What time is it?” I lay on the floor.

“It’s eight.” She answered.

“If you want, you can crash here. I have a head ache, so I’m going to sleep. You can have my bed.” I wrapped myself in a blanket.

“Thank you best friend. Love you. And good night.” She kissed my forehead and crawled into my bed.

“Good night. Love you too.” I whispered sleepily. What did I do today? I was so tired. Why?

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