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Olivia lived with her mom and her five brothers most of her life. Now her mom got remarried and her new husband has four sons. That means Olivia has to live with nine boys, including her biggest enemy In summer 2014 Olivia's life changes when her mother Kathy gets married to Morgan Harding, the father of four sons. That means she will have nine brothers to handle and one of them happens to be her bully, Ryder Harding. Little does he know they share history

Romance / Humor
Ally Vegaz
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Chapter 1

(1) The Day, That Changed My Life

Here we are. The most important day of my mom’s life. Her wedding day. Not to my father, because he died when my little brother Thomas was 4 and now he’s 15. By the way, I’m Olivia Copeland, 16 years old and sister of the 5 Copeland boys. You heard right!! I have 5 brothers!!

So, it’s my mom’s wedding day and I’m her maid of honor

She’s standing on a podium together with her soon husband Morgan. He’s so nice and sweet with me. He treats me like his own. I’m his princess

“So, do you Katherina Copeland, want to marry this man Morgan Harding, so say I do” The priest said.

“I do” She smiled really big and that made me smile.

“And you, Morgan Harding, do you want to marry this woman Katherina Copeland, so say I do” The priest said again.

“I do” He smiled almost even bigger than my mom.

“Then you may kiss the bride” The priest said.

Morgan kissed my mom with a long passionate kiss and the crowd cheered.

It’s been a long time since my mom was that happy.

But now to the rest of my family.

The guy in the front row with the black hair and the white button shirt and tie, yea that’s the oldest of the Copeland clan, William or short Will. He’s 20 and the different one. He only watched British movies, just to get an accent and it worked, but now everyone thinks that he is British and he’s sick of explaining so he just goes with it. He also is the protective one and the ‘father’ kinda since my dad died.

Next to him is Tobias or Toby, how everybody is calling him. He’s 19 and goes to the same High School like me. He’s a jock, basketball and he plays it all the time.

Then there is Dustin, he’s 18 and the schools heart-drop and every girl is after, but he waits for the right girl to spent the rest of his life. He’s so romantic.

Then there is Cody... Cody.. Cody.. Cody.. He is 17 and a wannabe bad boy. He always wears a black leather jacket, even today. At least he put on a white shirt today. Usually he wears black, but I always know no matter what, he got my back.

Last but not least, there is 15 year old Thomas. He’s the baby of the Copeland clan, but he is also really protective of me and I just think that’s cute. He is also a little nerdy, but I love him more than anything.

Yeah.. My crazy big Copeland family.

My mom and Morgan left the podium and walked to the food area and took a seat at the table on a podium.

Now it was Morgan’s turn for his speech. I sat at a table with Thomas, Cody and my best friend Maia. She’s practically family. She’s like the sister I never had.

Morgan got up and started talking into a microphone.

“Hello everybody and thank you for coming to this special day of Kathy’s and mine. Since the moment I looked the first time into her beautiful eyes, I know that she could be the one to help my to keep going and not to give up. She’s been so lovely to my sons and her sons and her sweet daughter and I still can’t believe that my family gotten so much bigger than I thought. But I don’t mind, I’m the happiest man alive right now and I just want our kids to meet so let’s start with that, shall we honey??”

“We shall” My mom got up and Bridgit handed her a microphone.

Bridgit is my mom’s little sister. She has been a great help to all of us after my dad died.

“Okay, with who should we start?” Morgan asked my mom.

“Let’s start with your kids” She smiled.

“Okay then” He turned around to the guests.

“My oldest André Harding”

A boy with black hair walked to the podium and stopped in front of it and turned around to the guests.

“Benjamin Harding”

A brown haired boy walked to the front and tripped on his way and laughed about it. Then he went over to André and placed himself next to him.

“Luke Harding”

Another brown haired boy walked to the front. Just that his hair was longer and he was way taller than Benjamin.

“And my youngest, Ryder Harding”

Then another brown haired guy went to the front. He was a little bit smaller than Luke, after he turned around, my face froze.

That is Ryder Harding from my grade, he’s like my biggest enemy!! And now he’s... my step-brother... Oh my....

Now my mother started talking.

“My oldest, William Copeland”

Will went to the front, but placed himself on the other end of the table.

“Tobias Copeland”

Toby placed himself next to Will.

“Dustin Copeland”

Dustin smiled and placed himself next to Toby. I looked back and some girls from Morgan’s side of the family were staring at him. I rolled my eyes and turned back to the front.

“Cody Copeland”

Cody got up and wanted to walk over, but I put my hand in his way.

“Shades!” I said.

“Ugh..” He said and gave them to me and went to the front, while I handed them to Maia.


Maia laughed a little.

“My only daughter Olivia Copeland”

I got up and tried not to fall with my high heels, because we’re on grass and that plus heels, not a good combination. I placed myself next to Cody.

“Where are my shades??” He asked, only worrying about them.

“With Maia!” I answered.

“Olivia!?” Someone on my right asked.

I turned to him and guess what.. I’m standing right next to Ryder.

“Shut up!!” I said angry, trying not to lose my smile.

“And my youngest Thomas Copeland”

Thomas placed himself between me and Ryder. Finally!!

“Family picture time!!” Morgan yelled.

He and my mom got off stage and place themselves between Ryder and Thomas. I got a little bit in front of my mom and she put her arm around me. Will got next to me and in front of him was Thomas. Next to Will were Toby and Dustin and in front of them were Cody. Ryder placed himself next to Morgan and Benjamin and Luke placed themselves next to each other Ryder and André kneed in front of his brothers.

The photographer was about to take the picture.

“Stop!!” my mom yelled “Bridgit has to be on the photo too!!”

I saw how she smiled and she placed herself next to me, were Thomas used to stand.

Then the picture was taken.

With this picture my new life with 9 brothers started right now.

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