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Trike is the youngest member of a motorcycle club. When he is asked to help a blind girl, he can’t resist. When he finds out she’s in trouble, he’ll do everything he can to save her. Trike loves being in The Stone Knight's, but it still feels like he's missing something. That's when Ali calls him to go pick up a friend, and he meets the pretty little blind girl. His heart beats faster, his hands start to sweat, and he realizes she's the one. Misty is still getting over the accident that killed her parents and left her blind. Not only that, but her brother is fighting overseas and has tasked his fiancé to look after her. Unfortunately, the fiancé lives to make Misty's life as difficult as possible. Add to that, a couple of rejected prospects, and it's a recipe for disaster. Will Trike and Misty ever find happiness, or is their relationship doomed, before it even starts!

Romance / Action
Megan Fall
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Chapter 1 ~ Misty

Misty carefully lifted her hand, and felt across the top of the bathroom counter. Finally, she located her brush. Picking it up, she ran it through her long golden brown hair. She loved her hair, as it was the same colour as her mothers, and wished with everything she had that she could see it now.

Almost two years ago, she was driving to dinner with her parents. An impaired driver crossed the median and hit their car head on. Both her parents were killed instantly. She suffered quite a few cuts and bruises, but the most damage she received was to her head.

The back of her head slammed into the side window from the impact. The doctors told her she had significantly damaged the optical cortex. It caused her to suffer a partial blindness, meaning she is only able to see shadows and shapes.

The blow also caused headaches and dizzy spells. The doctors told her that there is no indication of how long the blindness could last. For some people it last days, others months or a year, and in some cases it never returns at all.

For her, she figured it was permanent. She still suffered the headaches and dizziness, only not as often, but since the accident, her sight hadn’t improved at all. She was just as bad off now, as she was when it happened.

She sometimes wished she was completely blind. The shadows only frustrated her, and made it harder. The light hurt her eyes too, so she had taken to wearing sunglasses when she was out during the day.

Her brother Noah was a marine, and been stationed in Afghanistan at the time. He was given leave to come home and attend the funeral. He also stayed long enough to make sure she was settled, then he was under orders to go back. He had to sell her parents house, to pay for the funerals and her medical bills, so he had moved her into his apartment. Since he was engaged to Carly, and she was their only family, Misty was now in her care.

Unfortunately, as soon as Noah left, Carly showed her true colours. She hated being Misty’s caregiver, and was constantly making it known. Plus, Misty was pretty sure Carly was seeing someone else behind her brothers back. Her brother only called about once or twice a month, and with him stationed in the middle of a battlefield, Misty knew she couldn’t burden him with her problems. She put up with Carly’s abuse and went on with her life.

Most days she sat at home and read on the Braille book reader her brother had bought her. She also liked to pop in her ear buds and listen to music on her iPod. Sometimes she ventured to the park down the street, but even that was difficult.

Today, Carly insisted on driving her to a coffee shop, and she planned on leaving her there while she went to run a couple errands. She promised she would only be about forty-five minutes, then she would pick her up and take her back home. Misty didn’t really want to go, but she knew she needed to start getting out more.

That’s why she had been searching for her hairbrush. She kept begging Carly not to move her things, but of course Carly told her she needed to clean, and to do that she had to put things away. Sometimes it took Misty an hour to find her things after Carly cleaned. It was frustrating and some days she even shed a few tears. Misty knew Carly did it on purpose, just to upset her.

Misty finished in the bathroom, and grabbed her cane, heading out to living room in search of Carly. She finally found her waiting by the door, as Carly liked to ignore her when she called. Misty sighed and followed her out of the apartment and downstairs to her car. She was careful on the stairs, as Carly never helped. Once they had made it to the car, she opened the door and climbed in.

She hoped her afternoon was better, but didn’t have very high hopes. Life just wasn’t what she expected it to be anymore, and she was beginning to loose hope of it ever getting better.

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