SAMPLE Loving Misty - Stone Knight’s MC Book 3

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Chapter 10 ~ Trike

Two days had passed since he’d seen Misty, but they talked on the phone lots. He loved to hear her laugh. He told her all about how the bikers had decorated Dragon’s and Steele’s rooms, when they first brought their women to the compound.

He had plans to see her later, but for now, he was hard at work. He had decided to buckle down, and get his cabin finished. Both Dragon and Steele warned him that things could move fast for him, just like it did with them. If he had to move Misty in, he didn’t want her in the compound, so he was determined to power through the inside finishes.

Luckily, his brothers were willing to help. Dragon and Navaho were installing the kitchen cabinets and sink. Steele was working on the bathrooms, and Preacher was hooking up the washer and dryer. Dagger was beside him, grumbling about getting stuck with the worst job.

Trike had dragged him to a nursery, and purchased as many daisies as he could. They were now busy planting them all around the cabin. He knew Misty wouldn’t be able to see them, but she had recognized the smell of them the other day, so he knew she’d know they were there.

Furniture was another matter. Trike had seen her bedroom, and knew she liked blue. He figured if he kept the cabin in blues and whites, it would be easy. He bought everything he would need, but added touches of the colours everywhere. He had laid a blue rug in the living room, and bought white pillows for the couch. He bought a beautiful blue comforter for the bed that had white daisies in it. Blue towels were bought for the bathrooms.

He felt bad that Misty couldn’t see it, but he was getting good at explaining things to her. He didn’t want her to miss out. He was really getting excited about the possibility of moving in here one day with her, and hoped things worked out for them.

The club had looked into Carly, after he got her name from Misty, but they came up dry. Carly came from a normal home life, and worked as a receptionist. She did nothing illegal, except maybe spend too much on clothes and she was starting to frequent a bar in the area. She had admitted to being lonely, when Trike had seen her, so maybe she was headed there to wallow. They would check it out just to make sure.

When they looked into her bank account, they noticed a monthly amount was being deposited by the military. Trike figured that was Misty’s brother, Noah, taking care of the bills. The brothers wanted to look into Misty as well, but he nixed that. Until he had a reason to dig into her life, he’d leave it alone. He was gaining her trust, and he didn’t want to loose it!

They finished planting the flowers and stood up, wiping their hands on their dirty jeans. The flowers looked really nice, and Trike was thrilled. He knew he was falling hard for the pretty little blind girl, but he couldn’t help it.

Steele had pulled him aside earlier, telling him to follow his heart. He had fallen for Cassie pretty much on sight too. She had suffered a different set of problems, and was married too, but Steele had stayed by her side. Now they were living together and Steele couldn’t be happier. Bikers are different he explained, and sometimes things just move faster.

Trike completely agreed. He had only known Misty a short time, but he wanted her away from Carly, and living in the cabin with him as soon as possible. Even though they hadn’t found anything on the bitch, she had rubbed him the wrong way. The girl had something going on, Trike just needed to figure out what it was.

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