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Chapter 11 ~ Misty

Misty got ready for her date with Brody. She pulled on a pair of jeans, and a pretty t-shirt. The neck was a deep v, and a bit lower than her regular t-shirts. She brushed her hair out and left it down, the way Brody liked it. She dug through the bottom of her closet, and pulled out her old boots. They were black, with a low heal, and came up almost to her knees. She hadn’t had them on since the accident, but she figured Brody would like them.

She grabbed her cell, threw some money and her ID in her pocket, and placed her necklace over her head with the key on it. Hoping she had everything she needed, she headed out to the living room. She heard the tv was on, so Carly was here somewhere.

She didn’t even have to look for her, because Carly came to her. She found her arm grabbed roughly, then she was dragged over to the chesterfield. When Carly sat down, she was forced down with her. She winced as Carly’s fingernails dug in.

“Why are dressed like you’re going out”, she snarled.

“Because I’m going out”, she told her calmly. She cried out when Carly shook her, digging her nails in deeper.

“If it’s with that biker, you can forget it”, she told her.

Misty grabbed onto Carly’s fingers and tried to pry them off, but her grip was too strong. “Let go of me”, she said as she kept pulling.

“Someone needs to knock some sense into you”, Carly sniped. “You’re disrespecting your brother, by dating a biker. That man’s trash, and everybody knows it. I’m only looking out for you, like your brother asked.”

Misty finally pulled her arm free, and glared in Carly’s direction. “I like him, and I’m going to continue seeing him. You can tell my brother if you like, but I’ll be talking to him too. I think he’d like to hear about how you left me at the lake at night.”

“Are you threatening me”, Carly snarled. “Because I don’t think you want to mess with me.”

Misty was actually a little worried about what Carly would do, but she held her ground. “Why do you hate me so much”, she asked.

“Because I didn’t sign on to be a babysitter. I was supposed to marry your brother last year. He was in the process of buying a house, when the damn accident happened. We were happy, and we were financially set. But, then he had to pay for the funerals, and for your medical bills, and where did that leave us”, she said angrily.

“Now I’m living in this stupid apartment, he only sends me enough money to pay the bills, and I have to look after your disabled ass. On top off that, he’s been gone almost two years. He should have left the stupid marines, and stayed home to look after you himself, or put you in a group home somewhere”, she huffed.

Misty was floored. Carly pretty much blamed everything on the accident, and her. It didn’t sound like she even loved Noah, it just sounded like he had promised her the life she wanted. She’d never hated anyone in her life, but right now she hated Carly.

She was knocked suddenly, as Carly got up and pushed passed her. She heard her move about the room, then the front door slammed as she left. Misty slumped back against the cushions, as she tried to figure out what to do. She knew Carly could made things difficult for her, but what choice did she have.

She didn’t want to whine to her brother, but she knew there were some things he needed to know. She left a message on his phone, knowing it could be days before he got it. Then she sat there and tried to think of what she could do.

Nothing came to her. Being blind left her with few options, and until her brother came home, she was basically stuck. She really liked Brody, and with their relationship being so new, she refused to dump her problems on him. She’d have to figure this out on her own.

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