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Chapter 12 ~ Trike

Trike pulled up to Misty’s apartment, and dropped the kickstand. He noticed Carly stomping across the parking lot, and jumping into her car. Seconds later, she peeled out of the parking lot. Trike shook his head at her attitude, then strode towards the front door.

Luckily, someone was leaving, so he slipped inside before the door shut. He headed up the stairs and rapped on his pretty girls door. When she asked who it was, he smirked and told her. He had to wait a few minutes, before the door finally opened.

“Hi Brody”, she said, as she moved to the side, so he could get in. She waited for a second and tilted her head, listening to his footsteps. When she figured he was in, she shut the door. She turned in his direction, and gave him a half smile.

“Sorry I was slow, I had to get a sweater”, she told him. He eyed her curiously. It was fairly warm out, and he didn’t think she’d need the sweater.

“It’s warm out, you may not need it”, he told her.

She looked down and mumbled, “I’ll be okay.” Something wasn’t right, Trike would bet dollars on that. She always smiled at him, but he had only gotten a half one today. And, even though he knew she couldn’t see him, she wouldn’t look at him directly.

“You okay, honey”, he asked her carefully.

“I’m fine”, she said. “Are you ready to go?”

He sighed, obviously she wasn’t going to let him know what was going on. “Sure”, he told her. He took her hand then, and led her towards the door. He opened it, making sure she was out then closed it behind her. He smiled when she immediately pulled the key from around her neck and handed it to him.

He locked the door, then placed the key back on her neck. Taking her hand again, he led her down the stairs. Half way down, she stopped suddenly.

“I forgot my cane”, she whispered in embarrassment. He smiled at her.

“You don’t need it”, he told her. Then he pulled her slightly, and continued down the stairs.

When they reached the bike, he pulled out the helmet and strapped it on her head. Then he leaned down and gave her a soft kiss. She gasped in surprise, then placed her tiny hands on his chest and kissed her back.

“We’re headed to the compound honey. The brothers are having a bonfire, and I thought you might enjoy it”, he explained.

She looked up at him, “I’m not very good with new people”, she told him. “It’s hard because of my blindness.”

“I promise not to leave your side”, he told her. “And my brothers really want to meet you.”

She nodded, but didn’t say anything. He decided then and there, to make sure she had a good time tonight. Something was going on, and he’d figure it out and fix it. The way Carly had left, he knew it had to do with her. He couldn’t stand to see his girl sad, he was falling for her, and he wanted everything to be good for her.

They climbed on his hog, and he pulled out. Her arms were wrapped around him, and her head rested on his back. He squeezed her leg in happiness, and pushed his bike just a little bit faster. He smirked when she held on tighter.

When he pulled up to the gate, a new prospect was there to let him in. This one had been screened and looked into for weeks before they let him in. No one would forget the last two prospects, who ended up being cut from the club. Through their actions, Steele had been shot and Cassie had been hurt. They had certainly learned their lesson after that.

Trike threw down the kickstand, and took off Misty’s helmet. He was worried about her, and he prayed tonight went well.

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