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Chapter 13 ~ Misty

Misty felt Brody take her hand, as he led her through the compound. She didn’t want to be here. She wasn’t good in crowds, and after her fight with Carly, she wasn’t really up for socializing. She tried to put on a brave face, she just wanted to get through this and go home.

They walked for a bit, but because it was darker, it was really hard for her to see. Trike thankfully, was going slower, so that helped a lot. She could hear the bikers talking and laughing as she got closer. Then Trike stopped, and she looked in his direction surprised.

“Relax”, he whispered in her ear, making her jump. “I’ve got you, this is the safest place you could be. Let go a bit, and have some fun. I just want to see you happy tonight.”

Then he kissed her head, and started walking again. She felt bad, she knew Brody would know she wasn’t in a good mood, and would try to help her. She’d have to try to enjoy herself, for him.

Finally, they reached the spot where the other bikers were hanging out. She squinted, as a bright light hurt her eyes. The glow distorted everything, and the shadows and shapes only looked bigger. She closed her eyes, as a wave of dizziness hit her. Trike immediately pulled her close.

“What’s wrong honey”, he asked in concern.

She turned her body so she was angled away from the campfire. “Nothing”, she told him, “I’m fine.”

She could hear him growl then. She squealed when he suddenly picked her up, walked a couple steps, then sat with her on his lap. She grabbed his shoulders quick to stop herself from falling.

“You’re not fine”, he told her angrily. “You just about fell over, and something’s bugging you, and I know it has to do with Carly. I saw her storm away from the apartment.”

Misty hung her head in defeat. “We had a bit of an argument before she left. It’s nothing serious, it’s just hard to be around each other all the time”, she told him. She figured that would be enough of the truth.

“And the dizziness”, he pushed.

“The fire’s bright, and it distorts the shapes I see. That’s what made me dizzy, it messes with my eyes”, she explained. She still had her eyes closed, so the dizziness had almost gone away completely.

She heard Brody sigh, then he seemed to get an idea. “Dagger, can you go in my room and grab my sunglasses. I keep them on my dresser”, he told someone.

“Sure”, a man beside them replied. Then she heard him get up and walk away. She laid her head on Brody’s shoulder, and tried to relax. Today just wasn’t turning out well at all.

A couple minutes later, she heard the man return. Then Brody was telling her to lift her head, and he was sliding a pair of huge wrap around sunglasses on her face. They were really big, and slid a bit, but she appreciated the effort.

When she turned to the fire though, she was surprised to see that she hardly saw it. With the glasses so dark, all she saw was a faint glow. She couldn’t believe how much they helped.

“Better”, she heard Brody ask.

“Yes”, she said immediately. “Thank you.”

He kissed her head, then introduced her to Dagger, who was the one to get the glasses. Next she met Dragon, Navaho, Steele and Preacher and Ali, along with about a dozen others. She had no idea how she was going to remember all those names, but the bikers were extremely friendly and welcoming.

Finally, she was able to relax and enjoy herself. Brody kept her on his lap the whole evening, and she loved it. She heard lots of stories about him and the club. Her favourite was the stories about the bikers putting a pink comforter in Dragons room!

When it was time to go, she said her goodbyes, and promised to come back. Suddenly, someone grabbed her arm.

“You’ve got some blood on your sweater”, she recognized Steele’s voice, as he asked the question. “You okay?”

Great she thought, as she tried to figure out how to answer.

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