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Chapter 2 ~ Misty

Misty sat at the table in the coffee shop, drinking her tea. She figured she had been waiting about two hours now for Carly, but she couldn’t see the clock to know for sure. She was actually getting nervous, wondering what she would do if Carly actually left her here. She wouldn’t put it past her. Carly had made her wait longer than she told her before, but this was well beyond that.

Misty started to shuffle back and forth in her seat. She had drank two cups of tea, as Carly had told the waitress to bring her a second cup once the first cup was gone, before she had left. Now however, the tea was starting to move through her, and she knew it wouldn’t be long before she’d be desperate for a bathroom.

She shifted again, and cringed when she heard her cane hit the ground. Leaning over, she patted the floor around her, searching for it. With no luck, she huffed in agitation. She knew this day would be bad, but this was humiliating.

Suddenly, there was a shadow at her side. She heard the person bend down and pick up her cane. “If you hold out your hand, I can place the cane in it, and then you can put it where it’s easy for you”, a female said.

Misty nodded and did as told. Instantly, the cane was placed in her hand. “Thank you”, she told the kind woman. She heard a chair scrape as the woman sat down.

“I don’t mean to intrude”, she said. “But I noticed you’ve been sitting here for an awfully long time. Do you need a ride somewhere?”

Misty smiled at the kindness. “No, actually my roommate should be along shortly. She ran some errands, and I guess it’s taking her longer than she expected.”

“I’m Ali”, the woman said. “Do you mind if I sit with you, while you wait? I really don’t like sitting alone, and I have to wait for my husband anyway.”

“Sure, I’m Misty, she told her, not wanting to sit by herself any longer either.

“Do you mind me asking if you were born blind”, Ali asked. And that was the start of her new friendship. She told Ali all about the accident as well as her prognosis, and all about her brother Noah. She told her about Carly as well, but left out all the bad stuff. Ali listened and seemed to really care about her answers.

Misty starting wiggling again, desperate to go to the bathroom. Then, she heard the chair scrape as Ali got up. “I’ve had a bottle of water, and I need to use the restroom, do you want to come with me before our rides get here.”

Misty couldn’t get out of her seat fast enough. “Yes please”, she said. She sighed in relief as Ali took her arm and led the way. In the bathroom, Ali was amazing. She led her to a free stall and helped her inside, then showed her where the toilet paper was. When she was done, Ali was there again leading her to the sink. This time she casually told her which side the soap was on and how many steps to the paper towels.

Misty couldn’t believe how easy Ali made everything. She didn’t make her feel like she was disabled at all, and talked to her like a normal person. When they got back to the table, she helped her grab her things so they could wait outside.

She was surprised when Ali asked for her phone so that she could put her number in. Noah had bought her a special phone with braille on it, so she could use it without needing to see it. She told Ali to enter her number under three, and waited while Ali did as she asked. Then she heard Ali’s phone ding, as she called herself so she could have her number.

Then, she cringed as she heard Carly call her name. She sounded extremely impatient and almost upset with her. Ali gave her a quick hug, telling her they’d talk soon. Then, she reluctantly made her way to Carly and got in the car.

She was thrilled she had a new friend, and really hoped she heard from Ali again. She really liked the woman, and hoped this could be the beginning of something positive for her.

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