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Chapter 3 ~ Misty

It had been two weeks since Misty met Ali. They had only talked on the phone once since that day, but Misty hadn’t realized that she was pregnant. Apparently, she was due any day now, and her husband didn’t want her far away from him. She loved that for her new friend, and hoped one day she could have the same thing.

Carly had been busy this week, and hadn’t been around much. She worked full time as a receptionist at a dental office, but Misty had no idea where she went in the evenings. It worried her, but in all honesty, she liked it when she was gone. Things were easier without the added stress of always worrying what kind of mood she would be in the day.

With her busy too, she didn’t have as much time to clean. That meant things weren’t being moved as much, which Misty was extremely relieved about. Sometimes, Carly would moved the furniture, and Misty would have bruises for a week as she learned the new layout. She could hear Carly snickering when she hit something, and knew she did it on purpose.

Misty really hoped her brother came home soon. She hadn’t seen him since the accident, and although he’d called her quite a bit, it wasn’t the same. She prayed that he’d get to see the side of Carly that she saw. She didn’t want her brother hurt, but she didn’t want him miserable either.

Misty jumped as Carly called her name, she hadn’t even heard her enter the room. “It’s nice out, and you’ve been hiding inside too long. Come on, we’re going for drive”, she ordered.

Misty signed, but didn’t want to deal with Carly’s attitude if she said no. She reached for her cane, and followed her out the door. “Where are we going”, she asked Carly, as they made their way down the stairs and outside.

“It’s early evening”, she said. “I thought we could go for a walk down by the lake, maybe sit at one of the picnic tables for a bit.”

They’d reached the car, so Misty opened the door and climbed in. A walk by the lake would be nice, but she didn’t trust Carly. She had learned, that she had to be on her toes whenever they left the house.

The lake was only a five minute drive, so it went really quick. Misty got out, loving the feel of the breeze from the lake on her face. Maybe things would go well this time, she thought. She listened for Carly’s footsteps and followed her to the water.

Misty was extremely familiar with the lake. Before her accident, she used to take a ton of pictures. She loved scenery, and this was one of her favourite spots. She had gotten so good, that her brother had set her up with her own website. She framed her photographs and sold them, even taking requests for certain shots.

She missed it terribly, and was worried about her website. She hadn’t seen it since the accident, and Carly refused to help her. Maybe Ali would be willing to take a look at it for her. She didn’t have any new photos, but she could reprint some of her favourites, and try to sell them. She hated not being able to help out her brother with the expenses.

Her and Carly were sitting at a picnic table, enjoying the weather, when Carly’s phone suddenly rang. She tried to listen, but Carly got up and walked away, obviously not wanting her to overhear.

When Carly came back she told her. “That was a friend of mine. I need to go, so you’ll have to walk back.”

“What”, Misty asked horrified. There was no way she could walk home. “Drop me off on the way”, she pleaded.

“I don’t have time”, Carly said with agitation in her voice. “Just walk straight out to the road, and follow it home. You can see shadows, so you should be fine.” Then Carly turned and walked away. Misty called her name, but she was ignored. As she listened, the car started and pulled out of the lot.

Misty was near tears. It was getting later, making it almost impossible for her to even see shapes. How in the world was she supposed to find her way home.

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