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Chapter 4 ~ Trike

Trike put the last screw in the change table and turned to Dragon, “done”, he bragged.

“Fucker”, Dragon bellowed, throwing down his wrench. “I thought you were just fast at running, you’re fucking fast at everything”, he complained.

Ali snickered from the corner, and Dragon glared at her, causing her to laugh. Trike shook his head at the two of them. They had gone through so much together, that they deserved this happiness. Trike was glad he had gotten so close to the two of them, he was proud to call them friends.

Ali was about two weeks away from having their baby, and Dragon hadn’t put the baby furniture together yet. Of course, he didn’t want to do it all himself, so Dragon had called him and bet him fifty bucks he could get the crib together faster than Trike could get the change table together. It was a bet he had just lost.

Trike put his hand out. “Pay up brother”, he told him. “Then I’ll help you finish putting the crib together.”

“Deal”, Dragon instantly agreed, pulling the money out of his pocket and shoving it in his hand. Trike smiled as he pocketed it, not admitting that he would have put the table together for free!

Trike loved their cabin, he thought it was perfect. It was small, cozy and sat secluded at the end of the property. They had built it on a lake, and the views were amazing. Steele’s cabin was next door, but you couldn’t see it for the trees.

Trike was so taken by the cabins, that he had started his own. He didn’t have a woman yet, which was a requirement, but Steele owed him for saving Cassie’s life and had pulled some strings with the club. He was building his on the other side of Steele’s. The cabin was framed, but not much was done on the inside. He was taking his time, as he had to stay in the clubhouse until he found his a woman of his own.

Trike loved the club and his brothers. Prospecting was the best thing he’d ever done. His own parents were older and had retired to Florida, pretty much leaving him on his own. Trike was still young, at twenty-four, and there was no way he was living in a retired couples house in Florida. He stayed here and met Preacher, the rest was history.

Ali’s phone started ringing, startling her, and she reached to answer it. Trike only caught half of the conversation. It sounded like someone was in trouble, and Ali was more frantic the longer the conversation lasted. Dragon was by her side instantly, picking his wife up and sitting down with her on his lap.

Finally, she hung up and turned to Dragon. “Do you remember I told you about that girl I met in the coffee shop that day, Misty”, she asked him. He nodded and she continued. “Her roommate left her stranded at the lake”, she cried. “It’s dark, and she can’t figure out how to get home. She’s really scared Jaxon, we need to go find her”.

“I don’t understand”, Trike said. “It’s not that dark, that she can’t walk to the road and find her way home.”

“She’s blind brother”, Dragon told him.

“Fuck me”, Trike exclaimed. Why would the roommate leave her like that”, he asked in annoyance.

“The roommate’s a spawn from hell”, Ali seethed. “Someone needs a cup of holy water and a bible to get rid of that one”, she told them.

Trike stood. “I’ll go”, he said instantly. “Its the lake just off Main Street, the one with the picnic tables?” Ali nodded, so Trike stood, heading for the door. He turned back to Ali before he left. “I’ll find her”, he told her. “That girl will be in her own bed tonight, I promise.” Then he hurried out the door, heading for his hog.

In seconds he was roaring down the road, and headed for the lost blind girl. He’d keep his promise to Ali. He’d make sure that girl was safe.

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