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Chapter 5 ~ Misty

Misty was terrified. It was getting darker and she couldn’t see at all. She had tried to find the road, but it was impossible. She had tripped several times, had ran into both a picnic table and a tree, and had somehow fallen into the lake. That had scared her, but she had luckily only fallen to her knees, so it was easy to get out of.

Misty had finally given up, and was now sitting on the ground with her knees pulled up to her chest. She jumped at every noise she heard, and she was crying. She had no idea that Carly could be so cruel. How could she just leave her here at night. She made her decision then and there, that the next time Noah called, she would tell him about Carly’s treatment of her. She definitely couldn’t live like this any longer.

Plus, she had no idea who Carly was hanging out with. She was barely home, and when she was, she made sure she was by herself. Carly didn’t have many friends, but for some reason, Misty figured she didn’t want her to know who it was she was hanging out with. Misty had a feeling she was cheating on her brother, but without her eyesight, she had no way to prove it.

Suddenly, there was a loud rumbling noise as a motorcycle approached. She listened as it got closer and stopped. Then she panicked, who would possibly be coming to the lake in the dark. She curled up into a tighter ball, as she listened to what sounded like heavy boots stomp through the park.

When she heard her name being called, she was flabbergasted. She sat there in silence for a minute, and listened to him call for her again. His voice was deep and growly, sending tingles through her body.

“Misty honey, please come out if you can hear me. I’m a friend of Ali’s, and she asked me to help you. I need to make sure you get home safe”, she heard him say.

Slowly, she picked up her cane and untangled her legs. She had been sitting on the cold ground for a while, and with her pant legs wet, she was stiff. She stood, and came out from behind a tree. She hoped she was where he could see her, because she didn’t want to move very far. Tears still streamed down her face, and she couldn’t stop the small sob that escaped.

She heard the footsteps approach, and knew he had found her. She jumped, when he spoke from right in front of her.

“Aw honey”, he said. “What a state you’ve got yourself in. Can I touch you”, he asked.

She didn’t know him, but she trusted Ali. If she sent the man, then he had to be a good one. She nodded, then squealed when he came close and wrapped his arms around her, pulling her into his massive chest. She gave up from pure fear and exhaustion, and collapsed against him. He was huge next to her tiny frame, and she finally felt safe.

She heard him murmuring soothing words to her, as he let her cry it out. When she finally calmed down, and got a hold of herself, he pulled back slightly.

“You’re just a tiny thing, aren’t you”, he said. “I can feel your wet pants against my legs. You trying to go for a swim”, he asked.

She finally smiled, but told him, “I got turned around and stumbled into the lake.”

“Christ”, she heard him murmur. “It’s pretty dark out here, and I need to make sure you’re okay. Can I take you home”, he asked.

She nodded quickly, and rattled off her address. He took her arm, and brought her close, as he headed back to his bike. He then put a helmet on her head, and strapped it on.

“You ever been on a bike before”, he questioned.

“My brother has a bike. I used to ride with him all the time”, she told him.

He helped her on, then climbed on in front of her. “Hold on to me tight honey”, he ordered her.

Suddenly, she got the crazy idea that she wanted to hold on to him forever, and not let go.

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