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Chapter 7 ~ Misty

Misty woke to a loud banging on the door. She climbed out of bed, grabbed her cane and made her way to the door.

“Who’s there”, she asked.

“Misty, its Trike, let me in”, she heard him respond.

She panicked for a minute. Being blind and not being able to see, made it really hard to know how she looked. She ran her hands down her hair, hoping that helped, then unlocked the door and opened it. She could see his shape as he walked in, and wondered what he looked like.

She smelled baked goods, and shut the door, following him to the couch. She heard him sit, so she sat carefully beside him, then bags shook as he pulled things out.

“I didn’t know what you liked, so I got a bit of everything”, he told her. “I have muffins, carrot, bran, blueberry and chocolate chip. I have a couple croissants, and a couple bagels, plain and apple cinnamon.” Then there was silence for a minute. “Oh, and I have apple juice and orange juice. I don’t give much for coffee”, he said.

She was floored. “You brought all this to share with me”, she asked.

“Well ya, and what we don’t eat I figure we can stash in your room for later”, he told her. She smiled up at him and nodded.

When he asked her what she wanted, she immediately told him blueberry muffin and apple juice. He handed it to her and she dug in.

“I’ll remember what you picked for next time”, he promised. She got excited about that, really glad that there was going to be a next time. “I was hoping you wouldn’t pick the chocolate chip muffin”, he said. “I really wanted it.”

She laughed at him, amused by his sweet tooth. She knew he rode a motorcycle, but he didn’t act the type. He was really sweet and caring, when she figured he’d be rough and slightly rude.

“Do you ride by yourself, or do you belong to a club”, she asked.

“I belong to a club, and have for about a year and a half now. I’m pretty much the newest, and youngest member at twenty-four. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done, and wouldn’t change a thing. And before you ask, we’re all good guys. We don’t do anything illegal, unless it’s to protect one of our own, and we don’t ride around causing trouble”.

“Okay”, she told him.

“Okay”, he repeated. “That’s it.”

“Yep”, she told him. “You being a biker doesn’t bother me. My brother rides, and he’s a marine. He talked about joining a biker club when he comes home, just so he has the same close bond he has now.”

“Wow, we could use someone like him. And we have a few ex-military men in our ranks already, so he’d fit right in.”

“So Trike, can I ask what your real name is? I feel funny calling you Trike”, she asked cautiously.

“Trike’s the name my club brothers gave me. They said that I was so young, I should have training wheels on my bike.” She giggled at that one. “My real name’s Brody”, he told her.

“I really like Brody. Can I call you that instead of Trike”, she asked.

“I’d love that”, he told her, and she could hear the happiness in his voice. “Now, go shower quick, and make sure to wear a pair of jeans. I’m taking you out for a while”, he stated.

She begged to know where they were going, but he wouldn’t budge. He promised to be a good boy and stay where he was, unless of course she needed any help. She laughed again, and realized she was laughing a lot around him, and she really liked it.

She hurried to her room to shower, excited to see where they would end up. She really liked Brody, and she really hoped he liked her too.

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