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Chapter 8 ~ Trike

Trike heard the shower shut off, and knew Misty wouldn’t be much longer. He headed for the kitchen, and immediately starting going through cupboards. Finally, he found a container big enough to hold the baked goods he had bought. He transferred them to it, then threw out the bag.

As he was leaving the kitchen Misty came walking down the hall. He moved heavily towards her, trying to make enough noise so she’d know he was there. When she looked in his direction, he asked if he could put the baked good in her room. She readily agreed, so he moved past her and then placed them on her nightstand.

He came back out, to find her sitting in an arm chair close to the door. She was in the middle of lacing her running shoes, and even without seeing them, she was doing them up perfectly. He told her where he left the baked goods, and then took her hand. She already had her cane, so they headed out.

He closed the door behind her, and turned to watch her take her key from around her neck and hand it too him. He smiled happily, as he locked the door and placed the chain back around her neck. Then he kissed her head, and took her hand again to lead her down the stairs.

They were almost down to the bottom, when the front door of the building was thrown open, and a girl rushed in. She was tall, at least five-eight or five-nine, slim, and had medium length blonde hair.

She looked up and saw him, and he cringed at the seductive smile that graced her lips. Instantly, she threw her hip out and leaned against the wall. The action caused her shirt to ride lower on her chest and he could see the top of her red bra. He quickly looked away in disgust.

“Well hello there handsome. I’ve never seen you here before. Did you just move in, or are you here to see someone, maybe me”, she purred.

Trike opened his mouth to respond to the ridiculous comment, but was pushed aside by Misty.

“He’s here to see me”, she told the girl angrily. “Did you conveniently forget you’re engaged, or have you broken it off and just not told my brother or me?”

In a flash the girls face changed, the seduction was gone, to be replaced with fury. “No, we haven’t broken up. But as you are aware, you’re brothers been gone for almost two years this time. Phone calls every couple weeks aren’t good enough. I can flirt, but if he doesn’t get back soon, I’m going to do more than that”, she threatened.

“And,” she continued, “you’re in my care. I don’t think your brother would take too kindly to you hanging out with a biker. I have no idea where you were, to meet a man like this, but you better turn around and head back up those stairs.”

Trike didn’t even wait for Misty to reply, he let go of her hand and placed it on the railing, then turned and stomped down the two steps until he stood in front of the witch.

“Who the fuck do you think you are”, he growled. “That girl may be staying with you, but in no way do you have any right to order her around. And for your information, she met me last night, when you dumped her at the lake in the dark. Now, I know you see my cut, so you know what I am. I’ll be watching you, and so you realize what that means, the club will be watching you.” He waited a minute as her brows drew together.

“This girl now has the clubs protection. She’s starting to mean something to me, and I’d like to see where that heads. So, in no way would I fuck that up by messing with a bitch like you. Now you can fuck off, because I have somewhere I want to take my girl.”

He turned and marched back up the stairs. Then he scooped up his pretty little blind girl, and carried her out of the building, ignoring the bitch who was still standing there with her mouth wide open.

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