Alpha Zena

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Chapter 13

The couple walked out of the isolated town the next morning with much more than what they entered with. They had food, a phone, a map, and a little over sixty dollars.

Zena noticed that Lukas was grouchier. He answered all of her questions with unfriendly grumbles. She didn’t know what crawled up his ass and wasn’t planning on asking.

They walked down the road for hours, both getting sick of the never-ending white. Only a handful of cars had passed by them. Zena tried hailing hitchhikes but no drivers stopped.

They took a break at 12PM to eat salty tuna sandwiches paired with water. Yeah, they couldn’t wait to get home.

After traveling for three hours, they finally crossed another small town. Lukas walked away from Zena once he spotted a woman stepping out of her car near a supermarket. “What are you doing?” Zena questioned as she ran after him.

Lukas tapped the shoulder of the chubby blonde woman. She turned to face him and took a step back frightfully when she made eye contact with the intimidating stranger. “Ma’am, please give me your car keys,” he glowered.

“Are you serious?!” Zena rebuked. Here he was trying to rob a woman in broad daylight when they were supposed to move around discretely and not attract any attention.

Lukas shrugged. He was tired of walking and they would be out of the country within a few hours so he really didn’t have any fucks left to offer.

The blonde’s eyes looked around frantically, seeking help. Since she parked so far from the entrance, no one was around.

With a galloping heart, she reached into her jeans and retrieved keys that Lukas gladly snatched out of her hands.

He unlocked the door and sat in the driver’s seat. When Zena didn’t enter the car, he turned to look at her. She stood beside the shaking woman with her arms crossed and an expectant look.

Lukas slapped the steering wheel frustratedly and stepped out of the vehicle with his signature frown. “Give me your phone,” he demanded. The poor blonde immediately opened her red purse and held out her unlocked iPhone.

Lukas created a new contact and added his beta’s number. “Call this three days from now and explain the situation. Don’t call the cops. We’ll give you triple of whatever you paid for this piece of crap, got it?” he quizzed rudely.

The woman bobbed her head so vigorously that Zena worried it would disconnect from her neck.

Zena, now satisfied, made her way to the passenger seat.

They arrived at their destination at 7PM. They were in a much more populated area just fifteen minutes from a private airport. Since they wouldn’t be able to afford a room for the night, they sat in the stolen car awaiting Adrian’s call.

“Please tell me that plane is ready,” she requested anxiously when she answered the incoming call minutes later.

Adrian laughed. “I just arrived in New York. I had to buy that fucking airport. You now owe me $372,000. Your flight is at 10PM.”

Zena sighed joyfully. “Yea, sure I do. Thanks, Adrian. Keep us updated.”

After she hung up, the waiting began. They sat in the car awkwardly. Since Lukas heard the conversation, she didn’t fill him in.

Minutes later, Zena unbuckled her seatbelt. “I have to use the bathroom. I’m gonna go to that club we passed.”

Lukas nodded and unbuckled his own seatbelt, craving a beer.

They walked to the colorful building with nauseatingly loud music and immediately parted ways. Zena went in search of a bathroom and Lukas b-lined to the bar.

She waited outside for ten minutes before the door finally opened. The girl that exited rushed out embarrassedly since what she did inside was obvious. After relieving herself, Zena walked to the bar.

She located Lukas on a stool, chatting with his female company. Zena sized the human up and was left unimpressed. Her black tube top was lower than the temperature and skirt higher than her self-esteem. She looked like a middle-aged woman attempting and failing to impersonate an 18-year old. Zena knew Lukas was in his late 20s.

The flirty human placed a hand on his bicep and squeezed. Lukas didn’t pull away and said something that got lost due to the ridiculously loud song that was playing.

The black-haired woman bounced off her seat with Lukas’ hand in hers. They headed for the staircase. At this point, Zena was buzzing with rage. She knew that their night wasn’t going to end with friendly chatter but with heated skin, entangled sheets, and cries of pleasure.

Lukas’ disrespect was unmeasurable. He could’ve at least waited until Zena officially rejected him before shoving himself inside another woman.

Nevertheless, Zena wasn’t going to cockblock. He was a grown man who could do what he wanted to do.

She gave his seat a final look and found a scrunched paper laying on the ground. She curiously walked to the stool and recovered it. What she found inside made her eyes widen.

Two small white pills remained inside. With a daunting suspicion, she raced up the steps and struggled to follow Lukas’ scent thanks to the many other smells in the area. She was eventually led to a forest green door.

She placed her ear on the door and tuned in.

“...get off,” a deep voice slurred.

“I’ll make you feel good. Just relax,” the snake coaxed.

“What the fuck did you do to me?” Lukas asked. His strength vanished and his senses were disoriented. Weakly, he tried to push the woman off him when she gently fisted his penis and lowered her body.

She pulled her skirt up her thighs. Before she got a chance to pull him inside her, the door caved in.

The woman screamed and fell off the bed. Zena stomped to her side and clawed her hair.

“Really, bitch?!” the furious female alpha shouted.

“I’m sorry! I wasn’t going to hurt him!” the human sniveled and tried to pry Zena’s hand from her bruised scalp.

Zena’s eyes flashed to a lighter shade of brown when her wolf stepped forward. She balled her fist and shoved it with unforgiving strength into the woman’s face, knocking her out.

She growled, annoyed that she wouldn’t be able to do more damage. She left the unconscious woman on the floor and moved to Lukas’ side.

“Are you awake?” she asked and shifted the sheets to cover his naked pelvis.

“Yea, not sleepy just faded as hell. What just happened?” he asked as he shook his head in an attempt to clear his vision. Since his eyes were so blue, the dilation of his pupils stood out. They were huge, unresponsive to light.

Zena shrugged. “You got drugged and I saved you from rape. We’re even now.”

Lukas groaned. “I’m never returning to this crazy country again.”

She laughed, agreeing.

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