Alpha Zena

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Chapter 14

They sat in the room for thirty minutes waiting for Lukas to recover. Zena made sure to bind the assailant’s hands and legs together. She had every intention of handing her over to the authorities.

“Something isn’t right. That drug shouldn’t have affected me.” Lukas declared after a long stretch of silence. He was currently laying on his back. His naked chest was covered with a thin layer of sweat due to the chemicals that were charring his insides.

Zena sank next to him on the bed and nodded. Only natural drugs were supposed to intoxicate werewolves, like the berries. Artificial drugs didn’t phase them. The pill the human sneaked into his drink was made in a laboratory so it was strange for it to be so debilitating.

“We’ll have to visit a doctor. Those berries clearly did more damage than estimated,” he grumbled. Zena watched him rise to his full height and grab his T-shirt from the bed. He slipped it on and the cloth clung to his moisturized skin.

“Are you good to go?” Zena asked and pushed herself off the bed.

Lukas’ eyes moved from his outstretched fingers to the nearest wall. His gaze then moved back to Zena’s brown eyes.

“Goddess!” she yelped when the barbarian bent down, wrapped an arm around her thighs and lifted her off the ground. Zena’s hands flailed around before settling on his shoulders to stabilize herself. “Wha- what is this?” she stuttered out, flabbergasted.

Her pelvis was dangerously close to his face. His nose was just two inches shy of her womb. She shamefully squshed thighs together, begging to the moon goddess that her lust didn’t liquefy and leak into her panties. Although Lukas’ sense of smell was still recuperating, the proximity to her jeans made it easy to identify her desire.

She was ashamed of her sexual organs’ reaction but in her defense, the mate bond was well-known for being both a blessing and a curse. It was the moon goddess’ most diabolical creation that made hormones rage, underwear soak, and romance bloom.

Lukas responded by launching her two feet in the air and capturing her hips with both hands before she hit the floor.

“I was testing my strength. It was either that or punching a hole in the wall,” he declared and placed the shorter alpha back on her feet.

“A warning would’ve been nice, brute,” Zena rebuked before removing her hands from his broad shoulders and stepping away.

“Let’s go. I don’t want to miss that plane,” Zena continued, feeling queasy.

Lukas didn’t notice her bodily struggles.

They walked out of the room. Once downstairs, they ratted out the perverted woman to the bartender and handed over the pills she carried around for evidence. They didn’t provide their names or wait for the police to show up.

They were now racing to the airport. Zena drove since they didn’t want to test what would happen if Lukas faced side effects while they zoomed down the road at 60 miles per hour. She enjoyed breathing far too much for that.

Since Adrian bought the airport, they didn’t have to worry about their lack of documentation. The alphas were successfully smuggled into a private jet soon after arriving at the airport.

Zena was a bit hesitant to enter the metal box of death. The last time she entered an airplane she was almost blown to smithereens. That wasn’t an adventure she was looking forward to experience again.

Adrian assured them that the crew received a background check. The pilot was not another suicidal psychopath that planned on diving out of the sky and dragging everyone down with him.

After they settled down, they waited for takeoff. If it weren’t for the metallic sound of engines running, the space would’ve been as silent as a cemetery.

Zena snuck a peek of Lukas. He was staring out the window with a tense jaw and stiff fists.

“Lukas are you ok?”

She was honestly surprised when the question left her pursed lips and sliced the silence. She didn’t like or care about the arrogant wolf. She supposed she was acting on her empathy. Lukas was the most prideful man she knew. Getting tricked by a human and nearly raped must’ve surely been both a scary and degrading experience.

Lukas pulled his pitless blue eyes from the window and stared into her own. “Why wouldn’t I be?” he questioned.

“Well... you were almost... you know,” she drew on.

Lukas snorted almost in a taunting manner. “I’m fine. I’m not a woman.”

The simple sentence unlocked Zena’s fury. “Stop doing that!” she leered.

Lukas leaned back in his seat. “Doing what?” he challenged.

“Bringing fucking gender into this! Rape is traumatizing regardless of who gets violated!” Zena asserted.

Lukas sighed with plain annoyance. “Why don’t you save that energy of yours for when you have to defend your alpha position?”

She shook her head. “You’re never going to convince the council. All you’re going to wind up doing is wasting my time,” she affirmed.

Lukas chuckled. “Once the council hears all the shit you’ve dragged us through you can kiss Red River goodbye. You should submit now while you can. You can either fight and lose everything or give in and become my luna. I can’t offer you any power but I can give you the kids you so desperately want. You should take the offer while I’m still feeling charitable.”

He wanted her to accept for the simple fact that in doing so she would admit defeat. She was one of toughest challenges he had ever encountered and he couldn’t wait to conquer her. Rendering Zena powerless would be the equivalent of an Olympic gold medal. He could parade her around and show the werewolf world what he managed to do.

Zena scoffed, growing tired of the repetitive argument and his ridiculous advice. “I’m honored by your generosity, really. But don’t you think I’m too rowdy to be your luna?”

Lukas shrugged a shoulder. “I’m hoping that you’ll lose the attitude once you’re removed from your alpha position. If you don’t, then oh well. I can f*ck you during nights and avoid you during the day.”

The smirk that made it’s way to her face made him raise an eyebrow. He was expecting anger, not sass. “I’m amazed by how much of this you’ve got planned, Lukas. But you’re forgetting a small detail. Something that will really seal the deal and guarantee success.”

“Oh yeah? What’s that?” he encouraged.

“The fact that you didn’t report your father’s money laundering business. I’m sure that will really deem you as an honorable and trustworthy alpha. The council will definitely not hesitate to hand over Red River then.”

Lukas launched himself off his chair, breaking through his seatbelt. He crossed the space between them and gripped Zena’s armrests, entrapping her in her seat.

Zena had never seen so much anger presented on his face before. His cloudy blue eyes glared with so much potency that they promised death. His muscles strained against his T-shirt, causing a tear in the left arm. Both his canines and claws had made an appearance.

Zena crossed her arms over her chest unworriedly. Her amused eyes never disconnected from his own.

“And the plot thickens,” she commented with a lopsided grin.

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