Alpha Zena

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Chapter 18

“... yeah, I haven’t had any incidents or received any sighting reports. My borders are holding up just fine with the help of your wolves,” Zena nodded.

“That’s good. How are things with the council?” Adrian quizzed and flipped through the silver binder that sat on his desk.

“They’re thankfully off my ass. Oh, that reminds me, I have to forward you the autopsy report,” Zena leaned back in her chair and habitually placed her pen behind her ear.

“Okay. I think we’re good for now. How did the meeting with Lukas and the council go? Wasn’t that two days ago?” he moved his green eyes to hers.

Zena’s neutral expression melted and her face contorted with anger. “He didn’t show up!” she snarled, aggravated.

Adrian’s eyebrow rose. “That... doesn’t sound like Lukas. Are we sure we’re talking about the same guy here?”

Zena scoffed and shoved her hands into her sweatshirt. “The one and only. It’s hard to mix him up. He’s the asshole of the century. Every other sentence he says is either a threat or an insult.”

Adrian smirked knowingly. “Have you tried calling him?” he asked curiously.

“Hell yes. I’ve called that fucker, emailed, texted, I’ve even considered sending messenger pigeons and telegrams at this point!” she uncrossed her legs and squirmed on her chair uncomfortably. She wanted to unleash her apocalyptic fury somehow. Wringing Lukas’ neck should do the trick.

“He has shown more than enough interest in Red River so I was left baffled when he didn’t show his face. He’s now apparently ignoring me. I got in touch with his beta and he told me that Lukas is fine just ‘busy.’ This means that’s alive but avoiding me,” she continued.

“Good luck to you, Zena. Really,” Adrian sighed.

“I’ll need more than luck to deal with this idiot,” she grumbled and snatched her cellphone off his table.

“So we can meet again next week. I’ll drive down to your place,” she mumbled moodily.

Adrian nodded and stood up. Lukas’ face slid into her thoughts briefly. Adrian was about the same size and width as him. They were both handsome men but Adrian had a much more laidback and approachable aura. He only showed hostility when someone disrespected the human that was practically attached to his hip; Eva. His mate. His world.

Lukas on the other hand... oh boy this alpha hated everyone. No reason needed to be provided. Your breathing was sufficient enough to annoy him. His blank face had the potential discourage Jehovah witnesses from returning to his door.

“I like the color of the walls by the way,” Zena complemented as Adrian guided her downstairs. His house now sported a light peach color.

“Yeah, Eva has been driving me crazy. She’s painting the house every other weekend. Instead of getting food cravings like a normal pregnant woman, she gets the urge to paint the entire fucking house non-stop,” he replied with a roll of his eyes that contrasted the small smile on his face.

Zena laughed when she noticed a droplet of red paint on the sleeve of his blue T-shirt.

“Zena!” the subject of their conversation called out from behind them.

Zena turned and found a bouncing Eva rushing in their direction. Her hair was braided and a white breezy dress hung from her slender frame.

“What did I tell you about running?” Adrian snarled viciously but Eva simply brushed him off.

“Hey Eva,” Zena smiled brightly.

Eva hugged her tightly, her baby bump pressed into Zena's flat stomach. Zena was significantly taller. At 5'10, the female alpha beat her by 6 inches.

“I’m so glad you’re alive,” Eva laughed. “So... I’ve been preparing something...”

“Yeah, I know. A baby."

“No, smartass. A party!” Eva countered.

“Oh? For what? Is your birthday coming up?” Zena asked with a scrunched brow.

“For you and Lukas! A "welcome home" kind of thing. It will be small. I’ll only invite a couple of other werewolves,” Eva rushed excitedly.

Zena shook her head. “I don’t think that’s the best idea... especially considering the circumstances. There’s someone out for my head. I don’t think placing both Lukas and I in the same location is safe... we’ll make an easy target,” she rambled nervously.

While she was touched by the gesture, her alpha side made her focus on the logic. Whoever is after her would likely try to take them both out with a single attack. Killing two birds with one stone. Zena wasn’t interested in being one of those birds.

“Why didn’t you tell me you were planning this?” Adrian scolded and Eva once again waved him off.

“Because when I agreed to marry you, I didn’t sign a contract that required me to seek your approval to do the simplest tasks. Should I take this off?” she asked with a sheepish smile and twirled her engagement ring around her finger.

Adrian growled and pulled her into his arms. “You play too much,” he huffed and moved his eyes to Zena's. “I can’t force you to come but I’ll make sure it’s well-guarded. Nothing will happen,” he assured.

“I can’t come... but thank you Eva. It was really thoughtful of you,” she smiled guiltily.

She cringed when Eva’s bottom lip trembled. “But I just wanted you to have some fun...” she croaked weakly.

Abort! Abort mission! Alerts rang off in Zena’s head.

“Okay! Okay, I’ll be there!” she caved in.

Eva’s face immediately brightened. “People always go weak at the knees when they see a pregnant woman about to burst into tears. It really makes pregnancy worth the morning sickness,” she flashed a mischevious smile.

Zena groaned at the deception and looked at Adrian.

He shrugged. “Yeah, she keeps pulling that one on me and I always fall for it.”

Eva chuckled and rose to her tippy toes to kiss his jaw before walking into the kitchen. “Oh, Adrian we should paint the house blue!” she called out.

Adrian shot Zena a panicked look.

“Help me,” he whispered.

Zena laughed whole-heartedly. “Goodnight guys! Eva, text me the details!”

She waved at her dear friends and walked out of their house.

Lukas pulled the white card out of the golden envelope. His eyes skimmed over the scripted bolded text.

You are invited to a gathering honoring Alpha Zena Rhee of Red River and Alpha Lukas Clark of Mountain Hill, coordinated by Luna Eva Miller of Bleak Moon.

A party in his honor? Last time he checked, he wasn’t best friends with the Millers, merely acquaintances.

Just as he was about to crumble the paper and shove it into the nearest trash bin, his eyes traveled back to Zena’s name.

Maybe... just maybe if he saw the foul woman again he would be reminded of how far from tamed she was and his hatred would resurface.

He needed to go back to objectifying her; Permanently drilling into his skull the fact that her mouth would only ever be good at sucking him off and blabbering to the point that he’d consider slicing his ears clean off his head.

Just how did he manage to memorize her smile? Both him and Zena scowled more than anything!

With stiff fists, Lukas made up his mind. He was going to show up, face Zena, and resume hating her. He would forget all about how her nose wrinkled slightly when she laughed or smiled and he was going to reschedule the meeting with the council.

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