Alpha Zena

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Chapter 21

Lukas looked around, searching for his date. He found Ophelia keeping to herself in a corner, awkwardly wringing her hands.

A thin smile appeared on her red lips when he stood beside her.

“Do you want anything to drink?” he asked with an edge to his voice. Showing up to this party was a mistake. He came determined to get his shit together and achieved nothing but confusing himself.

Zena still possessed an abnormal amount of his thoughts and he couldn’t shake her off. She was like a leech. A talkative, glaring, desirable, absurd leech.

It was unnerving how he had so much control of the world but little over himself. Endless manpower and money at his disposal? Sure. Getting a woman out of his head? Yikes.

“I’m alright. Thank you, alpha,” Ophelia whispered. If it weren’t for his enhanced hearing, he would’ve missed the reply.

“Call me Lukas,” he urged. Ophelia’s uptightness was starting to irk him. She was there as his date yet acted like a prisoner. She addressed him formally, rarely met his eyes, and was reluctant to speak up.

She was the kind of woman he was normally attracted to- calm and collected. But instead of feeling satisfied, her silence nagged at him.

Lukas swapped words with some other guests for fifteen minutes. Ophelia stood by his side like a mute the entire time. If he didn’t know any better, he would’ve wondered if something was wrong with her. All of the women he dated were exactly like her- lapdogs. They spoke when spoken to and were so quiet that he would occasionally forget they were around.

They all knew that Lukas was a serious and brooding jackass so they bit their tongues to keep him happy. He was fine with that. But now... now he was just senselessly bored.

“We should go,” he told Ophelia and loosened the navy blue tie that hung from his neck. He gave Zena his jacket so he now stood in his white button-down.

This better not become a habit He bitterly thought since he realized that this is the second jacket he gave her.

Ophelia nodded and followed his lead, eyeing him as he ran a hand through his brown hair.

Once outside, Lukas pulled his cellphone out to call his driver.

Before he got the chance to pull the phone to his ear, a cry for help snatched his attention. He heard the yelp of the woman over the chatter emitting from the mansion. Without processing his next thought, he sprung to action and ran in the direction of the noise.

His growl ravaged the night when he found a heavily pregnant luna Eva on the ground with Sylas gripping her forearm.

Two other werewolves approached the scene- Alpha Nathaniel and one of Adrian’s guards.

“What the fuck are you doing?” Nathaniel exclaimed as he rushed to Eva’s aid, ready to bash Sylas’ face in. Unfortunately for Lukas, Nathaniel reached Sylas first and threw him to the ground, pinning him by placing a foot on his chest.

There goes his excuse to beat Sylas up.

“I’m fine! It’s just- just a misunderstanding,” Eva rambled nervously. Lukas fell to his knees in front of her and searched for any injuries. She was gripping her stomach defensively but didn’t seem to be in pain.

He stood up and offered her his hand. The expecting mother smiled weakly and allowed him to help her off the muddied ground.

“Thank you, Lukas” she breathed but didn’t move away from him, afraid that her shaky knees would give out. Lukas didn’t reply and let her lean on him. He focused on glaring at the trembling mess under Nathaniel’s shoe. If the weasel was assaulting a pregnant human then he was going to beat him if he somehow managed to survive Adrian. He had a feeling that Nathaniel would tag in on the fun as well.

“Go get Alpha Adrian,” Lukas ordered the guard that stood beside Nathaniel.

“No! Don’t tell him!” Eva cut in. She knew that Adrian would blow the small incident out of proportion and demand Sylas’ head.

“What the hell is going on?” Zena asked, making an appearance.

She wondered why Sylas was on the ground with Nathaniel’s foot on his chest but the thought was thrown out of the window when she noticed that Eva’s dress was muddied. She ran to her side and gently pulled her away from Lukas.

“Are you okay?” Zena asked and threw the jacket she held over her friend’s shoulders.

“Yeah, nothing happened,” Eva nodded nervously.

“I wouldn’t call this nothing,” Lukas growled.

“He just... wanted to talk and I walked off. He grabbed me suddenly and I fell. That’s all,” Eva clarified.

“Why did you walk away?” Zena asked.

“Because... does it matter?” Eva asked as she gnawed her lip.

“Yeah. It does,” Zena replied sternly.

“He wanted me to warn you about... Lukas... since you and I are close and you would listen to me. He was fidgety and I got nervous because we were alone so I tried to go back inside,” she explained quietly so that only Zena and Lukas would hear.

Zena growled. “So he grabbed your arm to stop you?” she demanded and Eva simply nodded.

“What part of her enormous stomach did you not notice, asshole? She’s pregnant. That fall could have easily resulted in serious damage,” Zena threw at Sylas.

“I didn’t mean to make her-” he started.

“I don’t give a fuck!” she snipped in.

Lukas watched with a thin smile. It was satisfying to watch Sylas get humiliated by the very woman he wanted to impress.

Zena’s chest rose and fell heavily from the deep breaths she was taking. Sylas’ carelessness had clearly angered her. She was protective of her friends and family. For the second time that night, Lukas found himself comparing Zena to Ophelia. What would Ophelia have done if she was in Zena’s shoes? Definitely not cursed Sylas to hell and scolded him, that’s for sure.

“I’m fine, just go. And please don’t tell Adrian,” Eva requested with a tug to Zena’s arm.

“Okay. I won’t,” Zena promised. Her face lit up with a smile, making Lukas stiffen.

“Zena...” Sylas started when he scrambled off the ground.

“Say another word and you’ll find out what my knuckles taste like,” Zena threatened without taking her eyes off Eva.

He frowned but walked toward the house with an angry Nathaniel close behind.

“What was he warning you about?” Zena asked Eva.

“Uh...” Eva gulped.

“He said that... Lukas threatened him to stay away from you. He said that he laid a claim on you... He sounded very frantic so I wanted to get away,” Eva explained apologetically.

Zena’s features shifted from confusion to fury. “What the hell are you doing? Do I need to define ‘rejection’ for you?” she snarled at Lukas.

He crossed his arms over his chest, his face remaining passive.

“Lukas!” Zena hissed.

He turned, stubbornly refusing to provide an explanation.

Zena moved in front of him before he got to step away. “Answer me!”

He returned her glare and walked off for the second time that night.

“You bastard!” she screamed after him and shoved her hands into her hair.

“He’s such a dick! I hate him!” Zena declared with a mouthful of toothpaste. Zya sat beside Eva on the bed.

“That’s the 30th time you say that,” Zya complained.

They decided to rest in Adrian’s territory and head back to Connecticut the following morning. Zena kept her word and didn’t tell Adrian about the incident with Sylas.

“Shut up Zya! I hate you too!” she retorted childishly.

“If he threatened Sylas that means he’s jealous,” Zya argued.

Zena shook with laugher and stepped out of the bathroom wearing nothing but a large T-shirt that Eva stole from Adrian.

“Should we watch a movie?” Eva suggested excitedly and the siblings nodded.

Zena walked to the window to close the crystal doors. As she approached the balcony, she spotted Adrian and Lukas walking toward the entrance of the house. She wondered why Lukas was still in New York. He should’ve been long gone by now.

“Fuck you, Lukas!” she hollered from the balcony.

Lukas and Adrian halted their conversation and glanced up. Zena glared down with a messy head of hair and droplet of toothpaste on her left cheek.

Lukas simply stared at her with irritation.

“Are you done being a child? I need to continue my meeting,” he called out.

“You can-” Zena’s smartass reply never got to meet the world. Her agitated sister walked into the balcony and quite literally swept her off her feet.

“What are you doing?” Zena asked breathlessly and gripped tightly onto Zya’s shoulders.

She could feel a chilly breeze caressing her exposed legs and smashed her thighs together, fearing that her most intimate area was also on display to the two male werewolves that stood below.

“Are you crazy?!” she demanded.

“No but your yapping is getting me there,” Zya scoffed. “I’m tired of hearing you complain. Get your love life together and leave Eva and I alone.”

“Put me down!” Zena screamed skittishly, not enjoying dangerously dangling from anyone’s arms.

Zya smirked. “If you insist, little sister.”

Then Zena found herself falling down two stories.

She let out a scream that alerted the entire territory as gravity had its way with her. She clenched her muscles, getting prepared for the brutal impact of the pavement.

To her surprise, two warm arms snatched her out of harms away and cradled her to their chest with a loud grunt.

“Shit. Thanks, Adrian” she said shakily and pushed her rowdy hair away from her face.

Her throat turned into sandpaper when she found a set of blue eyes instead of green looking down at her.

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