Alpha Zena

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Chapter 23


Zena closed her laptop. She had been keeping the council updated on Red River’s recovery. So far, there had been no sightings of rogues. Even the party which took place five days ago ran smoothly.

She leaned back in her chair and glanced at the wide window in her office. The river that ran through the middle of the territory was a sight for sore eyes.

The bright colors of the sky dipped into the water during sunsets, painting the water with red, yellow, and pink. The breathtaking combination inspired the name Red River.

In their youth, Zena and Zya would go for walks every afternoon with their mother...


Zena shook her mother’s image out of her thoughts. Both of her parents had been failures. When her father died, she buried both his body and his memory. When her mother abandoned them, she didn’t have a body to bury but she was as good as dead.

She was thankful when her office phone rang, providing a much-needed distraction.

“Yeah?” she answered.

“Alpha, this is Renny. I have a visitor here requesting entry,” a pack member greeted.

“Who is it?” Zena questioned.

“Alpha Lukas of Mountain Hill.”

Zena looked away from the window. Why was Lukas in her territory and why didn’t he bother to call before driving to Connecticut?

“Bring him in,” she sighed.

She hadn’t heard from the complicated man since the party. As usual, he ignored the council’s meeting requests and never got to explain what went down with Sylas.

The door was pushed open by Lukas.

“Oh yeah, sure come right in. No need to knock,” Zena greeted sarcastically. She scrutinized his disheveled attire. He wore slacks with a black T-shirt. His eyes were bloodshot and hair tousled.

“Damn, did Zya throw you over a balcony? You look terrible,” she commented with narrowed eyes. He had dried blood on his cheek, having cut himself by rushing through shaving earlier that day.

“We need to talk.”

The graveness in his tone made her raise an eyebrow. Lukas was serious by default but she could tell that something wasn’t right.

“Did something happen to Mountain Hill?” Zena asked and moved her hands to her hair. She pat down her bun, looking for her pen.

Lukas watched, intrigued. She was wearing a loose bright red sundress. Her feet were as bare as her face.

Her attire reminded him of his mother. When she was pregnant with Marcus, she didn’t like wearing shoes so she was often found walking around the house barefoot. The image of a pregnant and barefoot Zena in a kitchen nearly made him snort. The woman would probably deliver her first child in her office.

“Lukas?” Zena pushed when she found him staring blankly at her feet out of all places.

He met her eyes but didn’t move.

“Okay... you just stand there and fantasize about my feet then,” she shrugged.

Lukas didn’t reply.

“Listen, if you have a foot fetish I won’t judge but please do try to keep your eyes on mine. This is getting weird,” she said with a roll of her eyes.

She walked around her desk and sat on her office chair. He wasn’t exactly sure where to begin. He didn’t exactly plan out his words while driving down to her territory.

His inventory of emotions usually consisted of anger and annoyance. Lukas was the furthest you could get from romantic so he wasn’t too sure how to tell his fated soulmate he was finally interested in taking their relationship seriously.

“You can keep Red River. I have no interest in it,” he declared gruffly. Zena missed how his fists clenched.

To him, the sentence was a cry of defeat. Lukas took. He didn’t give. To stand before his once sworn enemy and admit that he was backing off was humiliating. He had sworn to himself and to the world that he would rule Red River and domesticate Zena. Yet here he was weeks later, discovering that he wanted her and all the rowdiness that came with her.

And by god would he have her.

Zena tapped her chin with her pen and leaned back in her chair, her annoyance replaced with interest.

“So you’re telling me you drove down to my place to tell me this? Lukas, you do realize that you could’ve emailed, right?”

“I’m not backing out of anything. I had to come and tell you something personally,” he answered.

“Tell me what? I’m listening...” she drawled on, thoughtfully nipping on her pen. The sight of her tongue occasionally darting out was debilitatingly distracting.

“Will you stop that?” he snarled. The extent of control she had over his mind and body irked him. The simple sight of her tongue made his thoughts scatter. He didn’t understand how she obtained said control in the first place. For the entire lifetime of their relationship, all they did was argue. They left no room for endearment.

“What?” Zena asked with a scrunched brow.

“Get that goddamn pen out of your mouth,” he commanded. He was so worked up that his alpha tone spilled into his words. The deep voice would send a regular pack member to their knees but it had no effect on alphas other than pissing them off.

Naturally, Zena’s brown eyes flashed with temper. “You don’t just barge into my office, all ominous and creepy, and start ordering me around. If you’re going to try and assert dominance over me on my territory then you better walk out of my damn office right now and take all of your suffocating testosterone out with you, prick,” she quipped and made sure to throw her pen at him to get her point across.

The item pathetically bounced off Lukas’ hard chest and made its way to the ground.

Lukas growled angrily and stomped to her side. Zena rushed to her feet to meet him head-on. The two glared at eachother rebelliously.

“Why do you make everything so difficult? I come here to- to...” he stopped, legitimately speechless.

“To what? Why are you acting so strangely?” Zena pressed on.

Lukas couldn’t have replied even if he wanted to. His breaths were coming out unevenly and his canines were making their presence known. He was frustrated with her attitude, with the effects she had on him, and with his struggle to get his message across. He wanted to let her know that he was finally ready to take their decomposing relationship seriously before it was too late. Before the rejection became official.

More beast than man, he bent down and gripped the back of her thighs. He lifted Zena off the ground and forced her legs around his waist.

Zena let out a series of curses and threats but all the fight in her melted when her crotch swept over his hardened one.

Lukas growled out once more and sank his face into her neck, nervously close to where his mark was supposed to lay.

“Lukas...” Zena whispered warily.

She could feel his breath fan her flesh with every deep exhale his hungry lungs took.


He moved to the nearest wall and pressed her against it, not pausing his assault. His fingers dipped into her thighs and Zena took a second to thank the goddess for the fact the skin was covered by her dress.

Zena didn’t feel comfortable with the lack of space between her and the unstable male alpha. She used her strength to push his shoulders away from her. Lukas didn’t seem interested in letting go and didn’t move away. She grunted a few more times and continued to push against his hold. In their battle of the wills, they failed to realize that the layer they were leaning against had begun to crack.

The window Zena was looking out of just minutes before gave out, sending her down two stories for the second time that week.

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