Alpha Zena

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Chapter 26

Lukas didn’t keep his word.

He didn’t visit Rex as he had promised but in his defense, work kept him glued to his chair.

Two weeks had passed since he stepped foot on Red River. Zena was equally busy and hadn’t contacted him at all.

He glanced at his phone and noticed that it was 2PM. Putting his spreadsheets aside, he started the scheduled video call with Alpha Adrian.

He picked up the call within seconds. Lukas took in his environment and discovered that he was in his office.

“Hello Lukas,” he nodded respectfully and busied himself with digging through a drawer.

“Good afternoon. I’m going to share my screen, can you see it?” Lukas responded.

After retrieving a binder, Adrian glanced at his computer monitor and found Lukas’ face on the left with his desktop on the right. He was showing Adrian a 3D map of Mountain Hill.

“Yeah,” he nodded.

“I’ve had your wolves patrol sector C, highlighted in red here, absolutely no activity has been reported in the past two weeks,” Lukas started and used his cursor to outline the trajectory for Adrian.

“That’s a long border. How many wolves do you dispatch hourly?” Adrian asked.

Before Lukas could reply, Adrian’s door was pushed open. He looked away from Lukas and found Eva by the doorstep.

“Hey honey,” Adrian greeted, not caring that Lukas heard the nickname.

“Sorry, I know you’re busy. This will only take a bit,” Eva grinned before rushing to his side.

“I’m not sure what this income statement is dated to and I can’t find a digital copy. Can you send it to me?” she asked and held out the document.

Lukas watched with interest. So Eva helped with business? The scenario of a luna working beside her alpha was still new to him but it no longer disgusted him. Instead, it arose curiosity.

Could he and Zena share an office without it combusting into flames?

Adrian grabbed the paper Eva held out and surely enough, the date was poorly printed. “Sure,” he replied.

Eva, unaware that Adrian’s camera was on, bent down and laid a lingering kiss on his lips. “Oh,” she pulled away and gasped when the life inside her kicked.

“Whats wrong?” Adrian asked, jumping into panic mode as usual.

“Nothing. I think someone is hungry even though I fed them like forty minutes ago,” she replied with a shake of her head.

“That’s my baby,” Adrian winked and bent to kiss her bump.

Eva ruffled his hair and then walked away, likely to get food.

Lukas felt a tinge of discomfort from the display of affection but didn’t let it show.

“So, where were we?” Adrian asked, his face losing all traces of happiness that dominated his expression seconds before.

“The patrolling schedule... actually, nevermind. I just want to conclude that its safe for Bleak Moon’s wolves to return to New York. Due to lack of activity, I think Mountain Hill is fine,” Lukas rushed.

He could no longer concentrate. The intimacy he had just witnessed made something strange swell in his chest. He couldn’t pinpoint what it was and he wasn’t sure if he wanted to find out.

“Are you sure? This meeting was quite short,” Adrian questioned, seeming surprised.

“Positive,” the other alpha confirmed.

“Alright. Is there anything else you wanted to go over?”

Just as Lukas was about to shrug the question off, he paused.

He stated at the pixels that composed Adrian’s green eyes. He wasn’t exactly friends with the man but he did trust him.

An alarming question crossed Lukas’ thoughts. Should he voice it and risk making a fool of himself?

He cleared his throat.

“Actually, yes. I’m aware that you and Alpha Zena are... close. Surely, you know where our relationship stands. I’m not sure how to... convince her to give me a second chance. Do you have any suggestions?” Lukas asked, holding back the urge to cringe.

Boy was this awkward. On second thought, no. This isn’t awkward. It’s humiliating.

Lukas fought the urge to drive his fist through his computer monitor when Adrian burst out laughing. A scowl that presented itself on his face.

“You want to woo Zena? Oh my goddess, good luck with that!” he roared.

Lukas heard a feminine gasp. “Adrian! Where are your manners?” Eva scolded from the couch she was sitting on.

“Eva, think about it! Zena is the furthest thing from girly. He would need a human sacrifice to impress her,” Adrian chuckled.

At this, Lukas cracked a smile. Well, he wasn’t exactly wrong.

Eva joined in on the laughter. “More like conduct a satanic ritual.”

She got up from the couch and walked around the desk to face the computer.

She smiled at Lukas. Although she still wasn’t his biggest fan, she was glad the arrogant wolf was finally coming to his senses.

“Whatever you do, don’t get her flowers and chocolates because I promise she’ll set them on fire. Get her something thoughtful and personal,” she advised.

Lukas gave her a single nod. “Thank you. I’ll see what I can do about that human sacrifice,” he joked with a smirk.

Adrian laughed again. He waved goodbye and disconnected the call.

Lukas shut down the computer and promptly exited his office. He walked downstairs and out of the house, interested in seeing Marcus and finally get those lessons.

He was going to visit Red River tomorrow.

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