Alpha Zena

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Chapter 28

Zena stood directly beneath the shower head and felt the cool droplets streak down her naked flesh. She rubbed her skull with her fingers, urging all the soap in her hair to wash away.

Minutes later, she slipped out of the bathtub feeling relaxed and anew. The sound of running water made her glance back to the shower. Once she saw that no water was running, she realized that the sound was coming from the rain that was falling outside.

She dressed in blue stripped pajama bottoms and a pitch black stringy tank top, leaving her wet hair to the air’s mercy.

With an animalistic groan, she threw herself face-first on her mattress. She was tired beyond description.

She glanced at her cellphone to check the time and discovered that it was 9PM. For reasons she couldn’t explain, Lukas popped into her thoughts.

After realizing that she wasn’t going to show up to his date he probably went home, right? Surely he wouldn’t wait for her.

With an obnoxious yawn, she pulled a pillow under her head and closed her eyes.

Wait a minute.

Now frowning, she unlocked her phone and scrolled through her contacts, searching for the number of Rex’s father.

“Hello alpha. How may I help you?” the older man asked once he picked up the call. He was surprised that Zena called since he rarely heard from the busy leader.

“Hey, can I please speak with Rex?” Zena requested apprehensively.

“Of course. Is everything alright?” he asked worriedly, wondering if his son caused trouble.

“Yeah. Don’t worry, I just have a quick question,” she eased.

“Okay, give me one second.”

There was short shuffling before an eager Rex finally answered. “Hi alpha.”

“Hey, Rex. Can I know where and when you met Lukas?” she asked.

“Yeah. Like 2 weeks ago in his house,” the boy responded.

“House? What were you doing in Massachusetts?” she asked, confusion overtaking her face.

“He lives by the river. I met him in the morning when I went for a walk.”

Zena was too shocked to laugh at Rex’s misinterpretation.

That crazy son of a bitch! That’s why he was covered in dirt that morning... He waited all night for me!

“Thanks, Rex,” she replied breathlessly.

Zena hung up and pulled on a white sweater followed by flip-flops.

She hauled her ass downstairs, passing a startled Zya who was stuffing noodles down her throat.

“Where are you going?” Zya managed to ask through a mouthful but went unanswered since her sister simply grabbed an umbrella that sat by the door and stepped out into the storm.

The wind assaulted her and the downpour looked unmerciful. For a second, the debated if she was being ridiculous. There’s no way Lukas waited over an hour for her in these conditions. There couldn’t be.

Honestly, with Lukas there’s no telling. That fucking stubborn bastard. She bitterly thought.

She started walking toward the river, her toes caked with mud. As she approached her destination, she practiced the insults she would use.

Ten minutes later, she arrived at the roaring river a panting mess. The current was stronger than usual due to the heavy wind speeds and rainfall.

She whipped her head around and clutched her trembling umbrella to prevent it from flying away. She cursed herself for not tying her hair since the strands were relentlessly slapping her face.

She started walking alongside the angry giant, careful to stay at a safe distance. She had already showered and wasn’t interested in a second bath.

When she failed to spot the man she desperately hoped was long gone from her territory, relief flooded her senses.

Of course he left. She was being silly after all.

She started treading back home, determined to finally get some rest. A couple of yards later, she kissed her nap goodbye.

A tall figure stood by the river, hands in pockets and eyes focused on the dancing waves. She didn’t need the rain to lighten up to decipher who it was due to ber familiarity with Lukas’ broad shoulders.

His clothes were drenched, sticking to his skin like lotion- an unfortunate result of waiting over an hour for his hard headed mate in the rain.

Zena wasn’t sure what to feel. She was angry at him for being so determined to spend time with her. Yet as strong as she was, she couldn’t control the inner teenage girl every woman had in them. Her heart stuttered for a millisecond, touched by his romantic gesture.

Lukas could’ve been in Massachusetts by now- warm and toasty in bed with a beautiful woman laying beside him. But instead, he was in a territory he wasn’t welcomed on, wanting to enter another territory he wasn’t welcomed in: Zena’s heart.

She shivered, although not from the icy wind but from the white flames of anger that devoured her.

Why was he making it so hard to hate him?

She grumpily continued her walk, quickly covering land with her long legs.

“They must’ve dropped you as a baby from a rooftop. Why are you here?!”

Lukas turned around, not hiding his surprise. He hadn’t heard Zena’s footsteps due to the heavy rain.

She stood before him with frizzy hair and unattractive pajamas.

“You came?... in pjs? What an interesting attire for a date” he stated, eyes narrowed but lips concaved upwards.

“Why are you here?” the question was followed by a stomp of her foot.

“You should know since you showed up,” he smirked.

Zena grit her teeth and slapped his arm.

“What was that pat for?” he asked, unphased by the weak hit.

Zena snarled and slapped him again, using her alpha strength to ensure pain.

“If you want me to take my shirt off, all you have to do is ask. There’s no need to drop hints,” his smirk widened.

She dropped the umbrella and started swinging like the crazy woman that she was.

“Why won’t you just give up?” each word was followed by a blow to his torso.

The final punch held more force than the first few. Lukas took a step back only to slip on mud and fall backward. Seeking balance, his reflexes led to him gripping Zena’s forearm. She handn’t braced herself for the weight of his body and ended up falling after him.

She groaned when her brain jiggled in her skull, causing dizziness. She thought the organ was damaged when she heard a rapid thump in her left ear. It took a second to realize that the sound was Lukas’ heartbeat.

She knew what a werewolfs heartbeat was supposed to sound like, and this was not it. He was either nervous, angry, or excited. Since her thigh was pressed between his legs, she confirmed that he wasn’t aroused by their proximity.

It was something else.

“Because your crazy ass is worth standing through every storm the planet has to offer,” he answered.

Alarmed by the situation and only experienced with dealing with Lukas’ angriness, she scrambled to her feet and picked up the umbrella which miraculously wasn’t blown away.

She was now wet, though thankfully not to Lukas’ degree.

“Let’s go, Shakespeare,” she commanded. Somehow managing to mask the shakiness of her knees.

Lukas chuckled and stood up, bending down to join her under the umbrella.

Zena pushed her arm higher to accommodate his height and they wordlessly made their way to her house. After getting thumped on the head with the umbrella twice, he grabbed it from the shorter alpha and held it over their heads.


“You can sleep over and leave tomorrow. Call Gerald if you want spare clothes. His number is on sticky note on the fridge. Goodnight,” Zena rushed, itching to get away from him and think the day over.

“Wait,” he called out before she could dash away.

Immense happiness swirled in him. She actually showed up to meet him. Yeah, she did so to scold and beat him but it was progress.

“My pack members haven’t been able to abstract any information from the captured rogue. I’m going to see him tomorrow and I figured you would want to be there,” he explained.

Zena shifted her weight from one leg to the other before giving him a firm nod and parted ways.

Lukas smirked and pulled his phone out of his pocket, glad the device was waterproof.

He opened his text messages and drafted one for his beta.
Remove all couches from my house and start renovating all the guest bedrooms. Make sure all the rooms in the pack house are occupied. Get it done by the morning.

It was a dick move to force her to share a bed with him but in all honesty, he was too far behind on sleep to care. His body craved having Zena nearby, leaving the frustrated alpha restless for multiple weeks.

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