Alpha Zena

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Chapter 29

“Ready?” Lukas asked as he huffed down an apple he stole from her kitchen.

Zena nodded and feigned busyness by tapping randomly on her cellphone. She was having a hard time adjusting to this nicer and bearable Lukas so she chose to ignore him.

“Alright, let’s head out,” he said and walked past her.

Zena grabbed the black bookbag sitting by the kitchen table and followed after him. Zya was nowhere in sight since she didn’t roll off her bed until the afternoon. She slept more than newborn.

Since a fight broke out between two of her pack members, their trip was delayed. She stayed in the territory until late in the evening keeping things in order.

Lukas guided her out of the house and to where he parked his car, walking beside her.

The small gesture didn’t fly over Zena’s head. She remembered how back in the god-forsaken Canadian mountain they had gotten locked in, Lukas subconsciously took charge. He would make sure to walk ahead of her with his snobbish nose high in the air.

He slipped into his automobile and unlocked the door, allowing Zena to plop down on the passenger side. She pushed her bookbag to the floor between her ankles and started awkwardly fumbling with her cellphone to avoid a conversation.

Lukas strained his peripheral vision to get a peek at her. Her short hair was up in a careless ponytail, granting him access to her facial expression. She seemed to be absorbed by her phone.

He maneuvered his hands to handle the wheel in an attempt to hide the disappointment that his expression and slumped shoulders probably gave away.

He didn’t really know Zena- other than the fact that she was tough as nails and hopeless when it came to fashion. He also knew little to nothing about her family history- just that her parents had marital problems and her father was dead.

For once, he wanted a conversation that wasn’t just about numbers and laws.

He reached over and flicked on the radio to fill the silence inside the narrow space. The rapid tempo that emitted from the radio immediately grabbed Zena’s attention.

“Rock? Really, you like Rock?” she chuckled.

“Yeah? And?” Lukas challenged.

“That’s so cliche! The badass listens to heavy music. That’s such a stereotype!” she replied, her chuckle escalating to a full-blown laugh.

Lukas offered a smile and began to hum the lyrics, eyes never detaching from the road.

“You should grow out your hair to complete the look,” she teased when he began to bob his head to the beat.

“Tease all you want... you uncultured swine,” he grumbled.

“You were probably the emo kid in high school,” she giggled at the image of Lukas with multicolored hair.

“I’m not, I’m not myself. Feel like I’m someone else!” he joined in once the chorus of the song began. The car was now vibrating with Zena’s laughter, rock music, and Lukas’ deep and untalented voice.

“Stop! You’re awful!” she begged.

“Fallen and faceless. I’m hollow, hollow inside!” he continued, drumming his fingers on the wheel to offer some instrumental music to Zena who was one lyric away from going deaf.

“A part of me is dead. Need you to live again. Can you-” Lukas snapped his jaw shut once those words came out, taken off-guard by their romantic and dependent meaning.

Zena didn’t notice the effect the words had on him and wiped the single tear that rolled down her cheek.

“Great, my ears are ringing,” she chuckled.

Thankfully, she didn’t turn to look at him when he didn’t reply.

(A/N: Song: Faceless by Red)


“Hey you just missed the exit,” Zena pointed out once the car failed to leave the highway.

“It’s nearly 9PM. The interrogation should be pushed to tomorrow,” Lukas replied calmly.

“Okay, that’s fine I guess... but if we’re not going to Mountain Hill then where are we headed?” she asked.

“To a secluded area where I’ll murder you and hide your corpse, of course,” he replied sarcastically.

“Honestly, I wouldn’t put that past you,” she laughed.

“There’s a small festival in a nearby town. I’m always invited since I make yearly donations to the local college but I never go,” he explained.

So this was another one of his date attempts? She sighed, feeling tired of his persistence.

She had lost all interest in pursuing a relationship with him. She gave him a shot once but his big mouth and bigger ego were quick to repulse her.

“I’m a bit tired so we should go to your territory,” she tried.

“If you keep complaining I will turn on the radio and continue my concert,” he warned with a scrunched brow.

That shut her up.


Zena visibly cringed once the car stopped in the drowned parking lot.

She glanced out of the tinted window and found teenage couples holding hands and children running laps around their parents. Both humans and werewolves wandered about with huge smiles.

A weathered wooden board was slapped on top of the entrance of the field, reading Welcome!

Zena wondered what the hell they were doing there. They clearly didn’t fit in. Their presence always grabbed the watchful eyes of bystanders. She didn’t like public areas, never being a fan of the overwhelming smells. She preferred hanging out with close friends and pack members.

Without exchanging more words, they walked in and awkwardly scanned the area, their instincts demanding that they searched for threats.

“Well, what now? Do you want to greet colleagues that may be around?” she quizzed, still not sure what the purpose of this was. Lukas shook his head and pulled his hands out of his pockets. He took her hand in his, awakening sparks that alerted her.

Before she got to look at his facial expression, he turned and began to guide her through the multiple bodies.

“Well you just keep getting more and more strange today,” she mused when he stopped in front of a long line.

Lukas shrugged. “Forgive me for trying to bring some entertainment to your boring life.”

“Me? Boring? Have you met yourself, Lukas? All you do is read shit in your office!” the threw back.

“Reading is far more productive than arguing, which you absolutely love to do,” he retorted with a raised eyebrow.

“I do not!”

“Would you look at that... she did it again,” he smirked.

She glared and then turned to observe the game. Some teenage boy was throwing a lime-colored ball at bottles in an attempt to take them down. She scoffed once he missed again and again. The people that followed after him carried the same luck. By the time it was their turn, Zena was quite excited.

“Here you go, sir,” a middle-aged blonde man offered Lukas three balls.

Lukas chuckled softly, knowing exactly what was about to happen. The man had completely ignored Zena who stood in front of him. Since all players had been men trying to earn a prize for their girlfriends or kids, the worker expected Lukas to be next.

This assumption didn’t fly with Zena. She snatched a ball from his outstretched hand and hauled it at a bottle, knocking it down.

“Okay then...” the worker muttered, seeming a bit annoyed.

Zena took the other two balls and sent them flying, tackling two more bottles.

“Congratulations, miss. Please pick a prize,” the man ordered unenthusiastically and gestured to a collection of stuffed animals which sat in display.

Zena smiled confidently and placed her hands on her hips. “I couldn’t care less. Lukas, it’s all yours.”

He scanned the childish stuffed animals and miscellaneous toys, looking for something Marcus would like but nothing caught his eye.

“I think I’ll take... this one,” he then threw his arm out and curved it around Zena’s waist, lifting her off the floor and pulling her to his chest.

Zena, startled, swung first and asked questions later. Her fist violently rammed into Lukas’ left temple.

He barked out a curse that had kids from all directions staring at him disapprovingly.

“Shit! I’m sorry! But that’s what you get for jumping on me... what were you thinking?” Zena demanded and tried to pull his hand from his face so she could inspect the damage.

“Damn you, woman. Why couldn’t you be a normal girl and giggle? Fuck, Zena, I cant see!” he growled.

Zena bit her lip to stop herself from laughing, finding the situation extremely comical.

“You’re fine. And if you’re not, you’ll heal,” she shrugged carelessly. She examined the side of his head and found nothing out of place.

“Your head looks fine. How is your vision?” she asked, fingers gripping his jaw to keep his head in place.

“Assaulted,” he spat.

She laughed. “Can you see?”

“Yeah. The blackness is fading,” he explained, feeling dizzy from either the injury or the fact that her warm hands were all over his face.

“Let’s get out of here...” she blinked twice when she realized that his arm was still tightly wrapped around her.

“You’re driving,” he glared and stepped away.

“Is that my punishment for nearly making you go blind? How merciful,” she chuckled and started walking to the exit.

Lukas smirked. No, your punishment will be having to lay on my bed tonight.

They bought popcorn and cotton candy on their way out, both feeling much lighter than they had the entire week.

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