Alpha Zena

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Chapter 3

Lukas scanned the active room uninterestedly. The place was far too loud for his liking. Usually, he wouldn’t touch these sorts of events even with a thirty-foot pole.

Alpha Nathaniel’s smile faltered slightly once their eyes met. The subconscious display of disdain failed to arouse a reaction. Lukas didn’t care if his sullen personality didn’t receive Nathaniel’s seal of approval. He was simply there because his blasted beta was Nathaniel’s cousin. Otherwise, he would’ve burned the invitation to the sophisticated circus show.

After paying his respects, he moved to stand by a wall that gave him a better view of the room. He didn’t want to sit on a table because that would open him for socialization. Lukas was a man of few words and wasn’t interested in pointless chatter.

He stood in a dark corner and raised an eyebrow when he spotted Alpha Zena. He had been trying to get in contact with the infuriating woman for months but she always found a way to avoid him. Yet here she was in all her sexy glory, wearing a tight golden dress that emphasized her shapely full breasts and wide hips.

Physically speaking, she was definitely the kind of woman he would lay with. She was tall and far from scrawny. Her face was pretty, even if those embers of hers glared more than anything.

Her Asian heritage inked her hair and eyes darkly. The deep shades almost served as a flag, warning you of the intensity that lurked below the skin of the woman.

Her face was clear of makeup and her hair flowed carelessly down her back. As he reached the end of her 5′10 frame, he discovered that her feet were covered with what appeared to be white shoes.

Zena was strange, to say the least. Lukas liked women that tended to their appearance but Zena didn’t own a single lipstick.

Besides ber tomboy-ness, he hated her goddammed spirit. He liked his females docile and submissive. The creature he had gotten for a mate had a wide mouth and she wasn’t afraid to run it.

He swore that he was going to tame the loud imbecile if it was the last thing he did. She would become his luna, give him children, and cook his meals. She wouldn’t step a foot in his office because that’s where the men belonged.

He was the alpha. And she would become his bitch.

He would break her like one would a wild horse.

His eyes narrowed when she walked toward a couple, holding what appeared to be a fork. It was hard to tell whether the item was supposed to be a weapon or an accessory for her crazy outfit.

As he strained his hearing to try to tune into the heated conversation, he decided that his attempts would be futile since the words got drowned by the distance that sat between them. He settled with simply watching the scene. When fear crossed the pale face of the young beta Zena was confronting, Lukas found himself shaking his head disapprovingly.

He couldn’t see her facial expression but her tense shoulders gave away her anger. After a few more words were exchanged, she turned around and returned to her seat with her head haughtily in the air. The beta scurried out of the room as soon as her back faced him.

He saw the female alpha’s hips swing with deadly grace. This was another thing Lukas disliked: how her confident composure demanded attention the second she walked into a room. As a Luna, she needed to quietly stand by her male and let the alpha receive the spotlight.

She spun around and met his eyes. Their poker-faces were so flawless that no indication of recognition came from either party. Zena held his gaze boldly for multiple seconds, only looking away when a male approached and guided her toward the dance floor. After inspecting the man, Lukas connected that he was Alpha Adrian. Lukas knew that he wasn’t much of a threat. He was in love and fully devoted to his impregnated Luna.

He raised an eyebrow when he felt his hands involuntarily ball into fists the second Adrian’s hand made contact with Zena’s back.

Lukas wasn’t one to get worked up over a woman. Jealousy was an alien feeling to him. He realized with irritation that the mate bond was manipulating his emotions.

Adrian pulled Zena’s body closer to his. He was now cupping her waist with both hands while her own rested on his biceps. They gently swayed from side to side absentmindedly.

Lukas felt his mouth protest with pain and his tastebuds get assaulted by an unpleasant metallicness. He had been so drawn by the pique that he drew blood. Having seen enough, he relaxed his jaw and walked away; trying to ignore the effects that the sight of Adrian embracing his mate reigned on his body.

He took multiple steps toward the exit before he stopped and turned.

He took what he wanted; and what he wanted was Zena’s pack and the juncture between her legs.

So, he was going to go get them.

He approached Adrian who recognized him and the danger that came with him. Adrian turned to Eva to ensure she was alright. Though he didn’t realize it, his grip tightened around Zena protectively.

She noticed his defensive stance and took it as a sign that trouble was coming their way. She spun in his arms and found a set of narrowed eyes nearing her. Adrian removed his hands from her since they were now standing and staring.

“Alpha Zena.” Lukas muttered, acknowledging her.

Motherfucker Zena had to bite her tongue to prevent the rude greeting from escaping her lips.

She settled with “Lukas,” not bothering to address him by his title as he had done for her.

“A word, please? Oh, and congratulations on the baby, Alpha Adrian.” Lukas stated, his flat tone not conveying joy.

“Thanks.” Adrian provided an equally unenthusiastic reply before leaving.

“What do you want, Lukas? I’m not interested in any more dancing this evening.” Zena carelessly ran her eyes across his suited chest. Ironically, his tie matched the color of her dress. Could the moon goddess get any more cheeky?

“I’m afraid I’m not much of a dancer. Sorry to disappoint, sweetheart.” He replied condescendingly.

Zena skimmed her tongue across her upper teeth and cocked her head to the side, wondering if he would still use that tone after she bit a chunk of his face off.

Lukas felt his body temperature rise at the sight of her pink tongue.

Without replying, she turned and walked to the exit, expecting Lukas to follow. He kept his eyes on her black hair, feeling tempted to drift his gaze downwards.

Once they were in a more isolated area, Zena turned to face him. “I’m gonna skip the bullshit and cut to the chase. I’m not giving you Red River,” she declared sternly. She wasn’t surprised when Lukas smirked.

“Of course you won’t. Giving into me would simply be too easy and everyone knows that you love being difficult. If you want a fight then so be it. I’m going to take Red River and put you in your place.” He seemed so sure of himself that it made Zena crack a smile of her own.

“And where is that? In your kitchen? I don’t think that’s the brightest idea unless you want to eat rat poisoning for dinner,” she crackled.

“Well, looks like women are good for more than just cooking and sex. You’re quite the comedian,” Lukas retorted.

“As if you would know. No sane woman would fuck a pessimistic, boring, miserable bastard like you.”

Lukas didn’t show any signs of anger. Instead, he looked disgusted.

He hated hearing her cursing. Women shouldn’t swear, it was vulgar.

“Why don’t you go home with me tonight? I’ll show you just how wrong you are and make you as round as Luna Eva,” he suggested lewdly.

Before she could decide whether she should backhand him or settle with a witty reply, chaos interrupted when Bella barreled to her side. “Beta Gerald is hurt. There was an attack on both Red River and Mountain Hill. What do we do?” the blonde rambled, offering her phone and a hell of a lot of nervousness.

Lukas’ eyebrow rose with newfound interest once he heard his pack’s name. Zena didn’t let her panic show and accepted Bella’s phone.

“Hello? Yes... I’m going home now. It’s ok Gerald, it’s not your fault. Lock it all down, no one leaves or enters except Zya and I.... That’s fine... goodbye.” She then hung up and faced Bella. “Where’s my sister? We need to go. Now.”

“I don’t know! I called her and she won’t pick up. She said she was going to the bathroom but she hasn’t returned!” Bella explained, her face showing the worry that Zena’s lacked.

“Let’s go. She’ll find a way to get home. Why are you still here?” She asked Lukas who was focused on his phone.

“My pilot is not available. I’m coming with you,” he declared.

The thought of being in a confined space with Lukas 45,000 feet in the air did not sound pleasing. She wanted to order him to get lost but she knew it couldn’t be helped. His pack was in distress and in need of their alpha.

“Ok,” Bella nodded vigorously before running to the exit. The two alphas followed her with waves of anger veiling after them.

After collecting their documentation, they rushed to the airport. Bella started the process of preparing the jet for the flight and the two passengers busied themselves with communicating with their packs. Soon enough, they were off the ground and on their way back to the states.

Twenty minutes into the flight, Zena was ready to crack a window and launch herself to her death. Her ears were plugged by the pressure due to their altitude, a headache was crushing her brain, and she was so hungry that she was sure her stomach was eating her backbone.

She kept her head shoved in the book she gripped in her hands. Her eyes blankly scanned the aged page in front of her, failing to register any words. Her mind and body were both too focused on holding back from marching to Lukas and strangling him with a seatbelt and worrying about the pack.

She closed her book when Bella slid open the door that blocked the cabin from the pilot seats and stood in front of her. Zena had no idea how the plane was going in a straight directory without a pilot but she figured the expensive contraption had some sort of autopilot mechanism.

“Hey, tired already?” Zena teased and gave the blonde a smile. Bella stared back blankly, making Zena’s brow furrow. The silence grabbed Lukas’ attention. He locked his phone and looked at the woman who stood in front of them.

“You killed my mate.”

The sentence caused tension to engulf the plane. Zena didn’t immediately reply. Instead, she looked at her friend’s bright blue eyes which stared back neutrally. Her face was expressionless but her body was rigid and tense, hinting her anger.

“What?” Zena’s voice was infused with confusion.

“Adell Martin. You killed him,” was Bella’s reply. She grit her teeth in anger and her calm expression shifted to a morbid scowl. The intensity of her glare made Zena’s heartbeat speed up and her body secrete adrenaline.

Lukas had no idea who Adell was. But his gut told him shit was about to go down.

“He’s not dead. He’s been in jail for a couple of months after confessing to sexually harassing multiple women,” Zena replied calmly. She wiped the confusion off her face and looked at Bella with a composed expression.

“You kicked him out of the pack! You took everything from him! He hung himself three months after he was thrown in jail!” Bella bellowed but made no move to approach her.

Lukas moved his hand to his seat belt, ready to unbuckle and tackle the crazy bitch.

“Then, in that case, I didn’t kill him. He killed himself,” Zena countered with an unapologetic tone.

Lukas stared at the female alpha’s masked face, wondering how she was going to defuse the situation and get them back on the ground safely.

Bella smiled brightly, making her craziness become more evident. “We’re gonna die today. I’m going to kill your mate just how you killed mine. Soon, this plane will start diving. Whoever else had a part in killing my mate will go straight down to hell with us.” Tears streamed down the suicidal woman’s face, contrasting her smile and clenched fists.

“Eva will die along with her unborn bastard. If I can’t have a life with my mate, then neither will you two!” she snarled.

Zena growled so profusely that the walls vibrated. She made a move to unbuckle her seatbelt. Before she got a chance to set herself free, the plane dipped. The shift threw Bella backward and deposited her against a wall.

The plane was descending.

They were going to crash.

Her fingernails sunk into the chair’s armrests, ripping the leather. An all-consuming terror settled into her stomach when she heard a nearby window shatter.

Having no interest in dying that night, she called her wolf forward. The beast complied and flooded Zena’s body with energy. Her teeth, hair, and nails lengthened; her bones became stiffer and stronger.

The half-shift was all her defense department had to offer. If she is lucky enough, the transformation will spare her the doom of dying from dozens of simultaneous lacerations. Her jet had plain white walls and she preferred if they stayed that way because she was not interested in redecorating. Something told her that having her blood and guts splattered on the interior would not look as appealing.

Her stomach flipped with fear when she heard a terrible roar come from the back of the jet. She instinctively turned her head. Her vision battled her panicked hair for a second before focusing on a gaping hole that was settled where the door was supposed to be.

They had been free-falling from the sky for multiple seconds. The air was now impossible to breathe. Zena heard all sorts of sounds- the wind rippling through the jet, alarms going off, a nearby explosion, and finally...


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