Alpha Zena

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Chapter 30

“Wow, your territory is all depressing. Why am I not surprised?” Zena audibly thought when the car rolled past the large metal gates that cut off Mountain Hill territory from the rest of the world.

A thick fog blurred the distance, giving Mountain Hill a gloomy feel.

“You’re hilarious. Have I ever told you that?” Lukas asked grouchily. He was still pissed that she violated his face so he made sure to remind her every five minutes.

“Your sarcasm isn’t appreciated,” she replied.

“I’ve got to say though, your humor is nowhere as good as your punch!” he snapped.

“For fucks sake, shut up about that already!” Zena yelled back, slapping the steering wheel out of frustration.

Lukas smirked, finding it amusing how easy it was to rile her up. “Was attacking me not enough so you’re now trying to destroy my car? You’ve been spending too much time with Adrian.”

“I’ll destroy your mouth if you don’t shut the ever loving fuck up!”

“For some reason I kind of want you to follow through with that threat,” he chuckled.

Zena frowned. Leave it to Lukas to find an innuendo in anything.

“For some reason, I kind of want to punch the other side of your face now,” she replied with a sweet smile.

He didn’t respond. Finally, she thought, peace and quiet.

This “peace and quiet” was quickly interrupted by the sound of squealing wheels when Zena felt a sudden warmth on her right arm. She jerked the limb away from the source of heat, causing the wheel along with the car to violently swirl.

“What the hell!” she yelled once she managed to gain control of the vehicle.

She turned to face Lukas and found him inches away from her, his chest flush against her arm.

“What are you doing?” she demanded.

“Trying to piss you off so that you ‘destroy my mouth’ as promised,” he chuckled.

“Lukas!” she groaned, urging him to laugh at her clear discomfort.

She pushed his shoulder away from her, causing him to shift back to his seat. The last thing she needed was having his 6/8/whatever pack rubbing all over her.

She was a good driver but she was also a straight woman with sexual urges. The luxury vehicle would be shoved into the nearest tree trunk if her mind focused on his body for too long.

“Take a right here,” Lukas instructed and pointed in the respective direction.

The car came to a stop in front of a three-story house. Zena wasn’t phased by its size. Both her and Lukas were extremely well off. The house was boring: White, isolated, and nearly window-less. It perfectly depicted its antisocial owner.

She parked in front of the house and stepped out. Lukas walked to the door with a key-in-hand and her bookbag in the other. Zena hoped he lived alone. It was late and she didn’t feel like meeting anyone.

When he pushed the door open, she studied the simplistic contents. The walls were white and held little to no portraits or paintings. The lights were dim and the air cold. Lukas made no attempt to decorate the place to make it look more welcoming.

She found it strange how there were no couches in the living room, only two chairs that seemed to belong to a kitchen.

“Go make dinner,” Lukas spoke out once he deposited her bookbag on a nearby table.

“Excuse me?” Zena retorted, her voice rich with sass. Was his sexism making a comeback?

Lukas blinked. He hadn’t meant to sound bossy. He had no idea how to cook and since they hadn’t eaten, he figured she wouldn’t mind cooking.

“That came out wrong... I meant... Nevermind, I’ll do it,” he sighed.

Lukas skimmed his fingers through his jaw and turned to the kitchen. He hicked his shoes off on his way and began thinking about the current dilemma. He told his maid to take the day off so he couldn’t call her in.

After rummaging through the spotless room, he found a silver pot that he rinsed before placing it on the stove. He crossed his arms over his chest and glared at the metal with concentration. If he stared just a bit longer the stove would’ve probably ignited.

With an inaudible grumble, he pulled out his phone and opened the internet browser.
Then, he asked Google the question that had him stumped: How to make soup.


“How is it?” Lukas asked after Zena pulled a spoonful up to her lips.

She laughed. “I have to taste the food first.”

Lukas’ right leg was eagerly bouncing up and down. His large hands cradled a bowl of soup that he had completely forgotten about since he was too preoccupied staring expectantly at her expression.

Zena pulled the spoon into her mouth and immediately held back the urge to cringe when the unpleasant flavor violated her taste buds.

Just as she was about to roast him and his entire family line, she stopped.

It took him two hours to throw this disaster together and judging by the stains on his top, he put a lot of effort into it. She didn’t have it in her to tell him his beloved soup tasted like tears.

I’ll give the miserable ass some mercy.

“I’ve had worse,” she shrugged.

He smiled broadly at this. He then ceased bouncing his leg and started eating his masterpiece. He didn’t seem to find it as disgusting as she did.

After five more spoonfuls, Zena was feeling nauseous. She deposited the bowl in the sink and quickly washed it.

“I’m going to bed. Where am I staying?” she yelled out from the kitchen.

“Upstairs,” he threw back.

As she dried her hands with a nearby towel, Lukas walked in and placed his bowl on the stove. “Come on,” he said with a gleam in his eyes that went unnoticed by Zena.

She followed him, making sure to pick up her bookbag once they walked past the living room. He led her upstairs to a door that he pushed past.

“Mind explaining why this room reeks of you?” she asked with a raised eyebrow. Clearly, he had brought her to his bedroom.

An enormous bed sat on the far left with a lamp beside it. A desk containing a computer and paperwork was on her right and two other doors- likely a bathroom and closet were attached to the room.

“Oh, I forgot to tell you. There are no bedrooms available. Thankfully, I’m extremely generous and will allow you to sleep on my bed,” Lukas informed her. He avoided her eyes to hide the obnoxious smirk on his face.

“How kind of you. But where will you sleep?” Zena challenged.

This made him face her. “Right beside you. Where else?” he frowned.

“You must’ve put something in that soup if you think I’m going to share a bed with you,” she scoffed and crossed her arms over her chest.

“Don’t be difficult. It’s just a bed,” Lukas pushed.

“By now you should know that difficult is my middle name. Come on, don’t have a couch somewhere? Maybe a spare bedroom in a packhouse?” Zena asked tiredly.

“No. They’re... renovating,” he lied with a sheepish smile.

“Fine, I’ll sleep on the damn floor,” she snorted.

“Zena!” Lukas growled with fisted hands.

“Fuck you and your mood swings. Just give me a pillow and a blanket,” she yawned.

Lukas stomped to his bed, retrieved a pillow, and threw it at her. It landed on her head with enough force to make her stumble.

Zena chuckled at his childishness before laying the lavender sheet on the floor and sitting on it. Once her head was adjusted on the pillow, she drifted off to sleep.


“You idiot,” the groggy, irritated, and shocked female alpha whispered.

That morning, she wasn’t just welcomed by the bright sun harassing her eyes, but by a sleeping Lukas who laid beside her on the carpeted floor.

His head rested on a pillow next to hers. Other than the large palm that covered hers, the rest of his body remained inches away.

“Idiot,” Zena repeated.

But she made no move to wake him up.

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