Alpha Zena

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Chapter 31

She woke up feeling warm. This was new. Usually, her room tended to be cold. She kept the temperature low since it helped her sleep.

Still not fully conscious, she nudged closer. She decided that she liked the presence of this heater. It provided a sensation of protection; something she felt like she lacked at times.

She could tell that the machine was vibrating. Her hand was tingling at their point of contact. Once she inched her face closer, her other senses came into effect. Her nose picked up a smell she could only describe as masculine.


She opened her eyes and hastily blinked to clear her vision. She then looked to her right and found an adam’s apple inches away from her nose. She glanced past his throat and jaw only to find him sound asleep.

Her mouth dropped open with disbelief. The cheeky son of a-

“You idiot,” she mumbled.

“Idiot,” she repeated. Instead of pulling her hand from his, she took the opportunity to scrutinize his sharp features. His face was clear, free of stress lines. His lips were slightly parted and short exhales escaped him every few seconds.

Sh*t. This motherf*cker is pretty.

She blinked.

What is wrong with you, Zena? Aren’t you supposed to be the normal child? She asked herself.

Once she pulled her hand from his, he woke from his slumber. He peeked down at her, not lost to the fact that they were a hair strand apart.

“Good morning,” he croaked out, voice hoarse and eyes hooded.

That voice. Oh man, that voice. Come on, vagina, don’t be weird. Keep your sh*t together.

The organ ignored it’s owner’s plea. When she felt a tightening in her lower stomach, she knew it was time to go.

“I’m gonna go make breakfast,” she rushed out and scrambled to her feet.

“I can do it,” Lukas rebutted and sat up.

“No!” she exclaimed. Goddess, no. If she had to taste another drop of Lukas’ food she would need a gastrointestinal tract transplant.

His brow furrowed at this. “I don’t mind,” he argued. He found cooking to be rather entertaining. Last night, he threw whatever green sh*t he could find in the fridge into the pot and watched it dissolve. It was like a science experiment.

“Well my stomach and I do,” Zena countered and walked to the bathroom.

“You know, this isn’t bad,” Lukas complemented after a fork-full of Zena’s scrambled eggs.

As if you can do better.

As simple as frying eggs seems, Lukas would find multiple ways to mess the task up.

“Right... so are we ready to go?” Zena asked, running her hands on her black jeans to dry them.

Lukas sighed, dreading their next activity. He knew that as soon as they got what they needed from the captured rogue, Zena would be on her way. He wasn’t quite done with her yet. Although he rested on the ground that previous night, he slept better than he had in weeks.

“Yes,” he nodded.

He watched her slip off her chair and stretch her arms over her head. His eyes locked to her waist which was unfortunately covered by her navy sweater. He wanted nothing but to get familiar with those curves last night but he kind of liked having his sight and unbruised temples.

He rose from his chair as well and grabbed a water bottle before guiding her out of the house.

“So you’re telling me you have nothing on this guy?” Zena asked, disbelief explicit in her tone.

“That’s exactly what I’m telling you,” Lukas sighed.

“Why not? Torturing someone isn’t hard.”

“Our torturing skills aren’t the best. That’s why you’re here. So that you could punch his temples,” he said wryly.

“Let that go already!” Zena growled.

He laughed for a few more moments before schooling his features. “The guy has Congenital Insensitivity to Pain. He doesn’t feel sh*t,” he explained.

“Ah. How unlucky,” she whistled.

Lukas pulled open the door of their dungeon. The place was well-kept and rarely used.

He guided her through a multitude of hallways, passing pack members on duty. Once he reached the cell containing who they were seeking, he gestured for the young female who was guarding to leave them.

The rogue was in a fair condition. His hair was pointing in wild directions and his clothes were filthy but his pale skin was unmarred. After discovering that they were wasting their energy by trying to beat answers out of him, they decided to look for an alternative solution.

Zena walked around Lukas to get a better look at the man tied to the wooden chair. He was skinny though not from malnourishment. His brown eyes were frantic, bouncing around from alpha to alpha.

“Hey, I’m that chick you tried to kill,” Zena greeted with a grin.

The black-haired man didn’t offer any acknowledgment. Lukas had never heard his voice since the bastard was tough to crack. All he seemed to do was fidget, which was normal for rogues. He didn’t seem scared.

Zena crouched down and placed her elbows on her knees. She scanned every part of the man in front of her. From his dirty feet to his wrinkled jeans and ripped T-shirt.

Lukas watched her silently, letting his little nut-job do her thing.

If there was anyone who would be able to connect with the insane rogue, it would be Zena since she was a bit crazy herself.

He saw one of her perfect black eyebrow curve when she noticed a detail no one had before.

“Oh. Is that a tan line I see? You wear a wedding ring?” she smirked.

The rogue’s eyes widened for a split second.

“So you’re married!” she continued.

“You seem to be in your thirties. Most werewolves have children in their mid-twenties. So, how many kiddies do you have? Two? Three?” she pushed, though the rogue didn’t react.

She didn’t stop there. “I like your tattoo. The one on your right ankle.”

He simply stared.

“It’s very original. Seems to belong to a motorcycle club. How long do you think it will take me to find out which MC it belongs to?”

The rogue growled at this.

“Thanks for the confirmation. Want to give me those answers yet?” she inquired.


“Oh? Then I guess we’ll have to find this MC and get your name. I’ll then find your mate and ask her these question myself!” Zena clapped.

“The fucking maid! She’s a cousin of Bella! She’s supposed to kill Alpha Adrian’s bitch!” he broke.

She grinned. “Thank you! How many more people are working for Bella?”

“No one, no one. It was just the hired rogues and her cousin, the maid. You two were supposed to die, then the maid was supposed to kill the luna and that was the end of the story. Bella paid us beforehand! I swear!” he declared, desperate to keep his mate safe.

Lukas smirked. His little nut-job made him proud. And turned on, but that’s irrelevant.

He pulled out his phone and dialed Adrian’s number.

“Hello?” the other alpha answered.

“Where is Eva? Is she with you?” he cut to the chase.

“Yes. Why the fuck are you asking?” Adrian demanded.

“We just got word that one of your maids is working for Bella,” Lukas explained.

Adrian growled. The sound of splintering wood was heard when he broke past the door of his office. “Eva!” he yelled.

“What? What is it?” she asked from the distance, clearly shaken.

“I’ll take care of it. Thank you, Lukas,” Adrian assured and hung up.

Zena’s body slacked with relief.

It was finally over.

“You did good,” Lukas praised after a long silence. They were headed back to his house where they would call the council. The Rogue, Benjamin, would be handed to them and await trial.

“Would you look at that! Us women aren’t useless after all!” she scoffed.

He sighed. “I know.”

Zena didn’t reply, simply kept on walking toward the house with Lukas standing beside her.

When they approached the house, Lukas spotted his father’s car parked next to his. “My father is here,” he informed her.

He unlocked the door and walked straight into the living room. His father was leaning by a wall, captivated by his cellphone.

“Lukas, what happened to all of your furniture- Alpha Zena?” Cairo cut in when he noticed her.

“Hello,” she nodded, hiding her confusion. What’s with the surprise?

“What are you doing here?” he asked with narrowed eyes.

“She’s here for business,” Lukas answered.

“Right. Well, how is the rejection process going?” Cairo asked as he pocketed his cellphone.

The question made Zena’s neutral mask chip. Why would he bring that up? It was none of his business. And why was he being so curt and avoiding her eyes?

“It’s not,” Lukas shrugged.

“What? What does that mean?” Cairo asked, sounding more angry than confused.

Zena was never one to be drowned out and she wasn’t going to start now. “With all due respect, how does this concern you?” she challenged with a noticeably cool voice.

“How? He’s my son! He needs a potential woman to rule beside him! Not... not you!” the former alpha proclaimed.

“Cairo,” Lukas growled.

“This pack would go to hell with this woman as its luna! She’ll try to dominate you! It would be a mess!” he erupted.

Zena chuckled at this. Like father like son.

“If I wanted your opinion, I would’ve fucking asked for it!” Lukas threw back.

“You said you were rejecting her and you’re going through with it!” Cairo declared.

“I may be your son but I outrank you as an alpha. I’m going to do whatever the hell I see fit and you can get the fuck off my house and property if you don’t like it!” the younger Clark barked out.

Zena had enough.

She turned around, bored of the bullshit and ready to get back to Connecticut. As the two men battled it out, she went upstairs to retrieve her bookbag.

The slamming of a door was followed by the stomping of feet. “Zena!” Lukas called out as he approached the bedroom.

“What?” she replied as she shoved a hairbrush into the bag.

“What are you doing?” he quizzed from the doorstep.

“Going home.”

“Can’t you leave tomorrow?” he asked, still visibly furious at his father. He was hoping that she would spend the night.

She shook her head and shoved more items into the overflowing bag. “No. I’m done here.”

“Why are you rushing? Is this about what happened with my father?” he asked.

“I fulfilled what I needed to do here and that’s the end of it,” she declared crossly.

Not only was she pissed that she ran into yet another man who questioned her ability for being a woman, but she was irritated that Lukas insisted on avoiding the rejection. She didn’t want to bring that up because it would simply result in yet another argument.

“Just talk to me!” he growled, pounding a fist into the nearest wall. Zena heard the concrete blowing to bits but didn’t turn back.

“Don’t I at least deserve answers?!” The question had her whipping around.

“And don’t I at least deserve space?!” she yelled.

“I’m trying! I’m trying so fucking hard here. Would it kill you to just give me one more chance?”

“You’re not entitled to a second chance!” Zena riposted as she pointed an accusing finger in his direction.

“I know that! I know I fucked up but I’m trying to fix it!” he threw his hands up in defeat.

Zena ignored him and moved her attention back to her bookbag.

“Fuck this!” Lukas growled and turned away.

“And fuck you!” she retorted.

She heard the stomping of his feet but didn’t stop zipping up her bag.

Lukas grabbed her shoulder and forced her to face him.

They did nothing but scowl at each other for several seconds.

“Fuck you too,” Lukas growled.

“Go di-”

He cupped the back of her neck and forcefully claimed her lips for the second time in his life.

This instance was different though. Because below all the rage she felt, there was a faint tingling in her chest that hadn’t been there before.

Lukas poured his all into the close-mouthed kiss; keeping one hand behind her head and the other on her back. He didn’t try to invade her mouth with his tongue, just held her tight and enjoyed the sparks which he once couldn’t stand but now would gladly get drunk off. There was no brutality in his touch like there had been the first time, only longing.

Her lips were warm on his. It was nice. Did she like it? He couldn’t tell since she stood still.

He pulled away slowly seconds later when her lack of response became too much to bear.

“I’ll give you anything. Anything. Just not a rejection,” he sighed.

Zena didn’t meet his eyes. She shook off his hands, snatched her book bag, and was out the door.

She thoughtlessly ran out into the woods, just wanting to reach home and Zya’s arms. She was troubled by a wild range of emotions- anger, sadness, confusion. It was overwhelming. She felt like her throat was caving in on itself. As suffocated as she felt, she didn’t cry.

When she reached thirty minutes of walking, she sat down on the road and pulled out her phone.

She called Eva’s number, needing to hear a friendly voice.

“Hey Zena,” the kind-hearted human greeted.

“Eva. I... I called because I need a car,” she lied. She could have easily called her sister or beta to pick her up.

“That stutter tells me something else. Are you okay?” Eva replied.

“I’m confused. I can’t deal with this! He seems genuine but I don’t want to trust him! And he kissed me, Eva. He kissed me!” she rambled hysterically.

“What’s so bad about a kiss?” Eva asked.

“I didn’t push him away!”

After managing to calm Zena, Eva hung up. She pursed her lips and collected her thoughts for multiple minutes.

“Adrian?” she called out. He was somewhere in the house with pack members, plotting what to do now that they found the traitorous maid.

“Yeah?” he asked once he entered the room.

“I need a favor,” she started.

“Oh man... Every time you say that some sht goes down,” he chuckled.

She shrugged. “Can you help me plan my kidnapping?” she asked her fiance.

“Excuse me?!”

Eva sighed. “Zena and Lukas just had a mini third world war.”

Adrian grimaced and joined her on the bed. “Knowing Zena, she’ll probably shut him out for a couple of months.”

“Yes. That’s exactly what she’s going to do. I’m thinking they need some more one-on-one time like in Canada to talk things out,” Eva joined in.

“Babe, I don’t think we should get involved in their relationship. Let them figure it out,” Adrian urged.

“What harm can spending three days together possibly bring?” she asked.

Adrian shrugged. “So where are they getting isolated at this time?”

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