Alpha Zena

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Chapter 32

“Hello?” a full-mouthed Zya spoke into the microphone.

Zena shook her head. Of course her sister was eating. Zya was always eating.

“Hey, I’m on my way home,” Zena responded.

“Cool. How did it go at Mountain Hill?”

She received a groan as a response.

“That bad?” Zya asked, knowing how to read Zena’s tone.

“Yeah. Bad. Anyway, I’m driving back home. I’ll get there in like 2 hours,” she explained. Although her voice was loudly and clearly projecting from Zya’s phone, she sounded distant. Both her body and mind were miles away.

“Okay. Drive safe.”

Eva gasped, snatched the nearest pen, and started stabbing her journal with words.

“What do you have?” Adrian, who sat criss-cross next to her with his own notebook and pen asked.

She shoved his shoulder when he tried to peek at her notes.

“You share first,” she countered and pulled her journal to her chest to hide the words scribbled on it.

“Okay,” Adrian shrugged and placed his notebook on the floor. In semi-sloppy black ink was written the following:

Brainstorming: Operation LuZe

1) Drop them both in a volcano

2) Throw them off a plane with no parachute

3) Email the president of NASA- buy a space shuttle and abandon them in outer space

Eva held back the urge to facepalm. “Why do all of your suggestions involve them dying a terrible death?”

He scratched the back of his head. “Because Zena keeps bullying me for driving my car into her pack house that one time and Lukas is just a dick. Come on babe, they’ll technically be alone,” he tried to reason.

She cocked an eyebrow. “And what is LuZe?”

He cleared his throat at this. “It’s... it’s their ship name,” the twenty-nine-year-old answered with the straightest face he could muster.

“How do you even know what shipping means?”

He groaned with embarrassment. “I’ve heard you use it while discussing your k-dramas with Zena and Zya.”

Eva rolled her eyes. “You are useless. Here, check out my ideas,” she said as she scooted closer.

Her notes were much more decorated- including highlighters and different colored ink.


-An island

-Canada part 2

-A cell

-A ship

The alpha gave his luna a lopsided grin. “So no volcano?”

“No volcano!” she exclaimed vehemently and smacked him over the head with her very notebook.

Adrian shook with laughter. He gripped her hips and transferred her to his lap before cupping her swollen stomach. “Okay, no volcano. I kind of like the ship idea. Knowing Zena, she’ll probably try to swim back to land. I’m hoping that a shark gets her,” he commented.

Eva sighed at his antics. “Miller!”

A knock made Zena’s eyes flicker from her laptop to her door. “Come in,” she welcomed.

Zya pushed her bedroom door open. “Gerald and I are painting the kitchen, want to come help?”

She shrugged a shoulder and closed the device on her lap. A distraction wouldn’t hurt anyone.

She slid her feet into flip-flops and followed Zya. The kitchen was free of appliances. Gerald was found slobbering the wall with peach paint, humming a tune as he made his mess.

“Gerald, I asked you to help me paint the wall, not drown it,” Zya scolded.

He turned around and stuck his tongue out like a child, revealing his naked chest which was nearly as peach as the wall.

Zena laughed and picked up his shirt from the floor, throwing it on to protect her clothes from the paint.

Two hours later, the three of them were so peachy that they nearly camouflaged into the wall. Zena laughed at the sight of Zya flicking paint at Gerald’s back.

Zya smiled at the sound. Zena returned from Lukas’ territory two days ago and hadn’t done anything but mope.

She looked away from the werewolves and at her phone when it cried out. “Hey Adrian,” she answered.

“Have you heard from Eva? Is she with you?” he rushed out, sounding flustered.

“No, I haven’t. Why? Is she missing? What happened?” Zena asked, joining the panic party.

“I can’t find her and I haven’t seen her in four hours,” he filled in.

Zena dropped her paintbrush in the nearest bucket and sprung to action. “Zya, I’m going to New York. Send ten pack members after me. Gerald, you’re in charge!” she hollered as she dashed out the kitchen.

She remembered that Adrian was still on the line and pulled her phone to her ear. “I’m on my way,” she huffed breathlessly.

“Okay. I’ll text you if she’s found.”

She shoved her phone into her shorts angrily, nearly ripping a hole into the cloth. Her other hand worked to fish her keys out of the opposite pocket.

As she awkwardly sprint-waddled to her car. The image of a scared and defenseless Eva printed in her mind, making her pick up her speed.

She threw the silver vehicle’s door open and pushed it to its limit. She needed to get to Bleak Moon. Asap.

Adrian heard the front door of his house get hauled open. He continued his pacing to maintain the act of a worried mate. Lukas sat on a chair in front of his desk, texting one of his pack members.

A colorful and barefoot Zena flailed into the room, barely able to stop herself from crashing into him.

“An-Any- update?” she huffed breathlessly. Adrian opened his mouth to offer a reply, but his cellphone went off on just the right time.

“It’s an unknown number,” he informed the two other alphas, feigning confusion.

“Who is this?” he demanded sternly, yet knowing exactly who it was.

“The man about to put a bullet in your human. Maybe one in your baby as well. I’m on the harbor. Bring me one hundred thousand dollars cash or she’ll taste silver,” an automated male voice vowed before ending the call.

Zena growled. When she turned her eyes to Adrian, she realized that a tall male was standing right next to him. Lukas.

A rush of emotions tried to make their move, but she numbed herself. Emotions got in the way of functioning. She needed to devote all of herself to help bring Eva and her unborn baby home. The feelings could wait.

“The harbor. Let’s go,” Lukas chimed in, avoiding Zena’s eyes. He had the same goal: keep his head in the mission and deal with the drama later.

Adrian stored his phone in his jacket. “I’ll go get the money. I’ll meet you two there. Some of my pack members will tail you in case you need back up,” he instructed with a blank face. His cool demeanor surprised Zena. Adrian never kept calm when Eva’s wellbeing was put in line. Why was this different?

She didn’t take the time to ponder on the question and ran outside with Lukas right beside her. He reached his car first. Zena considered taking her own car but decided that wouldn’t benefit anyone. Without sharing a word, she pulled his passenger door open and sat down.

Lukas brought the car to life and zipped down the roads to their destination. The perpetrator was in the harbor of Bleak Moon. This information generously narrowed their search.

He saw an SUV in the far distance following them and determined that it was back up.

They arrived at their destination within five minutes. Strangely, the docks were free of bystanders. Their heads whipped around, scanning boats for a sign of Eva. To their frustration, they couldn’t see or smell anything out of place.

Three other werewolves of Bleak Moon joined them minutes later. Zena recognized one of them to be Evan.

“Did you find anything?” a female asked.

Lukas answered. “No, let’s split. You two go and check the-”

“Did you find her?” Adrian interrupted as he ran to them with a duffle bag in his left hand.

“No. We’re about to split up... there!” Zena growled as she pointed to a massive white yacht that floated a few yards away. A silhouette of a woman sitting on a chair could be seen on one of the curtains.

Lukas and Zena took off, expecting Adrian to be right behind them. Just as they reached the end of the dock, the boat began departing the harbor. They increased their speed, the thought of stopping never crossing them.

With a warrior’s cry, Zena launched herself off the dock. She flew through the air for short seconds before landing ungracefully but safely on the ship. Another thud was heard moments later, letting her know that someone else made it.

They scurried to their feet, struggling to maintain balance since the ship was crossing the Atlantic ocean at full speed.

Adrian watched the two alphas barely making it onto his yacht. They disappeared for a split second but re-appeared once they stood up and began running further into the vessel.

“Well, that was fun. Good job with the phone call, Evan. You almost had me convinced,” Adrian’s rich laugh rumbled out.

Evan joined in on the laughter. “I’ve heard you threaten so many people that I learned a trick or two. How long do you think it will take them to realize no one else is on that ship?” he asked.

Adrian shook his head. “Maybe about five minutes. But by then they’ll be deep out in the ocean and out of fuel,” he chuckled.

A safe and sound Eva made an appearance and walked to his side. “They’re going to fucking slaughter us,” she giggled.

Adrian nodded, silently agreeing. “I still think the volcano was a better idea though.”

They stood quietly for a few more minutes, watching the white ship approach the horizon at neck-breaking speeds with no one but the deadly couple on board.

Evan eventually disturbed the silence. “I’m hungry. Pizza, anyone?”

“Sure. I know a great place,” Eva added in.

The three friends then turned their backs on the harbor and walked off; casually starting a conversation as if they didn’t just kidnap two alphas.

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